We Meet Again!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara and Alex Jones used to live with their parents in two different cities in England. Now that they are 18 they live on their own in London! What happens when Sara meets up with her childhood best friend/crush? Will they get together or will they just stay friends? Will Alex get the chance to meet her all time crush? If she does what will happen between them?


3. Chapter 2

*Time Skip- 1 year later*

~Sara's P.O.V~

Well it has been a year exactly since Louis and I started dating. I love him more than anything. Alex on the other hand is head over heels in love with Liam. She is so happy that they met. I just wish they would get together already. I'm hoping they will soon. But anyways I've been at Louis' house for the past two days and he has been so sweet. He has made me breakfast and he has sang to me. I love it so much I don't know what I would do without him. While I have been here, Alex has been at home for the past two days she has had Liam over. I smiled at the thought of them being together.

Louis and I were laying in bed and I felt him running his fingers through my hair. I love when he does that. But I had my arms wrapped around his waist and my head on his chest. I smiled and then kissed his chest. I leaned up and said "I love you!" he smiled and said "I love you too!" We both leaned into each other and kissed. When we pulled away Louis said "I don't want you to go home!!!!!! Move in with me and we can stay like this forever!!!!!" I smiled and said "Well what about Alex she is gonna be in a big house by herself!" Louis nodded and Alex came running through the door. I looked at her shocked and said "Alex, Whats wrong?" Alex looked at us and said "I'm hiding from Liam!!!!!" She laughed and ran to the closet. I laughed and looked at Louis and said "Will they just date already? Like come on!!!!!!!!" Louis laughed and Alex peeked her head out the door and said "We are dating!!!!!! But will you just move in with Louis so Liam and I can have the house to ourselves!!!!!!" I laughed and Louis said "I just asked her to move in with me but she was scared that you were going to be in that house by yourself!!!!!" Alex was just about to say something when we heard "Alex, where are you? I'm gonna find you!!!!!" Alex closed the door and Louis and I started acting like we don't know anything.

Liam came in the room and looked at us and "Awwwww'd" but said "Have you guys seen Alex?" I looked at Liam and said "I haven't really seen her for a few days. Have you Louis?" Louis shook his head and went back to playing with my hair. Liam looked at us and awwww'd again but then left the room. We waited until he was down the hall and then Louis and I burst out laughing. I sat up and whispered "Alex!!!!! Alex, he's gone!!!! But he is only down the hall!!!!" Alex said "Okay!!!!" Louis and I got up out of bed and walked out of the room. I looked down the hall and saw Liam. I smiled and said "Any luck?" He shook his and said "Are you sure you don't know where she is?" I nodded and then said "But even if I did know I wouldn't tell you because she is playing a game with you!!!!!" Liam smirked and I'm guessing he knew I knew where she was. I looked at Louis and he smirked and said "Babe you better run!!!!" I looked at Liam and ran but I yelled "Alex help me!!!!! Your boyfriend is chasing me!!!!!!! ALEX!!!!!!!" I screamed and laughed and yelled "Louis help me here!!!!!" He shook his head and said "This is your problem!!!!!!" I screamed and yelled "Louis your gonna pay for this later!!!!!!!" Louis laughed and I kept running until Liam caught me and started tickling me and saying "Where is Alex?" Liam was laughing at my struggle and I still said "I'm not telling you!!!!!!" Liam kept tickling me and I yelled "ALEX!!!!!!!! A LITTLE HELP HERE!!!!!!!!!!" I looked up at the top of the stairs and saw Alex and Louis. Louis was laughing at me and Alex was shocked and I said "Liam, look up!!!!!" Liam stopped and looked up and saw Louis and Alex!!!!! Liam laughed and said "Hi baby!!!!! Sara wouldn't tell me where you were so I was gonna force her to tell me!!!!! Liam, Alex and Louis laughed. I crossed my arms and looked at Alex and said "This is all your fault!!!!!" Alex came down the stairs and she came over and helped me up. When I was standing up I looked at her and said "I still hate you!" She nodded saying "I know!!!!!!"

After I walked into the kitchen and the next thing I know Louis comes in and wraps his arms around my waist. I shake him off still mad at him. He was shocked and said "Baby you know I love you" I just kept making breakfast when Alex and Liam came in and said "Sara we love you!!!!" I ignored them all until I felt someone start to tickle my sides. I turned to see who it was and it was Louis. I tired to squirm away from him but he kept me there. I looked at him and said "If you don't stop I'm gonna burn this food so no one can eat. So you might want to stop!!!!" Louis laughed and Alex came over and took over the cooking. Louis grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs to the bedroom. When we got there he smiled and pushed me on the bed and straddled me and said "You know I love you right?" I smiled and said "Yes I know! I love you too" Louis smiled and kissed me and once we pulled away he laid down next to me and wrapped his arm around me. I smiled and turned towards him. He looked at me and kissed me. I love this so much. I can't wait to wake up next to him everyday. When we pulled away Louis looked at me and said "I'm so happy your moving in with me!!!!!" I smiled and said "I know me too."

