3. The Hole

The girls sat atop Amma's bed and gazed at the rings. Not knowing how they ended up in

Amma's backyard, or who they belonged to, Daisy and Amma decided to use them as friendship

rings. "Which one do you like best?" asked Daisy. "I like the silver one. The gold one is way too

fancy," replied Amma. "I like the gold one," said Daisy, holding the ring up to the ceiling lamp to

get a better look at it. The small ruby on the ring shone brilliantly. But there was something else

that sparkled. On the inner part of the ring, there were words carved into it. "Amma, check this out!

There are words on my ring!" Daisy squealed. "What does it say?" asked Amma. Daisy read the

words aloud carefully. " The queens finger I shall fit," mumbled Daisy. "Mine says something too!"

Amma hollered. "The kings finger I shall fit," Amma read aloud. "Well, it doesn't fit me," said Amma

disappointedly. "Mine fits," Daisy said proudly. "Looks like you're the queen then," Amma

mumbled. "The queens finger I shall fit, the kings finger I shall fit," Daisy whispered to herself. Just

as Daisy said those words, a large hole formed in the floor beside the bed. "What the heck was

that!?" yelled Amma. "I have no clue!" Daisy responded. Both girls looked down at the hole. It

looked like it was one hundred ft. deep. There was a ladder tied to one side of the hole, and it was

lit up wit torches on one side. "Girls, what was that?" yelled Mrs.Wyser from downstairs. "Nothing

mom!" hollered Amma. Daisy ran downstairs and looked for a large dirty tunnel, but everything

looked completely normal. Daisy ran back upstairs."Theres no tunnel downstairs, but theres one

up here," said a very confused Daisy. "This is weird," Amma whimpered. "Very," added Daisy.


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