Is This Love?

Junior year for Madi may not be so bad when the one direction boys come to her school to study. But does it turn out to be a nightmare or a life saver in disguise.


9. How About Now?

*At Harrys Flat*

Harrys POV

I could see that Madi wasn’t really all that comfortable in her “Whole New World”. Maybe I just need to treat her like the princess she is. ‘Madi, go freshen up from the plane ride I want to take you out to dinner.’ Now where to take her? I would take her to Nando’s but that is Niall’s favorite restaurant and I am trying to get her mind out of that time and into this one. I’ve got it she loves On the Border and a new one just opened up nit to far from here. ‘Don’t were fancy clothes. Dress casual.’ “Okay babe but where are we going.” Wait did she just call me babe? Maybe she will adjust in times presence. ‘It’s a surprise, but I know you will love it.’

*At the restaurant*

“So I guess you do listen when I talk to you.” ‘Of course I do babe. Hey so did you mean to call me babe earlier?’ I was hoping she would say yes but my brain kept telling she wasn’t thinking. “Absolutely. I have to make the best of this and you said you would keep your promise so why not.” Thank you god. I was hoping she would take in as a good thing and she did. ‘Well just to let you know I really do love you with all my heart.’ “Thanks ba- Haz” Wait she was about to say babe and she changed it. ‘Madi, why didn’t you say babe.’ I could see it in her eyes she wasn’t happy she was about to cry. ‘Madi don’t—‘too late she was crying, but why I don’t know what I did. ‘Babe let’s leave’ after I paid the bill and got the food to go she had calmed down a little bit. ‘Can you tell me what’s wrong?’ After a long pause she finally spoke, “When I said it earlier it reminded me of Hannah because we call each other babe. I was going to say it again at the restaurant but I felt like I was going to cry so I changed it but, then you questioned it and I lost it.” Huhhh. Now I get it she really is going to miss them. ‘Well let’s go home and we can watch a movie. What do you want to watch? Do you like Frozen?’ “Yes Haz but that is one of the movies I watched with Hannah and Kennedy.” Grrrrrrrrr. Everything she has to freaking related to Hannah, or something that happened at her house. Can she not see I am trying? ‘Fine then what do you want to watch’ “Harry if you are getting frustrated you might want to realize that you’re the one who took me away from them.” She does have a point. I just need to give her space so she can cool off and maybe she’ll warm up and stop thinking of her old life and look forward to her new one.

*That Night*

Madi’s POV

“So Harry where am I sleeping tonight” I mean the guy lives in a one bedroom flat. ‘You can sleep in my bed and I will sleep on the couch’ “Okay Thank u” Since it was already 10 I decided to go to sleep. I tossed and turned for almost an hour and I gave up and decided to ask harry to come lie down with me. I walked into the living room to find Harry watching TV. ‘Hey what’s up’ “Not much. Can you come and sleep with me?” ‘Yeah, but can I talk to you real quick.’ Oh no, where is this going. Please don’t let it be bad. ‘Okay so you know how I said your mom thought Niall had bad plans for you?’ “Yes... Harry I am really not in the mood to cry…. Again.” ‘Just listen. He did. He is the leader of a prostitution ring and he wanted you to join. That is another reason I brought you here.’ Wow that was a lot to take in. I don’t think I have ever gained so much respect for someone so quickly. In that moment the only thing I could do was hug him, I had no words to say. “Thank you Haz. I promise I will try to stop thinking about my “old” life and focus on my new chapter.” I think I really do love harry. ‘Well let’s go to bed. I have a lot to show you tomorrow.’ “Alright thank you for everything Hazza.”

*Next morning*

Harry’s POV

I woke up to the smell of delicious food and no Madi next to me. I walked down stairs to find Madi making pancakes and eggs. ‘Hey baby girl’ Crap did someone used to call her that? “Thanks sexy” whoa I like this side of her. ‘Well someone is excited for today’ “Of course. I think I finally found my Prince Ali.” I am so glad that she is finally getting used to the fact that it is safer for her to be here. I am pretty sure that when I told her Niall’s plan she saw the good in my plan and no more bad. “So what are we doing today?” ‘Well I thought we could go to Big Ben, The London Eye, and just go sightseeing.’ “Really! That would be awesome.”

*After the Day Out*

“Thanks Haz that was a lot of fun” ‘I’m glad.’ Finally I got her to love London she hated it when she first game here but now she sees the beauty of it. “Haz just so you know I didn’t think of anything but you and me in our new chapter of life today.” She is so beautiful and she can’t even see it. I mean look at her she is smart, has flaws and isn’t afraid to show it, she’s skinny, and isn’t afraid to be herself around me. I am so glad I got her out of there and as bad as I want to ask her to be mine I know it’s too soon. You okay Haz she asked as she came into OUR bedroom and laid down on my chest since I was laying in OUR bed. ‘Yep I’m fine just thinking’ “bout’ what?” ‘Us.’ “Oh what about us” I so badly just want to ask her and her say yes and we live out our Aladdin fantasy, but it’s too soon maybe in a couple weeks. ‘Just our future.’ “Well in the future do I get to call you mine.” Wait is she implying she wants to be mine? ‘Only if you want me to be.’ “I defiantly do” Here goes nothing. ‘How About Now?’ “Why not” Thank You Lord!!!!

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