Miracle called love

Sehun is your usual boy slut, hanging in clubs sleeping with men. Until one night he meets or forcefully meets a boy named Kai. Kai treats him like a piece of shit he abuses of him and only wants him for sex. See how this horrid story turns into one cliche love story~


1. Meeting

This is my first SehunxKai Fan Fiction so please don't judge or be rude if I'm not writing stuff correctly. And if I am, please comment the error and I will fix it~Admin Bibi


"What the hell is your problem?!" Sehun yelled at the figure standing infront of him.

The figure got closer and closer each second.Sehun's heart started beating rapidly as he thought about a way to escape.

"Why so scared, Sehunnie? It's not like you don't remember me" the figure smirked and pinned Sehun to the wall. Sehun whimpered ;" Please don't hurt me".

The Figure smirked and pressed his pelvis close to Sehun's.The fingure, rubbed his crotch against the other,feeling pure bliss in his lower region. Sehun shot his eyes closed , and bit his lip hard. "P-Please stop" Sehun pleaded. The figure snickered;" After a long time chasing for you and now that I have you under my power. You think I will let you go? No baby" He said kissing Sehuns neck, licking it and biting it.

Sehun moaned.He knew it was wrong and he knew he hated to be treated roughly, but it was feeling so good he went with the flow.

" My name is Kim JongJin or Kai for short. And you will be my one and only sex slave", Kai said , showing off his deadly wolf fangs.

Sehun gasped;"Y-Your..."

"A wolf? Yeah I know. Surprising Huh?"Kai smirked. He kissed Sehun, sucking on his tongue as he forced his tongue on Sehun's mouth.

"Nghhhhh K-Kai s-stop" Sehun mumbled. Kai pulled back and bit his lip looking up and down Sehun's body.

"C'mon lets take you home"Was all he said.

Oh sehun what the hell did you get into.., Sehun thought as Kai dragged him into an empty scary alley.

It felt like it took ages for Kai to take Sehun "home".

When they arrived, Sehun noticed that they weren't in the alley anymore. More like an underground tunnel. When did I enter this? Maybe I was too caught up on my thoughts,he said to himself.

There was no one else there but yet he felt as in a dozen of eyes where staring at him."Are you okay?"Kai said looking at Sehun who was paler than usual. Sehun snapped from his thoughts;" Huh? Oh y-yes sorry".

Sehun saw someone walking behind Kai. Someone taller and more scarier looking, but before he could warn Kai, he got cut off.

"Don't you know it's not polite to scare guests, Kris"Kai said turning to the man named Kris I suppose.

Kris smirked;"Sorry couldn't help it. Who's this?"He said looking at Sehun, with eyes filled with lust.

Kai elbowed Sehun;"Speak".Sehun looked at Kai and then at Kris;"I-I'm Oh Sehun s-sir"he bowed.

"Isn't he the guy you have been blabbi-"

"Shut up Kris" Kai gave him a glare.

Kris nodded." You punk,you still don't respect me huh?"

" You might be older then me in human years but not wolf years, idiot"

Sehun slowly walked back. Maybe I can get out of this one, he thought.Until his back touched something more like someone.

"Where do you think your going?" The man behind Sehun said wrapping his arms around Sehuns waist.

Sehun froze. Kai looked at Sehun and shaked his head." Bad, bad boy Sehunnie".

"Ah so your brought him"

"Get your hands off my property, Tao" Kai glared at Tao, and snatched Sehun away from him.

"Gee your going to scare the poor kid. Don't be to harsh" Tao said fixing his shirt.

What the hell?! I'm not his property! I'm and independent 19 year old man! , he groaned.

"Sehunnie, will you really let that man touch you like that?"Kai whispered huskily into Sehun's ear , licking his ear lobe and tugging on it with his teeth.

Tao raised his eyebrows;"Well this escalated quickly". he said walking away,pulling Kris with him.

Sehun closed eyes and thought about what Kai said and stuttered. " N-No..."

Kai growled and pressed his crotch against Sehun's ass." Daddy wants to have fun. C'mon"

Sehun's eyes widen as he was dragged once again by Kai.


"So there's more of ....you? Ya know, were wolfs?"Sehun awkwardly and shyly said. Kai's face turned into a cheeky grin.;"Yes. we are 11 were wolfs living under ground together".

" N-No one like me?"

Kai hummed;" we had 2"

"What happened to them?" Sehun asked curiously, playing with his hands.

"Their Masters turned them into their lovers".

"How long was that ?"

"35 years ago" Kai smirked.

"Oh damn ... that's a long time" Sehun said. Kai stopped infront of a black door, and turned to Sehun;"This is going to be our room and we are going to have so much fun in here" he said opening the door.

The room was red with black lines going in every direction. He clearly doesn't have a sense of style, Sehun thought.

He looked to hid left and saw whips, dildo's,vibrators,butt-plugs, cock blocks, ropes, chains , lingerie's etc. Sehun didn't know what to say, he was so shocked yet amazed.

"I-Its nice" he said gulping nervously

Kai stood behind Sehun,rubbing his hard erection on Sehun's ass once again." Just by thinking of you being tied up to the head board,sweaty, shaking , with your legs spread apart for me make me so .. hard and horny" Kai growled. "Let's have some fun "


Done with Chapter 1 ! I hope you all like it please comment what you think! ~Admin Bibi ; also follow me on quotev ; http://www.quotev.com/KpopVineLove ! I hope u enjoyed !!

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