Please Turn Over

Catching the eyes of a beautiful woman as he walked down the street will change his life.

The journey that he begins on that otherwise ordinary day might just change the lives of every man woman and child on the planet.


2. Red Car

What did that mean, how could he die today he was on his way home and wouldn't leave the house until the next morning, he was in pretty good health for someone his age.


That's when it occurred to him even if he was going to die today, how could anyone possibly know that ahead of time.


Nothing that had happened in the last half an hour made any sense to him.


He didn't know what to make of it, he had to hope it was an elaborate practical joke, but in his heart and if he thought about it, he knew that it couldn't be a joke no one he knew could or would pull this off.


Leaving him utterly clueless about who was behind it.


As he stared at it more words appeared, this time in the bottom right hand corner of the card.


Well, not so much as words this time just simply had the letters P full stop T full stop and O full stop.


What the... He thought. What is going on, what is happening, P full stop T full stop and O full stop, what does that even mean. I don't understand what is this he felt rooted to the spot in fear and confusion as he tried to work out what P T O meant.


Then it hit him, he knew exactly what the letters meant, how could he not have seen it right away.


"Oh, right, yeah, I know what it means I write it all the time when I get to the end of a hand written letter." P.T.O. It means Please Turn Over.


He did, Gary turned over the card and watched as more writing began to appear.


Waiting until the words had finished appearing before he read them Gary was a bit scared to read what it said, it had already predicted that he would die today, what else would it say, what else could it predict.


His brothers' death or his dad who was having treatment for cancer, his mum had died years ago, so at least she knew she was safe.


Gary stood there looking at the card in his hand without reading it, it scared him too much to even look closely at it.


After several minutes holding the card, but unwilling to look at it, he decided he had to, he had to know what it said now.


He got distracted by King the Terrier dog that belonged to the shop owner coming out to greet him as it usually did, although he was never entirely sure if was because King liked him or because he usually had a few left over french fries to give him.


He knew he spent much more time fussing over him since his own dog had passed away so it was a pleasant distraction of several minutes he spent stroking and talking to King before he remembered that card.


Gary stood up and looked at it again, then finally read what it said, relieved this time that it wasn't anywhere near as scary as the last message, it was however just as confusing.


Please take ten steps forward from where you are standing, he didn't get why it said that, but he did it partly just out of curiosity, partly scared of what might happen if he didn't.


As he was about to take the first step forward that message disappeared and was quickly replaced by another more urgent message.


Do it now Gary, take ten steps forward now or a red car will strike and kill you.


He was absolutely terrified and didn't just take the ten steps it told him too, he took off running and was quickly more than one hundred yards away from where he had stood. King obviously not having any idea why the man had run away just wandered back into the shop to take up his usual spot lying down on a blanket behind the counter.


Gary meanwhile though he felt as if an hour or longer had passed, had only been in this new spot for barely a minute when he turned around to look at the spot where he had stood, having no idea what he was expecting to see, would this red car appear or as he hoped would nothing happen. 


He got an answer less than a few minutes later when he heard the sound of a car engine approaching from behind where he was now standing, he looked on uneasily when as it got nearer to him he could see that the car was actually red.


In a matter of seconds his uneasiness turned into horror as a car being driven at a reasonable speed, probably just over the regulation 30 miles per hour limit for this stretch of road on this fairly quiet street suddenly swerved to the right.


It mounted the pavement and slammed into the wall of the building.


That's when he saw in his head a vision or whatever it was, but as clear as if he were watching a movie on a cinema screen. He saw what would have happened if he had not moved.


He saw himself back in the spot where he was kneeling down, stroking King, he saw himself stand up with a confused look on his face as King was the one who suddenly bolted and that in his vision was when he saw the car for the first time, only a split second before it hit him.


The impact of the front bumper hitting his legs knocked him completely off his feet, he landed hard on the bonnet of the car, his head struck the windscreen, hard enough to crack the glass before his body slid forward and fell off the side hitting the pavement landing on his side before the momentum stopped and he rolled on to his back.


Gary saw himself laying there his eyes wide open. His body jerked slightly for a few minutes before it stopped and a shocking cold feeling like a blast of freezing cold air, followed by a wave of nausea so strong Gary thought he was going to throw up as he realised that he had just seen himself die.


Shock struck him over what he had just seen and it was too much for him and he passed out collapsing to the ground in a heap.

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