Leaving ➸ n.h. fanfiction

Let's just say leaving isn't always that easy, and Paris isn't always that lovely.



2. i m p o r t a n t

Alright so, I started this story, finally, for you guys.  But, funfact, I also have other stories if you would like to read them.

My stories are on wattpad.com, and my username is @morganannabrams.  Most of my stories are fiction, but I have a few fanfiction saved up, and when I get the motivation I will start them.  I work really hard on all of my stories and if I could have your support and reads that would be wonderful.  

Second thing, CAN ANY OF YOU MAKE TRAILERS?  If so, feel free to contact me,  I need a few trailers done, and it might be a lot of work, so please only sign up if you are able.  I will put all of my contact information at the bottom of this.  

Third thing, MEET AND GREET.  So I got tickets for the Where We Are Tour in Nashville on August 19th, and if any of you are going, I would like to meet you!  Or maybe you wanna meet me.  You know, whateves.  I will take pictures, sign things (if you want, I don't know why you would want me to I mean I'm really not that cool but whateves.)  But yeah, closer to the concert I will give information about where to meet me and what not.  If you have any questions, contact me using the contact information below.  


So I have a little contest for you all.  It's a writing contest.  The point is to make a one shot, involving Hannah and Niall, or Nicolle and Harry.  There are no certain reqirements.  I just have to like it.  It can be cliche or not cliche.  It just has to be cute.  There will be three different mini contests.  One for most unique, the cutest, and the best overall.  I will take all submissions up until August 1st.  You can submit them to me via email, or share it with me on google drive if any of you know how to do that as well. 


Each will earn a designated chapter dedication, and a handwritten note from me that I will mail to you, along with a little something else.  I'm not sure what it will be yet.  You will also recieve a follow on all social media sites that you want, and that I have.  


Alright so... that is all!


Twitter : @commanderniall

Wattpad : @morganannabrams

Kik : @baby2429

Instagram : @_morgan913

Snapchat : @morganann913

Phone number : (+1) 347-991-5535  ONLY USE THE +1 IF YOU ARE NOT A UNITED STATES RESIDENT.

Email (can be used for sharing on google drive)  :  morganannabrams@gmail.com




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