Is This Love?

Junior year for Madi may not be so bad when the one direction boys come to her school to study. But does it turn out to be a nightmare or a life saver in disguise.


19. Planes: Fire and Rescue




Madi's POV

So I was headed to a park where me and Harrys family were meeting for a picnic.

"Hey y'all how"

"Hi sweetie let me introduce you to the family" Anne said "This Harry's step-dad Robin. his sister Gemma, His dad Des, His nan and grandpa, his aunt and uncle and then his cousins."

"It is nice to met y'all, I mean you all"

Man I was really trying not to sound so southern but I cant because I have always spoke that way. I just hope that everything else goes okay.

Harry's POV

So while Madi went to the park I was going to the little beach type thing to hang out with all her family. When I got there her brother-in law came up and we started talking like we had been best friends forever.

"Hey Harry how are you"

"Good and you"

"Glad to have a break from work and get to see my little sister. Thanks for making her so happy."

Incase you forgot Madi is like a little sister to him.

"I'm just glad that she has adjusted okay. there for a while I thought that she may never settle in but then one day it was like she realized that she loved it here and she loved being with me so that has had me on cloud 9 for awhile."


I had a lot of fun with her family and now I am driving back to the house to get ready for our date. I decided I would call Madi to see how things went.


"Hey how did everything go today"

"Horrible. I kept on saying y'all and I so badly just wanted to make a good impression on them but no my horrible southern talk had to come out."

"Oh well they didn't think anything horrible because my cousins called not to long after you left and asked if this was the girl that got to have my last name"

"Really, I thought that they would judge me because of how I spoke and  my southern draw."

"They think its adorable just like I do because you don't get to have a lot of those kinds of people here in England so they appreciate listening to you and getting to here your accent."

"Well i'm glad but hun I don't got in accent"

"Yes you do and its adorable so go get ready for the date I will be home in 10."

"Alright I lovea you"

"Love you too"


Madi's POV

Harry wanted to go to the movies as our date and he let me pick the movie so I decided on Planes: Fire and Rescue. He wasn't to thrilled but when he saw how excited I was he got excited too.


After the movie we went to Orange Leaf to get some yogurt. It was really nice to just spend time together since we were away from each other all day and I cant remember the last time we spent that much time away from each other. in fact I think this is the longest time since I met him over a year ago.



the first is her park outfit and the second is her date outfit


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