Imagine Ifs

These are some imagine ifs that my friend and I write for each other. They usually involve futbol players. I will add them as I rediscover them or we write more! Let us know what you think!!


8. The Gap Year Part 4

February, 2015

    “Bye.” Wojciech hugged her.

    “See you.” Eliza said. He got into his taxi that would be taking him to the airport. Eliza turned back around to face Ashley, Aaron, and Jack.

    “It sucks that he’s going to be gone for Valentine’s day.” Aaron commented. Ashley gave him a look, he just shrugged. It was Wojciech’s mothers birthday, and he couldn’t bare to miss it.

    They all got into Aaron’s car and they drove to Jacks. Jack was the only person that Eliza knew in London that didn’t live in a flat. He lived in an actual house that was not huge or flashy, it was cozy and perfect.

    “FIFA anyone?” Jack held up a controller. The rest of them took controllers. They played for about a half an hour until Ashley got up.

    “I need a drink, Eliza come with me.”

    Eliza was slightly confused, but she shrugged and got up anyway. “What’s up?” Eliza asked once they got into the kitchen.

    “Me and Aaron are leaving.”

    “What? Where?” Eliza asked.

    “Aaron’s sister is in London and he asked me to have dinner with her.” Ashley explained. “We’re coming back when it’s over.”

    It was then that Eliza realized what this meant. “You’re going to leave me alone with Jack?”

    Ashley nodded.

    “You are going to abandon me at his house.”

    Ashley nodded again, “You know Jack well enough to be alone with him…”

    “This is still really weird. We always have either Wojciech or you two with us.” Eliza told her.

    “You will get over it.” Ashley couldn’t help but smile.

    Eliza rolled her eyes, “I’ll try.”

    “I don’t really want to play FIFA anymore.” Eliza said, after Jack had beaten her for the third time in a row.

    “Poor sport are we?” Jack joked.

    “No, but I am pretty sick of losing.” Eliza laughed slightly.

    “What do you want to do then?” He asked.

    Eliza shrugged. “This is your house…”

    “Well I’m hungry so I’m going to get some Chinese delivered.” Jack told her. “I hope you like sesame chicken.”

    The food came a bit later and they turned on a movie. It was an English movie Eliza had never seen before, it was action packed and also had romance in it. It was a pretty good movie. During the movie, Eliza noticed Jack had gotten much closer to her. Their arms and legs practically touching.     

    She looked down at their arms, she felt like there was some sort of electricity pulsing through to each other. Eliza looked up to see Jack looking at her. Their eye connected for a moment until Jacks eyes went down to her mouth. He leaned in for a kiss and Eliza didn’t stop him until they heard the front door open. Before their lips touched both of them backed away from each other, realizing what almost just happened.

“Hey mate, how’s the sister?” Jack asked, his face a bit red.

“Fine…” Aaron gave them both an odd look. “Eliza, we’re actually going to go now so…”

“Oh okay.” Eliza got up and collected her things. “Thanks for the Chinese…” She muttered to Jack.

“Yep.” He said back, they didn’t look at each other.

Eliza went home and successfully avoided all of Ashley and Aaron’s questions on the way. “Goodnight!” She called as she shut the door of her room.

    She leaned against the back of her door. What the fuck just happened.


March, 2015

    Ashley walked into Eliza’s room. “Hey there…”

    “Hey…?” Eliza said back. “What’s up…?”

    Ashley smiled, “Aaron’s invited me to go to Wales with him…”

    “Really? That’s awesome!”

    “Yeah, but the thing is, he also invited Jack. And Woj. And he invited you.” Ashley finished.

    “WHAT!” Eliza smiled too. “Really?”

    Ashley nodded. “Just for a couple days.”

    “When do we leave?”

    “Tomorrow night we’ll take the train.”

    “Wow, you packed sort of a lot…” Aaron noticed Ashley’s large bag.

    “Aaron. I’m meeting your parents. I need a lot of stuff.” Ashley told him. He just shrugged.

    “So why couldn’t Woj come?” Jack asked the group.

    Eliza sort of shrugged, “I don’t know he was kinda vague about it…”

    “Whatever, the four of us will have a great time.” Aaron smiled.

