ok this story is about a girl named lucy!
lucy is hiding a big secret! one that if her family found out would hate her! find out what happens to lucy! And who will win her heart!!!


2. introductions

ok guys i have my characters!!! and here they are!

Jake Landon

>swade brown hair

>hazel eyes

>plays baseball, draws, skateboards, his secret talent is writing, captain of the football team



>from chicago, illinios

>he is the badboy but has a sweet side for people he cares about, sarcastic, funny, emotional at times, out-going, drunk on life ( basically means he is happy all the time) strong

Lucy Waters

>brown hair with blond streaks stops at mid back

>blue gray eyes



>volleyball, softball, sing, gutiar, secret loves the woods

>from dallas texas

>good girl, doesnt talk that much doesnt trust anybody except for ashton, father is abusive and her moyher died when she was ten

Ashton Ryder

>black hair with red tips

>emerald eyes

>co-captian of football team, baseball, skateboard, secret talent art



>from new york

>lucys bff, sweet, would hurt anybody who even thought about hurting his "little sister"(lucy), out-going, funny as shit, strong

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