Is This Love?

Junior year for Madi may not be so bad when the one direction boys come to her school to study. But does it turn out to be a nightmare or a life saver in disguise.


27. The Fun Begins

Harry's POV

So we have been in Australia for a week now and things couldn't be better. We are staying in this resort type thing and we have had a blast with everything they offer. The first day we went to the spa, the second we stayed in bed and went to a movie later on. third we went to a romantic candle light dinner, fourth we wen swimming with dolphins, fifth we went to the beach, six scuba diving, and today is the seventh and today we are going  to stay in the room and........ Skype our family.

Yes we know pathetic its your honeymoon spend it together and having sex all the time but know not us we wanted to have adventures and try new things. I have something special planned for the rest of the time here and it involves so many adventures such as a zip line ride, safari petting zoo, Going on a ferry ride, and an amusement park. There are other little things but other than that we are just going to chill and enjoy being Mrs. and Mr. Styles.


(I know it was short but there is drama in the next chapter) ;)



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