    They boarded the train and they were off for Wales. It was only two hours, but the girls couldn’t sit still. They were far too excited, more excited than they were going to Marseille.

    They just walked around the cars and messed around on the train. “Guys… What are you doing?” Jack asked them as they passed for the third time.

    “We’re bored.” Eliza replied.

    He rolled his eyes and laughed. The girls continued to walk, when they got into the next car they noticed two girls staring at them. “Hi.” One of them said.

    “Hello…” Ashley waved a bit. They kept walking.

    “Wait!” The other girl said. They turned back around. “You guys are here with Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere…”

    “Uh… Yeah…”

    They laughed to themselves, but didn’t say anymore. Ashley and Eliza gave each other a look and headed back to the car with Aaron and Jack, they took their seats sitting across from them. “We’re ready to sit now.” Ashley informed them.

    “Aaron! Come here, so good to see you…” Aaron’s mom grabbed him and gave him a huge kiss on the cheek. “Come in, come in…”

    They all filed into Aaron’s parents house. “You must be Ashley.” His mom gushed. “How wonderful to meet you.”

    “You too.” Ashley smiled warmly.

    “You both know Jack.” Aaron smiled, “And this is Ashley’s friend Eliza.”

    “Any friend of Aaron’s is a friend of ours.” Mrs. Ramsey pulled both Eliza and Jack into a hug. “Now you all must be hungry.”

    “No mum, we ate before we left.” Aaron told her. “I’ll show them the rooms.”

    “Alright, alright.” She smiled.

    They all went upstairs. “I hope you two don’t mind sharing a room.” Aaron looked to Jack and Eliza.

    Eliza blushed, “That should be alright.” Jack nodded.

    Aaron showed them to the guest bedroom. It had a huge king size bed. “I can deal with this.” Jack said, bouncing onto it.

    “Good, because you’ll have to.”

    “Night guys.” Ashley said, joining Aaron in his room. The group couldn’t deny the desserts that Aaron’s mother had made, so they ate and talked and were finally going to bed.

    “I’m going to bed right away.” Eliza told Jack. She went into the attached bathroom and changed. After her he did the same, but came back out with no shirt on.

    Don’t stare Eliza. You can do this. Wow. Why is he so good looking. Ugh. He climbed into the other side of the bed.

    “Night then.” He said, turning off the light.

    “Night.” Eliza whispered.

    “I would look pretty nice.” Aaron told Ashley. They were in his room and she was deciding what to wear.

    “Why should I look nice?” Ashley asked.

    “It’s a surprise.” Aaron smiled.

    Ashley rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help her smile, “Fine…”

    “Are you guys ready yet?” Eliza called a bit later.

    (Ashley’s Outfit) (Eliza’s Outfit)

    “Yeah yeah yeah…” Ashley and Aaron came out of their room. They made their way downstairs.

    “Mum, can I borrow your car? Or dads?” Aaron asked, sounding like a teenager.

    “Of course dear, where are you headed?” She asked, handing him a set of keys.

    “To lunch.”

    “Alright, you all have a nice time.”

    “Who’s joining us?” Eliza asked Aaron after he told the person at the restaurant that they were still waiting for one more.

    “You’ll see.” Aaron told her.

    A few minutes later someone walked through the door. Aaron gave him a hug and Jack shook his hand while the girls stood there speechless, eyes wide open.

    “Gareth, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend Ashley, and her friend Eliza, also known as your biggest fans.” Aaron smiled.

    “Oh my God.” Ashley muttered shaking his hand.

    Eliza couldn’t make any sound as Gareth took her hand to shake it.

    They were shown to their table. They ordered drinks and they girls were finally able to get words out.

    “You are an amazing player.” Eliza told him.

    He smiled, “Thank you.”

    “I’m glad you left Tottenham because I hate them. But I always liked you.” Ashley said.

    He smiled again, “Yeah, I like playing for Madrid.”

    The girls were talking to Gareth about everything, basically ignoring the guys who brought them there. The food came and the girls and Gareth ate happily. The other two were somewhat sulking. Too quickly their lunch ended, but they made sure to get pictures and autographs from Gareth before he had to leave.

