Is This Love?

Junior year for Madi may not be so bad when the one direction boys come to her school to study. But does it turn out to be a nightmare or a life saver in disguise.


18. Meeting Lexi

Louis's POV

I cant believe Madi and Hazza are engaged. I finally met somebody and I am head over heels for her. Her name is Lexi and at a bar. The funny thing is that I was actually really drunk and she took me to a hotel and stayed with me till the morning and then I asked her on a date and now here we are 2 months in and couldn't be happier.  

Lexi's POV

So I guess Louis told how we met but I don't think he told you about the part where he decided that he needed to take a shower with his clothes on and that it needed to be a 1 and 1/2 shower. or that he ran around the whole entire hotel naked and then jumped into the pool with a bunch of little kids. alright now that you know that you got have some dirt on him.


Niall's POV

So I have really cleaned up my act and I am not part of the gang and me and Kelly have some drama but other than that were good.

"Niall would you please get off your ass and come help clean up."

"Why should I you stay here all day and cant do it then."

"I shouldn't have to pick up after you this wasn't my apartment in the first place and what do you do all day go and flip burgers at McDonalds. Plus since it seems you have forgot I have a job figuratively speaking I have 2 so why don't you stop play FIFA and come pick up a little."

"Fine whatever but just so you know I won this fight."

"okay if that will make you help than you can win"


Harry's POV

So today is the day I am spending time with Madi's family and she is spending time with mine.

"Madi I am leaving. I will see you tonight at 6. I love you and just so you know mom loves to talk,"

"Okay babe I love you too. Have fun and just so you know my family is loud."


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