Is This Love?

Junior year for Madi may not be so bad when the one direction boys come to her school to study. But does it turn out to be a nightmare or a life saver in disguise.


2. Welcome to High School

Hi welcome to Rue. That is exactly what I get to say every Monday-Friday from 3:30-7:00. Well I guess I should introduce myself. I am Madi Rae Olson. I am a 16 year old from Wichita, Kansas. There is nothing special about me I live with my mom and annoying little sister. There is a reason I think she is so annoying. It is because there is 6 years between us.

*beep beep beep beep* aggggh. Another boring year at high school. It is my junior year and like every other high schooler wishing it was my last day as a senior. "Madi, do not forget Kennedy has volleyball practice tonight and I need you to take her. It starts at 7:15 and she can't be late." My mom yelled through the house. "I know mom you have only told me 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks." I yelled back. "Well have a good day at school." "I will. Have a good day at work and I will see you tonight KK. Love y'all" and was off to school.

"Hey Taylor" "Hey Madi". Taylor is my best friend. We met in our foods class we both took freshmen year and have been best friends since. *ding* can I have Madi Olson and Taylor Galbraith to the front office your students you are showing around are here. Thank you. I had totally forgot Taylor and I we showing 5 new students around for a couple weeks. "Hi I'm Madi and that's Taylor." I said. "Well hi Madi Hi Taylor. I am Liam and that is Louis, Zayn, Niall and over there on the end is Harry." "Well I'm in charge of showing Louis Niall and harry around since you three have the same classes I have and Zayn and Liam you have Taylor for the same reason." I explained.

*ring* time for class " okay we will see y'all at lunch." I said. " sounds awesome" Louis said. " okay well our first class is chemistry" " let's go" Niall said. Of course we had the most boring teacher Mr. Crashmen. After a boring 80 minutes we were off to Child Development which I was surprised the boys signed up for. I absolutely loved this class and the teacher. Her name is Mrs.Mans and she is the best person ever who is always wearing a smile. Time for study hall. "Alright now study hall it's only 30 minutes and if uo don't need to study or do homework you can talk quietly." "Alright love lets go" harry said. I have to admit there was defiantly something about him calling me love that bothered me. *Lunch time* " so today is Pizza Hut pizza day, so it is about as good of a lunch we will ever get" Taylor told everyone. Lunch was nothing special we just learned little things about each other. *after lunch* " 3rd block is English 11" I told the boys. We had a pretty chill teacher her name is Miss. Wink and she is that teacher that you would actually have to work hard to get below an B in her class. Finally it is time for 4th block, our last block of the day. It is Algebra II and the teacher absolutely loves me. His name is Mr. Washerman. " okay so that was our last class for the day and if you would like you can come over to my house. I don't have work tonight and I have to leave at 7:00 to take my sister to volleyball but you could come along if you wan or uo could leave." I explained. "I'm in" all 3 said in unison. " Oh and I almost forgot. Welcome to High School"

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