We Meet Again!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara and Alex Jones used to live with their parents in two different cities in England. Now that they are 18 they live on their own in London! What happens when Sara meets up with her childhood best friend/crush? Will they get together or will they just stay friends? Will Alex get the chance to meet her all time crush? If she does what will happen between them?


1. Sara and Alex Jones

Hey Sara and Alex here!!!!

We are twins, we are both 18!!!

Our parents are divorced so we have lived in different cities but we still saw each other!!!

Alex Lived with our dad in Wolverhampton and I lived with my mom in Doncaster!!!

When I was growing up my best friend Was Louis Tomlinson!!!

Alex didn't really talk to a lot of people but she was happy!!!

Alex and I both like the colors pink, purple and blue!!!

Our favorite band is One Direction of course!!!

I never told anyone this but I have a huge crush on my best friend Louis!!!

Alex has a crush on Liam Payne!!! They would make such a cute couple!!!

Well I have to go Alex wants to go to Starbucks in town!!!! Bye :) <3

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