"I have dreams like any other person"
Anyone can have dreams, even the people who can't see. 12 year old Melody Cross is one of 2,000 kids at her school for the disabled. Melody can't stop dreaming no matter what, she always talks about her dreams. Everyone tries to figure out how blind people can dream, even her own parents, in 1993 technology isn't the best. This book will take you on an un-ordinary adventure, through the life of a blind child


1. Life as the Blind Child

"Mom, I'm not ready to go to a school! Kids could probably see me and say things!"

"Melody, you can still hear, you can even tell one of your teachers if you feel unsafe or just go talk to them.

"Did you forget, I can't see! I let my mom walk me the rest of the way. I'm guessing I one upped her again like I always do. The tight twists and turns made me kind of nauseous. I liked being home schooled, I felt safer. As if I actually had a place in the world. When I go to school all I hear is people talk about me. I never actually had a friend. My mom is even trying to persuade me to get a wheel chair. For safety reasons. I can walk just fine but I truly think my mom wants to push me around instead of helping me walk. My dad is agreeing with her too. I can't win anything and sometimes my parents think I'm deaf as well as blind. I always wear sunglasses anywhere I go except bed because everyone says I look weird with my eyes showing. The closest to school I've gotten to is taking a tour. I never actually went to a school. 

"Melody, Melody,were at your classroom!"

I wake up startled and fel more alive than ever. I don't know why considering that I'm going to a school but I have always felt that if I went to a school I could find out more about my disability and how I could possibly have another sense in return for the lost one. I know theres a low possibility to this actually being true but I can always have my hopes and dreams. I believe the every blind person imagines strange things because I have done the same thing. Especially when I think about how bad schools could be. 

"Good bye Melody, have a good day and try not to get in trouble even though I know you won't!

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