Nobodys Listening 16+

Can the new kid on the block save some one without reliving it. There is going to be some sexual content later in the story. I just don't want to go to fast and have to much drama early on in the story.


1. Not a Dream at All

Hi my name is Arbour Skye Edwards. I live in Holmes Chapel England. I don't fit in at school. I am just that girl who walks the hall daily and doesn't get noticed. Sits in class and minds her own business and then goes home and finishes her homework. My mom died when I was 1 from a drug overdoes. So now I live with my dad in England. I wasn't born here I used to live in Pasadena California. But when I was 6 my dad was wanted for murder so we fled and haven't looked back since. So enough about me now it's time to here what you really want to know..... Why isn't anybody listening to me I need help!

Arbours POV

Miss. Edwards it seems to me that you have been passing this class no problem so if you don't mind can you please show our new student some extra help. "Sure Mr. Collins. What is his name agian." "Niall Horan" " okay that's not a problem." I really hope this doesn't come back to haunt me.

"Hi I'm niall. Are you Arbour?" "Yep that's me. Um since it's the end of the day do you just want to come to my house and hang?" "Yeah that's fine just let me call my mom and tell her. Don't you need to call yours and let her know I'll be over?" Wow I never thought I could cry over someone who choose to end their life knowing that this little life she had less than a year ago needed her when she was having the worst days. " I'm Niall. My mom died when I was 1. She was a meth addict and she purposely overdosed because of the stress I caused her since I was a mommy girl and always wanted her she wanted to end the stress of having to provide for me."

Nialls POV

I had no clue what she had been through. I got to Arbour as we were walking home. This girl had through hell and back but still she was so optimistic about the future. "Arbour?" "Yeah?" " where is your dad now?" "Well.... He is at work and won't come back till next week." What did she mean. Does he still sell drugs?

Arbours POV

We have been doing home work since 3 and it is now 6. "Niall I am hungry. Want to go grab a bite to eat?" "Sure. Where do you want to go?" " how about we go to KFC?" "Sure I would love that." As much as I didn't want to. I think I was developing feelings for Niall. I have never had a crush or boyfriend for that matter of fact. "Arbour it's getting late ill see you tomorrow at school. Okay?" "Okay. Night Niall. See tomorrow. Love u." Did I just say that last part out loud. Tell me this is a dream. "Night Arbour." "Oh and by the way I love you too" nope not a dream

Not a Dream at All

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