Is This Love?

Junior year for Madi may not be so bad when the one direction boys come to her school to study. But does it turn out to be a nightmare or a life saver in disguise.


34. Swear on things

Harry's POV

I wish Madi would have lied and told me she and Niall hadn't done anything. But ten again she would be lying and i hate that. But she didn't have to say it was a long story. Gosh why do I over complicate things. Of course they did something. I mean Madi dated Niall and they had feelings for each other. Wait did I just call my wife a slut. Dammit Harry get your head on straight she loves you, you can see it a mile away just by her eyes.

" Harry to start this off we didn't do anything 'in bed' but we went out on so called 'dates' but thats all i Swear"

I haven't even said a word and she is already about to cry

"First off don't start crying. I knew at some point you would do something but I am glad you only went on dates."

"They weren't really dates. All we did was go to a movie once, Dinner another time, The zoo a few times and then they day before I went left we went to a nice dinner and walk but that's all i swear."

'Madi, it not good to swear on things."

"You are taking this better than I thought you would"

"I am not mad babe. If anything I am glad that you are back home with me."

I want to just attack mad for not trying to get away but it was her best friend and she knew that he would not hurt her. In fact she knew she was protected around him. I think I am going to take her out to night because let's face it. If your wife was gone for that long you would make to make love to her to. Especially if you hadn't yet.

I know Madi wants a family and so do I and I can't wait to. I just can't believe that we don't ever "have" to buy condoms. We can just go about our business and be happy in what we are doing.

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