1. Summer

Just five more minutes, and Daisy would get those two months of freedom that she had waited

the whole school year for. Just five more minutes until she could spend the first night of summer

with her best friend Amma. The slow ticks of the clock were making her sweat. "Can't that clock

move any faster?" Amma whimpered to Daisy. "I don't know, maybe if you ask it politely, it will 

pass a minute or two," Daisy whispered back. Amma didn't answer. She was more concentrated

on the clock than Daisy was. That's because Daisy had dozed off into another one of her

daydreams. She was dreaming about a castle, and a knight in shining armour, as usual. Daisy

was the princess in all of her daydreams, but she was never a damsel in distress. She was the

hero. She liked to put a twist in all of her endings. Happy or sad. Just when her daydream was

getting to a good part, she was woken up by Amma's sixty second countdown that was quickly

joined by almost all twenty-seven students in the class. Less than a minute later, the bell rang.

That beautiful, glorious bell, that symbolized her two months of freedom. Summer had finally

begun. A wave of twelve year olds soon transformed into a tsunami of middle schoolers. Daisy

was trying to find Amma over the chaos, but it was nearly impossible! Amma was looking for

Daisy, too. "Daisy! Daisy, where are you?!" called Amma. "Over here!" cried Daisy over the noise. 

Daisy held out her hand, trying to reach her friend. Amma grabbed Daisy's arm, and pulled her

into the gymnasium. "Let's go through the back way," said Amma. "Agreed," replied Daisy.

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