Is This Love?

Junior year for Madi may not be so bad when the one direction boys come to her school to study. But does it turn out to be a nightmare or a life saver in disguise.


15. Treat Her Right

~~Liam’s POV
So it has been a while since Harry and Madi moved to England. Since then I have moved into an apartment, got a job at a sporting goods store, and I even met a girl, Ann. We meet at my job when she was looking for some sporting clothes. We have been dating for about 2 months now and I am thinking about asking her to move in with me. I also learned that Madi and harry came back to Kansas to tell Niall the truth. From what I know that didn’t go over to good.
Ann’s POV
I am packing up my room at my parents’ house so I can move in with Liam. I am actually really scared that things may not work out and then I have to either a)come crawling back home to my parents or b) get an apartment to support myself. Although from the looks of Liam and the way he acts I don’t see me having that issue.
Harry’s POV
Madi and I have settled back into the flow of our life in London. I have gotten into boxing and have gone to a couple of events and someday would like to be a boxer but until then I have a job as a security guard.
“Haz your mom just called and she is stopping by real quick tomorrow to give you something”
“Okay, can you come here really quick?”
“Sure be there in a second”
I was planning on telling Madi in Kansas that we were moving into a house but then all of the drama happened and I didn’t so I needed to tell her now since the movers were coming tomorrow to start moving everything.
“Hey what did you need?”
“Well after tomorrow we won’t be living here”
“What do you mean?”
“Well I bought a house not too far from where my sister’s house and the movers are coming tomorrow to start moving everything. They will be here at 8 and have everything moved and set up by 6.”
“Well I wish you would have said something but it sounds like a fun adventure so I’m glad that you did it.”
***** Moving day
So it is 10 in the morning and the movers already have half of the flat moved to the house.
“Madi we need to go over to the house my mom is headed over to drop by and see the house”
“Okay I will be there in 2 minutes,”
“No we need to leave now”
“Well I can I am trapped in our bedroom by a dresser in the doorway.”
“Oh well I guess we can wait till they move that.”
“Great plan styles.”
****At the house
“Hi mom”
“Hi sweetie”
“Well did you want to see the house?”
“Yes, but where is Madi?”
“Talking to her mom “
“Oh well lets go see the house”
“Hey mom. Everything okay”
“Yeah I was just check up on you.”
“Oh well I’m fine. Me and harry are moving into a house right now actually.”
“Well I will let you go have fun and be safe”
“I will mom love you”
“Love you “
Madi’s POV
After I talked to my mom I went inside and Anne was talking with harry about our relationship so I stood back and listened.
“So is she still sleeping on the couch or will she have her own room”
“Well we never slept apart the first night she was here she asked me to sleep with her and I have ever since so to answer your question no she and I will be sleeping in the same room and bed.”
“We’ll be safe I do-“
“Mom she doesn’t want to until were married.”
“Well good’
“Thank you I’m just glad she is still not with niall I just hope he is nice to Kelly.”
“Me too.”
“Hey Anne, Hey handsome.”
“Hey baby girl how’s your mom”
“Good and Anne your son won’t be doing anything in bed till after the honeymoon”
“Oh you heard”
“Yes I did but don’t worry it is fine. I’m glad that you care about your son and he is willing to talk to you.”

"Harry please promise to Treat Her Right"

"Forever and Always."

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