Halfbreed: Destiel's Daughter

Eleanor is no ordinary teenager. First, she's a Winchester, that should say it all. But there's so much more... She's been killing the supernatural her whole life, and by 17 years old, she thinks she knows everything, except, she still doesn't know that angels exist. Funny, considering that one of her fathers is Castiel, an angel of the Lord...


2. The Fight

Eleanor's Pov

“Why not?! I'm practically an adult, I think I deserve to know!” I exclaimed. I felt tears begin to prickle behind my eyes at the sight of my fathers upset. Dad was on his feet, but Pa was still sitting on the motel room bed, his face unreadable. That meant he was upset. Dad wore his heart on his sleeve, I could watch every emotion run through his eyes- most of the time.

“We'll decide when you're ready. This type of behavior proves that you're not.” Pa said calmly. I hated it so much when he said things like that...

“It's my life!” I replied, about ready to punch a hole in the wall.

“Eleanor, Cas is right, you're acting like a child.” Dad said, his eyebrows were pushed together, and when he wasn't speaking his lips were pressed into a stubborn line. Neither of them were about to give in. I decided I might as well give them a little hell just for the fun of it.

“Me?! I'm being childish! Okay, I'm not the one who's practically been lying to their own daughter her whole life!” I scoffed, crossing my arms tightly over my chest.

“You don't understand, and you can't.” Dad growled.

“I've been through more than any other seventeen year old on the planet. I've killed vampires and memorized exorcisms, and you two think I can't handle something about me??” I was nearly screaming now.

Uncle Sammy knocked at the door, but we ignored him. He should have been used to our fights by now, I hadn't been getting along very well with my parents the past few months. I guess I was just going through that rebellious teenage stage in my life.

“God dammit Eleanor! You don't know the half of what we've seen! And I'd like to fucking keep it that way!” Dad exploded. My wall of anger faltered a bit, crumbling into piles of hurt. Neither of them swore or raised their voices at me often. I wasn't in kindergarten, I'd heard them swear plenty, just not at me.

“Dean.” Pa said softly, his face was no longer blank. It was caring and worried, his deep blue eyes moved from Dad to me. Back and forth.

Sometimes I wished I had eyes like Pa. They were such a pretty blue, almost inhuman... My eyes were almost the same shade as Dad's. A candy apple green. Funny since we shared no genetic material. Ironic, I guess...

My hair was dark, dark brown,- again ironically- the same as Pa's. I let my arms fall to my sides, no longer feeling the fiery attitude that only a few seconds ago filled me to the brim.

“El, I'm sorry. You have to understand, there are just some things we can't say yet.” Dad said, no longer angry. His mood shifted just as quickly as mine. Pa stood up, moving to embrace Dad softly around his waist. Dad laid a loving hand over Pa's, both resting on Dad's stomach.

“Okay. I'm going to bed. Night.” I muttered, leaving. This was the first year they let me rent my own room at the motels we stayed at. I blew past Sammy on my way to the room, which sat between my parent's and Uncle Sam's.

“Hey El, is everything-” He began, concerned. Before he could finish my door slammed, breaking off his words. I felt kinda bad about that, but I wasn't in the mood to apologize.

The tears I held back earlier fell down my cheeks as I tossed all my things into my duffle bag. We were investigating a vengeful spirit case, no biggie, they didn't need me. Once all my shit was shoved into my bag I just sat around, waiting...

I had a plan. I waited until around three in the morning. Not even Sammy stayed up that late. Dad will regret giving me a key to the Impala... I thought as I threw my bag into the back seat. He only gave me the key a few days before.

I winced as the sound of the engine echoed through the parking lot. The tires squealed slightly as I hurried to get out of there. I knew exactly where I was going, I didn't know what I was looking for, but I knew where it was.

Lawrence, Kansas.

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