Leaving ➸ n.h. fanfiction

Let's just say leaving isn't always that easy, and Paris isn't always that lovely.



3. Baisers Du Matin


"Niall, scoot over,"  I mutter to the sleeping blond, who was currently taking over the whole king size bed that we were sharing.  He didn't budge, but instead let out a loud snore.

"Niall, scoot over,"  I say in a more demanding tone, and giving him a little nudge.  The boy finally barely opens his eyes, and scoots even closer to me, which I thought was impossible, and wraps his arms and legs around me, as if he were a baby koala bear.

"I wanna cuddle, baby,"  He mutters, planting a sloppy kiss to my temple.  

"Yeah, well, I don't,"  I say pushing him off of me.  At this point he opens his eyes all the way and lets out a sigh.  I know he's tired, and I know he's hating life just as much as I am right now.

"You never want to do anything anymore.  Listen I know we're in a complicated state at the moment, but that doesn't mean that I don't love you any less than the day I first told you that I did.  I know things are hard right now, and you're stressed and maybe a little depressed, but that doesn't mean we have to stop being the way we were before, two love sick kids.  Lately, you've been a pain in my ass and I've been a pain in yours.  I'm getting sick of it.  You're mad at me because I'm trying to keep our relationship the way it was before all of this bullshit happened.  I'm mad at you because you won't let it happen.  It's annoying as hell, Hannah.  I love you, alright?  We're safe, we're okay.  Now stop being a royal pain and let me be your fucking boyfriend for five minutes,"  He says, reaching over my body before I could say a word, and pinning his lips on mine.  


He's right, you just don't want to admit it.  I thought.  I know he want's to keep our relationship the way it was, and I want it to be the same, but it's just so hard.  I'm always on edge, and too stressed out to care about anything anymore.  


Despite all of my mumbo-jumbo thoughts, I kissed my him back, with as much passion and love as I could muster up.  His mouth worked against mine, in a way that was special to us.  Our kisses we're never sloppy or all over the place, unless we were both piss drunk.  Our kisses were soft, slow, and savoring.  Every one was as if we were leaving one another and not coming back for seventy years.  That's how much love they held.  My hands found their home around his neck, and to the longer hairs laying at the base of it.  He had one on the bare skin on my waist, the other caressing my right cheek.  Our tongues did't battle for dominance, instead they moved together, tasting each other.  He tasted of tea, honey, and peppermint.  It's a taste that would forever be my very favorite.   Eventually after what seemed like hours, but was probably only seconds, we broke apart.  Partially due to being out of breath, and partially due to Louis banging on our bedroom door yelling, 'Get up, Harry made waffles!'  

"Please don't ever leave me because of all of this bullshit we having going on, because one day I promise it will all be gone,"  He says, rubbing his thumb across the apple of my cheek.

"I won't.  I'm so sorry for the way I'm acting, but I'm trying Ni, I swear,"  I say, leaning up to peck his lips, "I love you." I whisper.

"I love you too."  He smiles, and it makes my morning a thousand times better.




"Morning sis,"  Harry says, with a dimpled grin and a light kiss to my cheek as I walk into the kitchen to receive my plate of waffles.  

"Good morning Haz,"  I give him a light smile.  I look around the very large apartment, and see no one.  

"Wheres the boys and the princess?"  I ask, pouring an excessive amount of syrup on my waffles.  Niall comes to sit beside me, placing his right hand on my thigh, and eating with his left hand.

"The princess is taking a shower, Louis is waking up the Liam and Zayn."  

"Shit,"  Niall says, looking down at his bare chest.  On it sat a giant puddle of maple syrup and a piece of waffle.  I laugh at him, and Harry throws a roll of paper towels to me.  I tear a few off and begin to wipe down Niall's chest.

"Maybe you should wear a shirt when you eat babe, because no offense, you're messier than Theo and Lux combined, and you know how bad that is,"  I laugh.

"Oh Theo, I miss my nephew so much,"  He says, a sad smile on his face.

"I know baby.  His birthday is in a few days, maybe you could skype Greg or Denise?"  I ask.

"Yeah but they're going to want to know when I'm coming home, and I don't really have an answer to that.  Mum is worried sick.  I told her that were taking a big expedition around the world to visit all the places we haven't been before, but she really doesn't approve of it."  He says.

