"I have dreams like any other person"
Anyone can have dreams, even the people who can't see. 12 year old Melody Cross is one of 2,000 kids at her school for the disabled. Melody can't stop dreaming no matter what, she always talks about her dreams. Everyone tries to figure out how blind people can dream, even her own parents, in 1993 technology isn't the best. This book will take you on an un-ordinary adventure, through the life of a blind child


2. School days or Romance days

 My new teacher helps me to my seat. I know I'm in a room with 15 other people like me. My teacher is a boy and his name is Kobe. I seemed to fall in love with him even though this is the first time we meet. For some odd reason I feel like he feels the same way. We start off with simple drawing. I remember when I wasn't blind and could draw anything I choose. I tried to make a flower but I don't know what it looks like. "Melody, you seem to be one of the smartest girls in this class"

"Kobe, why do you say that. I don't know what I draw and I can't see. How do you call me the smartest in this class. To top it all of it's my first day here.

"You're the only one I could tell what you drew. You were trying to draw a flower.

"A sunflower to be specific!"

"Right and all the other kids just drew scribbles. I could also tell you were trying to draw it.

Well my plan was blowed. I try to be undercover but that didn't work out so well. I should tell him the story of how I wasn't blind before. Or should I be quiet and let the whole thing blow over. Even though he's my private instructor, my new true love, and the head of the board doesn't mean he has to know the other side of me. I'm guessing when my mom comes he will tell her what I did and then my mom will tell him my past so I think I should just tell him now.

"Fine, you win, do you really want to know my past?

"Yes, I do, how can you draw so well?

"It all started when I was 8. I was your typical 8 year old. I could see and adventure out through the woods that my family owned. I loved to draw, read, and play with friends. When I was 8 1/2 my vision started getting hazy. My mom took me to the eye doctor and she got me glasses. That didn't help much because my vision was still hazy. My mom didn't want to take me back to the eye place so she took me to the doctors. They recommended I should go to the hospital and get a exam. My mom took me to the hospital but we weren't in a rush. I started to get a little dizzy and that's when my mom went faster. My dad was on a fishing trip with some of his friends. When we arrived they got us right in. The doctor checked my eyes and noticed a little bit of blue when my eyes are brown. It wasn't the eye color blue it was more "your about to turn blind" blue. The doctor told my mom I was gong to be blind by age 10 or sooner. That's when my mom took me out of school and home schooled me. By 9 I was completly blind."

"That's it?"

"Yes Kobe, thats my past, probably guessing that the other kids were blind at birth?"

"You're right on that one."

As soon as he said that he kissed me. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I did not mean to do that Melody, please, don't tell your mom."

"Kobe, I have a crush on you and I probably would have kissed you if I knew where your mouth is!' I think that calmed him down but eh way he was breathing. For the rest of the day we just worked on memorizing the feel of ordinary objects. My mom picked me up an hour late. Thank goodness because it gave me a chance to get to know Kobe. Though by the way my mom walked I knew she did it on purpose. Kobe walked me out to my car and got me seated and I'm sure I was smiling from ear to ear. My mom let him, probably because she knew that I was in log and didn't want to break the bond. I know what I was doing when we drove away. I was waving to him through my side window. Kobe wanted to see me without my sunglasses on but I didn't let him. I'm to scared that he will change his mind about me.

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