    “Wow, that was a lot less fun than I thought it was going to be…” Aaron said.

    “What? Why?” Eliza asked.

    “You guys definitely didn’t act like that when you met us…” Jack shrugged.

    “Oh my God you guys, are you jealous?” Ashley laughed.

    “Well you were paying him an awful lot of attention!” Aaron said.

    Ashley and Eliza laughed harder. “You guys are funny.”

    “You never stay long enough.” Mrs. Ramsey said as the group was about to leave.

    “Muuum… I’ll be back before you know it.” Aaron assured her. The rest of the group all got a hug. They went to the train station and headed back to London.


April, 2015

    Eliza was getting ready for the date that she was going to go on with Wojciech. He was supposed to pick her up from Olivier’s at 5. It was now 5:15.

    Eliza: Hey, where are you?

    She didn’t get a reply until 5:30

    Wojciech: A friends house, why?

    Eliza: We were supposed to go to dinner tonight…

    Wojciech: Oh yeah, I forgot. Maybe we can do it tomorrow? Or next weekend.

    Eliza: Ya.

    Eliza was fuming. Fuck him.

    She heard a knock on the door. She went to get it. “What?”

    “Err, hi.” Jack said.

    “Oh, hey there.” She relaxed a bit.

    “Tense?” Jack laughed slightly.

    Eliza rolled her eyes, “It’s Woj. I don’t really want to talk about it…”

    Jack nodded, “I’m actually here to see if you and Ashley wanted to go out to dinner.”

    “Well, Ashley’s out with Aaron, but as of a few minutes ago, I’m free.”

    He held out his arm, and she took it happily.

    The next morning Eliza woke up to Ashley and Olivier knocking on her door. “Look what was just delivered…” She pulled out a large bouquet of flowers from behind her back.

    “What are those for?” Eliza said, a bit groggy.

    “Read the card.” Olivier told her.

    Eliza got up and took the flowers. She took the card and read it.



        I’m sorry I missed our dinner yesterday. I want to make it up to you by taking you out to the best, most fancy dinner I possibly can tonight. Will you go with me?

        -Woj x


    Eliza remembered how angry she had been the night before. Jack had made her feel better, yet she was still angry that Woj had totally blown her off. But how could she be mad when this happened?

    She grabbed her phone and texted him that she would go.

    They arrived at the restaurant. It was the kind of place that dinner jackets and nice dresses were required. The valet took Wojciech’s car, they went inside and they were shown to their table.

    They looked at the menu and ordered drinks. She looked up to Wojciech, he was looking behind her. Eliza looked and saw the girl from the night of party, the first time she had met Woj.

    She saw the girl give a small wave to Wojciech. Eliza looked back at Woj and she saw he was blushing a little.

    What the fuck…

    Eliza tried to make small talk, but he seemed very distant. The whole night was not very pleasant. They ate their dinner in almost silence and then they drove home in the same way.

    “Bye.” She said.

    “Bye.” He replied.

    Eliza climbed up to the flat and walked in. Ashley, Aaron, and Jack were sitting on the sofa playing FIFA. “How was dinner?” Ashley asked.

    “It was good.” She lied, she would tell Ashley the truth later, but for now she just wanted to sit on the couch and play FIFA with them.

    “So really. How was dinner.” Ashley asked once more, when the boys had left.

    “Shitty.” Eliza said. “Woj was really weird.”

    “What about Jack?”



    “What about him?” Eliza was kinda confused. Did Jack say something about that night?
    Ashley shrugged and smiled. “I think he likes you.”

    “I thought you wanted me to be with Woj!” Eliza said.

    “Yeah, before I realized that he’s sorta a dick and Jack sorta isn’t… Just saying!” She walked to her room. “Goodnight!”

    Eliza laid down in her bed. Jack was attractive. And much nicer than Wojciech. She wished that Jack had kissed her that night. Ugh, what was she thinking! She was with Wojciech, not Jack.

    She put on some music to hopefully get rid of her thoughts.

    (X) Ugh of course this song came on. She would need to figure out what to do with this whole situation. But not tonight.


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