love story -a Luke Hemmings fanfiction-

This is about a teenage girl who thinks she will never fall in love until she's hears about 5sos. And surly she falls for Luke Hemmings.


5. chapter five

-Macy's POV-

i can't believe it, 5sos is walking right to me... then i thought of something funny to do, i walked up to the man feeding the penguins and i saw the guys stand a few feet away, good they can still hear me. "Excuse me sir, i was wondering, how much does it cost to buy a penguin from here?" i said loudly enough so they could hear, and i saw them burst into laughter. "Im sorry ma'm but they are not for sale." he told me. "FUCKING BANANAS! FUUUUUUCK!" I yelled trying to sound sad but failed. 

Thats when they started walking over to me again. but i had drew in a crowd so i decided to tell a joke. "hey guys wanna hear a joke? Ok, do you guys wanna hear a joke about pizza? never mind its to cheesy." and thats when  Michael stopped dead in his tracks. Then i started to do the sprinkler, The Ashton way. I started waving my hands in the air and started spinning in a circle, and when i stopped i saw ashton standing a few feet away from me. "Nice dance babe."



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