While we were laying there Alex and Liam came in and said "Breakfast is ready!!!!" I smiled and said "That would have been my job if someone didn't drag me away!!!!" Louis smirked and said "Well I'm sorry I wanted to get you alone for a few minutes." I smiled and said "I know!" Louis kissed my cheek and we walked downstairs to the dining room table and ate the breakfast I started but Alex finished. When we ate we talked about everything and that Louis and my two year anniversary is in a week. When I brought up our anniversary was next week he smiled and kissed my cheek and said "I don't know what I would do without you baby girl!!!!" I smiled and said "I don't know what I would do without you handsome!!!!" Liam and Alex looked at us and Liam said "Will you guys just get married already????" I blushed and Louis said "Not yet!!!!" I smiled and Alex looked at me and said "You guys should get married soon because you guys are to amazing to not be married and having kids!!!" I smiled and I heard my phone ringing in the bedroom. I got up and Alex came with me. We ran as fast as we could upstairs and found out it was our mom!!!!!

~Louis's P.O.V~

The girls ran upstairs to get Sara's phone. I looked at Liam and saw he was looking at me and he said "When are you going to ask Sara to marry you?" I looked away from Liam to see if Sara was anywhere and I said "I was thinking of asking her next week on our two year anniversary!!!" Liam smiled at me and said "That is a really good choice. You guys are just so dam cute that it would be sad if you guys didn't get married." I smiled at Liam and said "Are we really that cute together?" Liam smiled and said "Hell yea!!! You guys are all the fans talk about. They love you guys together so much. They would hate to see you guys break up. They even told Alex and I yesterday that they want you guys to get married and have little tommo children." I laughed and said "Why don't they tell me this stuff?" Liam looked at me and said "You never pay attention!!! You are always walking faster than the rest of us because you think that they are going to talk bad about you and Sara!!!" Liam is right. I don't listen to them because I'm so afraid they are going to say bad stuff about Sara and I or just Sara in general. But hearing that they love Sara and I together is amazing.

Liam stopped talking once he heard Sara and Alex coming downstairs laughing and crying. I looked at them and ran to Sara and said "Baby whats wrong?" Sara looked at me and said "Our great grandfather died today!!!" I wrapped my arms around Sara and said "It will all be okay!!!" Sara cried in my arms and said "He was my best friend Louis!!!!" I nodded and knew he was her best friend just like I was but he has been there her whole life. When Sara was done crying she looked at me and said "Thanks for being here Louis I really appreciate it." I nodded and said "Anything for my beautiful girl!!!" Sara smiled and said "You really know how to make me smile when I need it most." I nodded and said "Well I want my baby to smile not be sad."

~Sara's P.O.V~

Louis is truly amazing. I don't know what I would do without him. I looked at Alex and she wasn't as heart broken as I was but she still was hurting too. We called our great grandfather Poppy. He never really liked any of us but he grew to liking me out of all of us. He loved me so much that he would have done anything for me. He made me laugh, he made me cry, and he made me smile. I loved having him around the most but now it is going to be so different. During christmas time it will be so different because he won't be there. I can't help but think of how boring the family gathering will now be since he gone. I couldn't take it anymore, I looked at Megan and saw that she knew what I was thinking. She looked at me shocked and said "Sara don't you dare!!!! Don't you dare!!!!" Louis and Liam looked at Megan shocked and Liam said "What are you talking about babe?" That was my chance to run. I ran up the stairs and to the bathroom. I got there and shut the door and locked it. Louis was at the door in seconds but he tried to open the door but it was locked. I reached into the draw and grabbed a razor. I can't stand not having my best friend around. It hurts to much. Louis on the other side of the door was yelling "Sara please open up!! Don't do anything stupid please!!!" He pounded on the door and I still wouldn't open. I was about to run the razor on my arm when the door opened. I looked up and gasped. Louis looked at me and said "Stop right now!!!" I looked at him and dropped the razor and looked at Louis. He walked over to me and check my arms to make sure nothing was there. I took at breathe and picked up the razor and threw it away.

Louis wrapped his arms around me and said "Baby don't you dare ever scare me like that again." I nodded and he kissed my head and said "I love you baby more than anything and I can't let you hurt yourself." I nodded and hugged him. He hugged me tighter and said "Never again will I let you out of my sight!!!" When Louis and I pulled away I looked at the door and Megan and Liam were standing there. Megan was scared that I was going to do it. Louis moved out of the way and whispered in my ear saying "Go talk to her, she is scared and worried about you!" I nodded and walked over to Megan. She started crying but this time worse than before. She wrapped her arms around me and said "You are never going to do that again, Do you understand me?" I nodded and said "I promise Meg!!! I will never do anything like that again!!" Megan smiled and said "Good because none of us can lose you. We need you so much. The fans even need you." I nodded and the next thing I know my phone goes off and I look and see it is a notification on twitter. Its from Louis. I open it and it says:

@Louis_Tomlinson: My beautiful girlfriend lost someone very important to her She is having a very hard time right now and needs all the support she can get. Baby girl when you see this just know I love you and I'm here for you no matter what @johnsonsa21 #SarasMissingPoppy #StayStrongSara

After that I saw so many retweets and favorites and so many people saying that they were sorry for what happened and they are there for me and Alex. I couldn't help but smile and think that the Directioners are amazing and are very helpful with everything. I love having people who are there for me even though I don't know who they are. They are the sweetest people ever and they truly know how to make me feel better.

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