Halfbreed: Destiel's Daughter

Eleanor is no ordinary teenager. First, she's a Winchester, that should say it all. But there's so much more... She's been killing the supernatural her whole life, and by 17 years old, she thinks she knows everything, except, she still doesn't know that angels exist. Funny, considering that one of her fathers is Castiel, an angel of the Lord...


8. Damn Kid

Dean's Pov.

As soon as I saw the look in my daughter's eyes I knew she was going to faint, so I was where I needed to be. I caught her, then sat down on the ground, laying her head in my lap. I brushed her dark hair from her beautiful face. It hadn't been cut in a long time, and reached to the small of her back. She complained about it often, but I loved it long.

I didn't try to stop myself, I let the tears flow. Castiel and Sam gave me a few minutes. I could hear them discussing what we'd have to do when she woke up in hushed voices behind me. Some of my tears fell and landed on her rosy cheeks, I wiped them away with delicate touches.

She saw me. She saw my true form. And she was scared. She was never supposed to see me that way, not in her entire life, but here we were. She knew who-knows-how much... So was I ashamed to cry? The demon of all demons bawling like a baby, isn't that at least a bit embarrassing? No. She was my daughter, my flesh and blood (more on that later). I loved her more than anything, and now she was scared of me. I'd calmed myself by the time Cas came over to kneel next to me.

“I can lock it up again, but I won't tamper with her memory. I've done that before, and I hate it. This time she knows more than she's ever known, I think we should just deal with it.” Castiel said, his face was only inches from mine.

Yes, we could see each other's true form, but we learned how to turn the x-ray vision off. At the moment I was staring into his blue, human-looking eyes. And honestly it didn't matter what version I was looking at, he was always my Cas, and I loved him. He felt the same about me. We excepted each other for everything we were. That's what true love is.

I nodded, in agreement to what he'd said. He reached down to our daughter, placing a gentle hand on her forehead. After a few moments he took it away again.

“She'll see our human forms, at least for now. It was harder this time...” Cas sighed heavily.

“Alright, let's get the Impala and locate the nearest motel.” I mumbled. Castiel and I both stood up, I carried El in my arms. Cas stretched up to kiss me softly, and I instantly felt my body relax a little.

“It'll be okay.” He promised.

“I hope so.” I replied. Sam was waiting in the passenger seat of the Impala, he'd never been demoted to the backseat. Cas preferred it back there anyway, with El most of the time. In the past year I'd let her drive a little bit. I'd never forget her face of delight the first time I let her drive it...

“Damn kid.” I smiled faintly as I got closer. The Impala was dark purple... Cas chuckled softly.

“Hey, none of us would have seen that coming.” He said, waving his hand in the direction of the purple Impala.

“You're right, I thought she was smart enough not to mess with my wheels.” I joked. Sammy and Cas both laughed, Sam had the windows rolled down so he could hear us.

“I like it, honestly. It's new, fresh...” Sam teased.

“Shut up.” I snorted, ruffling his hair through the passenger side window after I made sure Cas was settled in the back with El. Her head was resting on his lap, and I saw him doing the same thing I'd done: brushing her hair from her face so that he could admire what a beauty she'd really become...

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