5 Guys, 1 Girl

When I came to SM Entertainment I never expected to work with the guys with SHINee. Minho,Onew,Jonghyun,Key and Taemin. 5 sweet and funny guys. But they started to fall in love with me.


3. After Hours....

The rest of the rehearsal was awkward. The members looked like they were going to beat Jonghyun up with chicken, mostly Onew. My members left hours ago but me and SHINee where staying after hours working on the song. "Your eyes shine brighter than the stars in the sky, one day I wish you would be mine~" Taemin sung looking at me the whole time. Then Key started singing, "Right Now it's only us. So lets make this memories last forever~". "Hold me tight boy. I feel like I love you boy~" I sang, then Jonghyun sang. "Tonight Girl. You're mine. No one else. Just you,me and the midnight sky~" "Try me girl. Tonight. You. Me. And this meadow. We will just cuddle. You're melting my heart into a puddle." Minho raps. "Kiss me boy. Kiss me boy. Before its too late. I don't wanna go home. I wanna live right here in your arms~" I sing. "Be mine. Please be mine. My heart can't hold back anymore. I love you baby. I love you~" Onew sung. "Boy, your my prince. I'm your princess. You Make me the happiest girl. I love you baby. I love you~" I sung.  

         ---Later That Evening--- 

"Well bye guys. I gotta go meet Destiny." I said picking my long black coat. "Wait! I wanna talk to you!!" Onew said grabbing my wrist. "Ok fine." I say as he leads me to the dance studio. No one else was there except me and him. He warns his arms aroun my waist. "O-Onew! W-What are you do-" I was cut off by him kissing me. "I love you a lot. Don't tell the guys." I push away. "O-Onew!! We aren't aloud to do t-this!!" I ran off. Dang I'm a idiot.  

      ---the next day---

Well Frick!!! My members terminated their contracts last night. Something about not being treated fairly. Like machines or something. I'm officially a solo artist. I come into the studio and Minho looks at me. "Where's your members?" He asked looking out the door to see if they where there. "Terminated their contract." I say looking at Onew who was obviously not wanting to speak to me. Probably a little awkward from what happened last night. "Y/N, why do you keep looking at Onew?" Taemin said looking back and forth at Onew and me. "No reason. So, are we gonna practice this song or what?" I say bringing out the papers with our beat and lyrics written down.  


---Few Minutes Later--- 

Onew struggled to sing the last few words of his part, "I-I L-Love You~". "Why are you stuttering Hyung?" Key said. "Ya, no reason. Must've gotten cold." Onew says lying. "How can you be cold? It's 80 outside." Jonghyun said pointing to his phone. "He's lying. You can tell!" Minho said. "He hasn't been the same since Y/N last night." Minho continued. The members look at me. "What happened last night, y/n?" Key said.  


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