Leaving ➸ n.h. fanfiction

Let's just say leaving isn't always that easy, and Paris isn't always that lovely.



4. I'm Terribly Sorry.

Hi everyone!  Long time no see, isn't it?  I have some heartbreaking news for you, and honestly I feel like shit because of it.

I will no longer be continuing this story, nor my time on this website.  I've recently devoted myself to my school studies, wattpad and of course, One Direction.  I'm terribly sorry.  I've known this for a while now, I thought I could make a comeback with this story, and have some amazing plot and story line and it would be a hit.  But my writers block got the best of me and I honestly have no idea where I was going with this story.  I loved writing Reality Ruined My Life, I really did.  I thought I'd love Leaving too, but sadly I don't.  

For those Nannah shippers out there, I'd like you to know that their love story was something near and dear to me.  It reminded me of a love I share with my boyfriend.  Their love in this story was so strong that it physically hurt me.  Just letting you know that these characters mean a lot to me, and their love will live on forever.  I'm sorry for sinking your ship.  

I truly feel so bad about this, but there was no way I was ever going to finish this no matter how hard I tried.

I want to let you know that I am still writing, just on wattpad.  I've come up with some amazing plots and stories that I actually know what I'm doing with.  I was 13 when I started on here and I didn't know how to write and how to keep up with a story, which is why I had my writers block, I started writing when I was 13 and didn't plan it out, which made the story crash and burn in the end.  I'm sorry.

If you'd like to continue to read my writing, I still write fanfiction, and I write teen fiction over on wattpad.  My username is @mythomane and I'd like it a lot if you read some of my things over there.  I understand that I probably let you all down and you don't want to read anymore of my writing.  I totally understand.  

I want to thank all of you for keeping this story alive, for reading and sharing.  For the wonderful comments that never failed to make me smile.  You made my time writing on Movellas a wonderful experience that I will treasure forever.  I love all of you though you probably hate me at the moment.  You are all beautiful and I adore you so much.  Also if you'd like to talk to me about any of this you can contact me at the information I leave below.  Thank you so much.  


Love Always,



C O N T A C T    I N F O R M A T I O N

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