The war against her

It was the start of kindergarden and pia liked dash ever since. Now they are in 8th grade. Pia has to fight Mackenzie for him. Who will he chose��?


8. Chapter7:at my door O.o

Knock knock*

It was dash

i out my hand in e door knob

but then I stopped and thought, 

what if dash really didn't like me and it was all a prank.

"hello?" He said 

I sighed and opened the door.

"sup" I said

"U look awesome!" He said back

did dash really didn't see what I was wearing? :

a dirty t shirt,

old shoes,

and ripped pants 

"um thanks." I said

"and you look better then usual. Not that u look bad.

Or do I look and. Did you even notice that I look bad

but you don't look bad... Baa-d?. Ill shut up now.  Lets go. said awkwardly 

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