2. The Rings

Amma's mom parked the minivan in the cobblestone driveway, and opened the girls' doors.

Amma plopped herself out of the van, and wobbled to the front door of the house. Daisy tried to

do the same as Amma, but she fell face first into the grass and zigzagged to the front door.

Mrs.Wyser  wasn't exactly the greatest driver on the planet. Once they got inside, Daisy and

Amma went outside to jump on the trampoline. It was the most fun thing to do at Amma's house,

other than scaring Mrs.Wyser with their haunted house in the basement, but she didn't allow that

anymore. Daisy and Amma bounced for about fifteen minutes, then collapsed to the ground , 

laughing until their stomachs hurt. "Why are we so weird?" asked Amma. "Because that's what

friends do. They act weird together," Daisy answered. Both girls smiled, then burst out laughing

again. But something caught Daisy's eye, and she quickly stopped laughing. "Do you see that?"

she asked. "See what? Daisy, it's probably just another rabbit. Their always shaking those

bushes," reassured Amma. "No, it's shiny," Daisy said, getting off the trampoline. Amma

followed her. Daisy reached into the leafy bush, and pulled out two gorgeous rings. One gold,

with a sun symbol and a blood-red ruby, the other silver with a large emerald. "Wow. Where did

those come from?" asked an astonished Amma. "I don't know, but they are beautiful,"said Daisy,

 sliding the gold ring onto her slim finger.

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