"We all told our parents the same thing, nobodies parents really agreed with it,  but were all over eighteen, so they can't really stop us."  I say, throwing away the syrup covered paper towels.  

"Actually my mom didn't really mind."  Zayn says, stumbling down the stairs, shirtless.  All of his tattoos on display.  Out of all of the boys, Zayn's tattoo's were my favorite.  

"But your fiance did."  I point out.

"Yeah but she knows that I'm not really traveling the world.  She's just mad because the wedding was postponed.  I really don't see why it's a bad thing, I mean more time to plan and make sure everything is perfect right?"  He says, opening the refrigerator and drinking orange juice from the carton that said 'ZAYN' in very thick sharpie.  I cringed, as he drank.  Even though it was his personal gallon, it was still gross.  He grabbed his plate of waffles and sat on the other side of me.  My face still in a cringe.  

"Good morning Hannah,"  He said, kissing my cheek and smiling at me.  He knew how much I hated orange juice, and drinking out of gallons.  

"Fuck you, Zayn.  You're so gross,"  I say, wiping the germs of his kiss off of my cheek and rubbing them on Niall's arm.  

"I love you too Hannah,"  He laughed and took a bite.  

"I don't see how Perrie puts up with you."

"She loves me, that's how.  I'm practically your brother, learn to love me too and you'll be set."  

"Yeah, not happening."  I say, getting up to put mine, and Niall's empty plates in the sink, then checked the chore chart that Liam made for us.  Today Zayn was stuck with kitchen duties, so he got to wash them later.  

As I was pouring myself a glass of milk, three more people came down the steps.  Liam, shirtless and in a pair of basketball shorts.  Louis in a Rolling Stones shirt and sweatpants, and Nicolle in high waisted jeans and a crop top that says 'Louis is bae', which was a birthday gift to her from Louis.  

"Morning ladies,"  Liam says kissing Nicolle and I's cheeks.  

"Morning Li," we said simultaneously, then smiling at each other.

"Girls,"  Louis says, kissing our heads.

"Lou."  We say again, at the same time.

Niall looks up at his, his eyes in confusion.  And we just smile at him, he returns to playing on his phone.  

"What can we do today?"  Nicolle asks.

"Let's do something fun, it's our week in Paris,"  Liam said, finishing up his waffles.

"Oh yeah, it is, isn't it?"  Louis asked.

"Yep, were off to Rome next,"  Harry chimes in.

"We've been here for over a month, and I still haven't been to the Eiffel Tower..."  I said, giving Niall a pointed look.  

"So I guess I have to take you to the Eiffel Tower?"  He asks.

"If you want laid, yes.  I think you do."  I respond, making his, and everyone else's, eyes go wide.

"Hannah, if you could keep your sexual innuendos about my band members to a minimum, that would be lovely."  Harry said, sighing.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go get ready."  Niall said getting up.  

"Whipped."  Zayn muttered, and Niall slapped the back of his head.

"Says the one who's engaged."  Niall says, and continues to walk.  






"You can literally see all of France from up here,"  I say, squeezing Niall's hand.

"It really is beautiful isn't it?"  He says from behind me, resting his chin on top of my head.  I nod, making his head move.  He moves his head to my shoulder, turning slightly to kiss my cheek.  I giggled and pushed him away.

"What's wrong?"  He asks, a confusing smile playing on his lips.

"Your wig tickled my neck."  I said, lightly pulling on the faux black curls.

"Sorry, you know if we didn't have to wear these every time we went somewhere, that would be lovely."  He sighs, pulling me into his chest.

"I know, but it's the only sort of protection we have."  I say, breathing in his scent.  Peppermint and fresh linen.

"I love you."  He whispers, placing a tender kiss to my forehead.  I close my eyes, letting his lips linger on my skin, savoring the moment.

"I love you."  I reply, opening my eyes now and looking up.  He stares at me, in a way that can only be described as love.  I never thought that I would be the girl totally hung up on a guy.  I thought that I'd have a few casual relationships, but nothing as pure and true as what I have with Niall.  

He still looks at me, and I look at him.  

Soon enough, we're both leaning in.  My arms finding their home around his neck, his finding their home around my body, pulling me close.  Our lips touch, and in only a language we know, we tell each other just how much we love one another, again.  
























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