Nobodys Listening 16+

Can the new kid on the block save some one without reliving it. There is going to be some sexual content later in the story. I just don't want to go to fast and have to much drama early on in the story.


2. Awkward...

*Next Day at School*

‘Hey Arbour’ “Het Niall” My mind is racing a mile a minute. What do I do after let all my feelings out for him? ‘So, I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch today’ why did he have to ask me that. I mean I want to but, I just want to be his. He makes me feel like someone actually cares about me. “I would love to” as much as I wanted to say no something made me feel like he would ask me to be his girlfriend at lunch which is what I wanted so why not.

*At Lunch*

‘So Arbour I wanted to talk about what you said last night’ “Yeah about that I am really sorry I just let what I was thinking slip out of my mouth.” I really didn’t want to talk about it. I mean I’m human and make mistakes. “Ni, did you mean it when you said I love you back?” ‘Honestly…. No I don’t like you at all I just didn’t want you to feel like I was being rude.’ Why that was a major stab in the back and totally a plot twist for me. “Okay, um I am just going to walk back.” ‘Arbour i-‘ “No its fine. I will see you to night to study.”

*At Arbour's House*

Arbour’s POV

How could he do that to me? Well that was an amazing way to make things super awkward between us. *Knock knock knock* “Hey Niall” ‘Um….. Hi so let’s get to it.’ If he is feeling awkward how he thinks I am feeling.

*After studying till 5:30*

Well it’s getting late so you can leave and I will see you tomorrow. ‘Arbour you know you are really good at making things awkward.’ O I am making things awkward. Well buddy you are about to see the lights of heaven. “First of Niall I am not the one who told someone they loved them when they really didn’t. Secondly you are the one who said absolutely nothing to me tonight and didn’t answer a single one of the questions I asked you so don’t tell me I make things awkward. If anyone made things awkward it is you.” Phew now that that is off my chest. I think I got my point across because Niall just left and didn’t say anything more. “Bye Niall. See you tomorrow.” ‘Bye Arbour’




Just a short filler. So if none of you have read or faned this amazing author you need to. Her username is HazzasTeddyBear. She has real inspired to not delete my stories and not care what anybody else thinks. Plus she asked for an update on this story so here you go. more drama in the next Chapter.

Will Arbour ever get to be Niall's? Comment what you think.

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