Amy has been fostered since she was a baby. Except people have brought her back after a few days with her. She can't remember them because of blackouts she's been having. So what caused these blackouts? Why do they bring her back? Why is she having these blackouts?what happened during these blackouts?


1. 5 years ago

5 Years Ago

"Kathryn!!" The strange man in my dreams called. "KATHRYN!!!!" He called again. He was tall, had blonde hair, astonishing green eyes, but with a worried look on his face. "KATHRYN!!!! Answer me!!" He called out again.

Just then, a lithe women appeared, just around a corner, of what looked to be an abandoned house. She had brown hair, also with green eyes, her hair up in a bun, with a scared/horrified look on her face. "What?" She answered softly.

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