Mentally Stuck ➳ H.S.

It's been two years since I last saw her wicked smile as she enjoyed hearing our cries for sanity in the awful place. She had set up a doll house and we were the dolls. I've spent these last two years trying to come to the conclusion that I'm not mentally unstable and the only reason I have not is the boy sitting right in front of me. His emerald green orbs starring in to mine trying to figure out what's on in my mess of a brain. But it is what it is right? Are you ready to know what happened over these last two years and what else is left to come? Because trust me life isn't for everyone and I think I'm one of those people.
*Sequel to Trapped*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2014


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Mac's P.O.V.

"Forgetting is what I wanted so that's why I'm sitting here on this plane writing in my journal. I left without Harry knowing but considering what time it is now he's woken up and read my letter. That was my last goodbye to him; To everybody. I don't ever plan on coming back to London. Before I left I went to the nearest bridge and threw my phone in it. It contained all my memories over the years. Harry, Lily, and the rest of the boys. I love them all so much but for me to love myself again I needed to forget them. Leaving today made me realize how much I actually still did love Harry but I'm not healthy for him. He needs to be happy and for that to happen I needed to leave. So those are the many reasons I left. Hopefully forgetting can be easy since no one can contact me." I closed my journal as flight attendant came on the intercom.

​"Attention ladies and gentleman Flight 687 will be landing in our destination of Los Angeles, California in approximately five minutes so please remain seated with your safety belts fastened and of course thank you for flying with London International Airport!" She said cheerfully.

The five minutes of course flew by and there I was entering my cab. The nervous in my stomach started to rise up but for reasons why I didn't know. I watched all the little shops we passed in LA and the people. I felt the cab come to a halt in front of my hotel I'd be staying at till I could find and apartment I could rent. It took me around twenty minutes to get settled into my hotel room and laying in my bed watching the tv on the celebrity gossip channel. My mouth gaped open as picture of Harry crying was on the screen only seconds after the lady was wording the story.

"All of you should know the pop famous Harry Styles from the worlds number 1 boy band member! Well today he was found on the streets of London crying his pour little heart out for reason were going to tell you! Styles informed us his fiancé Mac Sievers had left him with only note and he claims she's thinking irrationally right now and doesn't need to be on her own! He asked if anybody as seen her to alert him or us. He just really wants her to come home to him. Isn't that sweet? A boy crying over a girl!" 

I was compelety shocked that Harry would tell the whole world  that I left. All the fans know what I look like. I can't allow Harry to find me. I jumped up throwing a hoodie on over my shirt and tucking my hair behind my hood. I grabbed my purse and headed out onto the streets of Los Angeles searching for what I needed. I spotted exactly what I wanted and I opened the doors heading to the front counter.

"Appointment or walk in honey?" The lady asked me.

"Walk in!" I say.

"Okay we actually have a chair open right this way!" I followed her to the chair and sat down looking at myself in the mirror until and lady with bleach blonde hair walked up smiling at me.

"What can I do for you doll?" He smiled chomping on some gum.

"Let's just say I don't want recognize myself my the time you're done." I say with no expression.

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