"I have dreams like any other person"
Anyone can have dreams, even the people who can't see. 12 year old Melody Cross is one of 2,000 kids at her school for the disabled. Melody can't stop dreaming no matter what, she always talks about her dreams. Everyone tries to figure out how blind people can dream, even her own parents, in 1993 technology isn't the best. This book will take you on an un-ordinary adventure, through the life of a blind child


3. "What am I going to do without you?"

My second day at school and I'm already loving it. Kobe's been showering me in kisses that I don't even know coming. He know's almost all my past and how I could see. He's actually been helping me lately with my flower drawing. Everything else is perfect except he says my petals arn't on the flower. I don't really mind if I'm with him. I'm not sure if my mom found out yet that I'm in love with my own teacher. I think that's against the law, to have a realtionship with your teacher? If the cops find out I could be in real trouble! What if Kobe tells his friends and they tell? What if I tell without knowing? I can't see, one of the disadvantages of being blind but, my other senses are stronger. Should I break up with Kobe before he breaks up with me? Maybe I should just let it be and have love control everything but I don't know how love has done anything for me lately. All it's been doing is tormenting my life. Sometimes I feel like my parents don't love me!

"Melody are you O.K? You look worried and stressed!"

"Kobe, I'm O.K. I've just been thinking of alot of things latly. What if we get arrested?!

"What do you mean "Get arrested"?"

"Isn't illegal if you date your own teacher?! Or is just if your a licensed teacher?"

"I'm not a licensed teacher, as long as I'm not licensed were not breaking the law but, as soon as I do become licensed it will be illegal."

"What do you mean by soon? Are you just going to leave me?"


"Kobe, I get that you have a life outside of me but, you never told me this? Are you going to college or something. I thought you were finsished with college and had your teaching degree. Why did you lie to me?"

"Melody, maybe you should get a wheelchair. Your scaring me just by walking around. No blind person has ever done that without some help."

"How are my days going to be spent. I can't come back here with a different teacher. Ok I know it's creepy that I'm walking around, I've never been here before and I'm blind. Though the main question is, What am I going to do without you?" I have been searching my whole life for the right guy and I don't think I could find a guy like you ever again." I walk trying to find which direction to go. Crying my way through the room I hear him open a door. I feel like it's a clue to go to the door but I don't know where the sound is coming from. I can feel the tears going away. I hear the door again. I know it's Kobe testing my ability with hearing. I walk in the direction I think it is and I hear a little voice just like Kobe's.

"That's right, follow the sound!"

I do exactly what he says. I hear the noise again but this time it's louder. I reach a wall and walk my way around. If theres one thing I remember from when I can see is that if you follow a wall you will always find a door. It's what my dad says to me if I can't find a door. All I do is find a wall and follow since walls are typically connected to each other. Kobe is at the door waiting and just like that he sweeps me off my feet and we go for dinner!

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