Halfbreed: Destiel's Daughter

Eleanor is no ordinary teenager. First, she's a Winchester, that should say it all. But there's so much more... She's been killing the supernatural her whole life, and by 17 years old, she thinks she knows everything, except, she still doesn't know that angels exist. Funny, considering that one of her fathers is Castiel, an angel of the Lord...


24. Winchesters

A/N: Hello! This will be the last chapter in the story, thank you soooooo very much for reading!! I hope that you liked it!

Eleanor's Pov.

When I woke there was nothing but silence. I didn't open my eyes, I didn't want to find that demon hovering over my body. I sat there for a few minutes, trying to go back to sleep. With sleep, came painlessness.

Then I heard someone's feet shuffle, and a low whisper. The whisper was in my Pa's voice! Suddenly everything that happened came flooding back. Dad, Pa, and Sam showing up to save me, the demon stabbing me, me... dying... I shot up in my bed, getting dizzy at the action but ignoring it. My family stood around me.

“Lay down sweetie.” Dad mumbled, placing a comforting hand on my shoulder. I obeyed. I didn't care that I was looking at their true forms. Dad no longer caused fear to strike through my heart. Pa was just Pa. They were my family, no matter what.

“How much of what happened do you remember?” Pa asked quietly.

“I remember everything, up to the point that I... died...” I answered, my voice was hoarse. It hurt to talk.

“You did... die, but it seems like you- you healed yourself. And you saved us.” Dad explained, smiles spread across Sam, Pa, and Dad's lips. I couldn't smile, I couldn't do anything really, I was too in shock. How could I possibly...?!

“That doesn't make any sense.” I finally spoke.

“You're right, but you've seen everything we've seen, you know that the supernatural likes to throw surprises around every turn.” Sam replied.

“I suppose... So if I can heal myself, can I heal other people too?” I asked, almost giddy with curiosity.

“You might even be able to bring things back from the dead.” Pa answered. I grinned, my family would always be safe with me. They wouldn't have to worry about me getting hurt, and I would be able to heal them, probably even if they were killed.

“Did you guys find Crowley?” I asked, my smile vanished.

“Yeah, he's downstairs. We didn't kill him, just in case you had a few words...” Sam elaborated. The room had become tense with my words.

“I do. Take me to him.” I demanded, jumping to my feet. I almost lost my balance, but Dad caught my elbow.

“Maybe you should wait.” He mumbled.

“No.” I replied. He sighed quietly, taking me by the arm to keep me steady, and leading me to where Crowley was trapped. Pa and Sam followed us. Fear almost drove me away, but I guess I was just too stubborn. I wouldn't let him win now that I was so close. It took Dad a minute to unlock the heavy metal door that stood between me and sweet revenge.

“Do you want us to come in with you?” Pa questioned. I shook my head, my mouth suddenly too dry to form words.

“We'll wait here.” He promised. I slipped in through the door into the horribly lit room, shutting it behind me.

“Is that really you, Love?” His voice purred from around a corner. I didn't answer, no words could express the hatred I felt toward him.

My feet carried me deeper, around a corner and into the room that he was chained up in. Crowley looked like Hell, which almost made me smile. Covered in dried blood, he sat at the metal table that looked like it belonged in an interrogation room.

"I was hoping it was you and not one of your idiot daddies, or your uncle for that matter. It's hard to make conversation with a moose." Crowley greeted me. Suddenly, instead of having no words, I had too many. Most were pretty unladylike, but I couldn't care less about being proper. 

“Are you disappointed?” I asked, leaning against the wall across from him.

“In general, yes, but you'll have to be more specific.” He replied.

“That I'm not dead.” I said, I sounded too calm.

“Honestly, no. I'm having fun with our game.” Crowley grinned. My stomach churned, this was entertaining to him. The pain he caused my family and I was for his amusement.

Game over Crowley. You lose.” I growled, barely audible. I wished he was scared of me, but even in chains he wasn't.

“Oh but my dear Eleanor, this is only the beginning.” He assured, and suddenly he was standing, unchained,

“You'd think your Uncle Sammy would've learned how to properly contain a demon by now.” My eyes had enough time to widen, and then I was being held against the wall by my throat.

“I can kill you.” I choked, placing a hand on him.

“And that's why you're still my favorite.” Crowley laughed, and then he was gone. I allowed myself to slide down the cold wall onto the concrete floor.

“God fucking dammit!” I whispered, holding back a scream. I sat by myself, without moving for a couple minutes, and then called for my family. They came rushing in, wearing masks of worry.

“Where'd he go?!” Dad exclaimed.

“He wasn't actually trapped.” I answered quietly.

“Did he hurt you??” Pa demanded. I shook my head, never again.

“Dammit.” Dad scowled at spot where the devil's trap was broken.

“It'll be fine Dean, we have the upper hand.” Uncle Sam smiled faintly, nudging my foot lightly with his. I couldn't help but grin.

We were gonna be okay. Because we're the Winchesters, and not even the King of Hell could change that.

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