Is This Love?

Junior year for Madi may not be so bad when the one direction boys come to her school to study. But does it turn out to be a nightmare or a life saver in disguise.


26. Honeymoon

~~Kennedy's POV
So my sister is finally married. I am real glad that she found someone like Harry, who takes amazing care of her. Yeah sure they fight but they give each other space and then talk it over and make up. Which quite frankly is remarkable because my sister is HORRIBLE at forgiveness.
What really amazes everyone is the way you can see that they love each other, it just so natural. The way mad is always laughing and smiling with him, her eyes twinkle, and the most cliché thing ever she never shuts up about him. Oh and Harry he is always taking her on adventures just for shits and giggles, he never shuts up about her and overall he isn't going out as much since made doesn't like to.
I hope someday my prince comes swooping in to save me like Harry did with Madi. It was like God was like okay here is Madison Rae Olson and Harold Edward Styles let’s make them fall in love and make every person jealous of their relationship.
But the thing I just can’t quite get over is how one day you can be so made and upset, then the next you wake up on a plane and are with your best friend who practically kidnapped you and is like "Hey babe we are moving to England because I love you and want to protect.". Now don’t get me wrong I know for a fact that Madi threw a fit about the whole thing but deep down I know that she felt at least a little glimmer of this whole thing.

Madi's POV
So after the reception Harry and I were off to our honeymoon. I still didn't know where we were going all I knew was that I was getting to spend it as Mrs. Styles. We were on the plane for a good 10-12 hours so I decided to sleep while the plane was flying to the destination. So the plane ride was surprising short.
"Hey love, it’s really hot here so why don't you go find clothes and I will change then we can switch."
"Alright, but be quick I want to know where we are"
"I will"
So it didn't take him all that long but he was acting really excited, I guess because he is excited to some around wherever we are.
"Okay you can go now. I will meet you at baggage claim."
"Alright see you in like 2 minutes."
I walked into the bathroom and went into one of the stalls to change. I just changed into a tank and shorts with my hair left the way it was for the wedding. After I changed into my comfy clothes I decided to touch up my makeup. But the thing is when I went to do that someone had wrote in the mirror. It said 'Welcome to Australia babe. Hurry up so this honeymoon can start.'
Wow he actually took me to my dream place. But I wasn't going to freak out I when I came out I was going to act like I had seen it but thought it was for someone else. I know this wouldn't last long but I was willing to give it a try.
"Hey babe I'm back"
"Okay well luggage hasn't come yet so we will have to wait."
"But when I went to do my makeup I saw a message"
"Oh really, what did it says"
"It said 'we are in Australia. Hurry up so this honeymoon can start.' I think we should go find that couple and tell them we are here for a honeymoon as well."
"So we can see if we are at the same hotel and see if they want to hang out at some point"
"Babe that message was for you"
"Oh well I thought somebody else was trying to be romantic, but thank you."
"You’re very welcome"
"Alright well here comes luggage and if you want to stand there for 3 1/2 weeks you can but I want to go on some adventures."
"Me too so let’s go"

A/N Sorry it took so long but I will be updating till around 2 with a 30 minuet lunch break. So hold on because here comes some fun and drama.

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