Imagine Ifs

These are some imagine ifs that my friend and I write for each other. They usually involve futbol players. I will add them as I rediscover them or we write more! Let us know what you think!!


4. Lucky Charms Part 4

You slide the dress over your head and take your time to get ready. Even though you spent much too much time just goofing around you found yourself sitting in your room waiting. When is he going to get here. You sat around a little bit more before becoming restless.

Right as you were about to burst from pent up energy there was a knocking at the door. Standing and smoothing your dress you walked to the door. Without looking you opened the door and found Aaron leaning against the door frame. He ran his hand through his hair and you felt your breath leave you.

"You look amazing" he smiled

"You do too" you whispered


"Nothing. Uhh thank you," your cheeks turn a bright pink as he motions you to follow him.

He loops arms with you and leads you out of the hotel.

You walked down the cobble street arm in arm as the sunset over the horizon. Occasionally people would look at you, but what was nice was not a lot of people recognized you, or at least they didn't care.

"Where are we going?" You asked


"You'll see!"


The streets grew darker and you curled into Aaron's arm. After a good distance of walking he stopped and turned down an alley. It was dark but as you approached the other side you saw lights and heard sweet music.


"We're here" Aaron whispered as he stopped in front of a hole in the wall restaurant. Twinkling lights hung from the banister above and it was the cutest thing you had ever seen.


"Wow" you whispered as Aaron pulled out your chair and you sat. The waitress approached you and took your order. The two of you talked, and like that time you went for a walk everything seemed to flow. You lost track of what you were talking about. Friendly banter, deep chats, anything that came to one of your minds. Somewhere during the talking and eating Aaron had leaned out and grabbed your hand. Electricity pulsed between you two, a never ending rhythm and your heart raced.


It seemed like minutes had passed when you looked around and realized how late it was.


"How long have we been here?"


Aaron looked down at his watch and laughed, "3 hours! What have we been doing?"


"Talking" you blushed. The check sat at the corner of the table and you wondered when it was put there.


"Well I don't really want to stop talking!" Aaron smiles, squeezing your hand a little.


"Me either"




"Let's go!" You jump up remembering a place that couldn’t be too far from where you were.  You grab Aaron’s hand and pull him out of his seat.


He allows you to lead him as you wander the lighted streets of Barcelona. You both laughed at the sights to see. Children playing games in the roads and, although it was late, women still peddling their small trinkets. There was a gentle hum in the streets, as the heat rose above the buildings, and the hustle and bustle of the city began to settle. Aaron pulled you in closer as you continued to walk.

Finally you approached the gates. Huge and iron wrought you smiled at the site of the park.

“Wow what is this place.” Aaron asked gapping at the sight.

“This is Parc de la Ciutadella” 

"It's amazing"

"I know I read about it once in a book and when I looked it up I instantly fell in love."

"I can see why"

You entered the park. Everything was lit and it almost seemed staged how perfect it all looked. Because of the time of night, there were very few people in the park, but everything still seemed so alive. You walked around the park hand in hand, some mindless chatter but most silence. That's what was nice about Ramsey, sometimes silence was enough. You looked down at your hands and then up at him with a smile. It's like we're a real couple. You thought happily, you looked back up at Aaron and saw he was smiling too.

"What you smiling at?" You asked jokingly pushing his shoulder a bit

"You." He laughed pushing you back

"Why?! Is there something on my face?" You pulled away laughing as you covered you face.

Aaron leaned forward and slowly pulled your hands down, "no I was just admiring how beautiful you are." Your cheeks blushed for real this time. Before you could say anything more he wrapped his hands around your waist and kissed you lightly on the lips. "Let's go on a boat ride," he whispered gently and you felt his breath against your lips.

You both walked over to the row boats you could rent and go out to the pond with. Aaron grabbed your hand and helped you climb into the boat before carefully climbing in himself. He rowed out to the middle of the pond.

"Let me help you!" you begged

"No you just sit there I got this"

"Where's my little umbrella? Come on Aaron this isn't 1901!"

"Oh be quiet! Look we're here." You looked around to see you were right in front of the fountain and you gasped at the beauty.

"This place is so amazing. I've never seen anything so beautiful"

"I have"

"Yah? What?"

"You." Aaron said calmly. You turned and looked at him. He was staring at you. There was a silence before his hand found your cheek and he pulled you in and kissed you.


You rolled over in your bed to the sun in your eyes. The house was beginning to stir, and you flopped out of bed. It had been about a month since Spain and since this whirlwind life had started. Along with you and Eliza a few people had moved into Podolski’s house. It had become sort of the roundabout place for everyone anyway, so a few just stayed permanently. It was easy living, Podolski allowed everyone to stay, the other boys cleaned the house in their chore chart, you cooked breakfast and made sure everything was set for the day, and Eliza shopped and set for dinner seeing she was never up for breakfast anyway.


Speaking of Eliza you looked over to her laying in the bed next to yours. She rolled over and then settled as you left. You glided down the stairs as you heard the voices get louder. They were all chipper. Recently their season had turned around and a few of the boys were antsy for the World Cup.

You were cooking and the boys gabbing when Jack burst through the door.

“Where’s Eliza?!” He said excitedly

“Sleeping” you turned confused, “you know that, why?”

Jack didn’t answer and ran up the stairs. The room was silent as everyone sat in confusion at Jack’s outburst.

The silence quickly burst by a loud yelp that had to have come from Jack. Podolski winced, “vell he tried tvo vake her up and scared her.” A mistake many had made.

Silence again, before Eliza screamed. It echoed through the halls as a loud shriek. Then the nose seemed to get closer as she bound down the stairs, jumped a chair, and pounced on you.

“JACK’S GOING TO THE WORLD CUP!!!!” She screamed again as she ran around you in circles. Jack walked down the stairs 2 at a time with a big smile on his face. The boys rose and congratulated him while Eliza bounced through the rooms. She rounded around the open corner and jumped on his back giving him a big kiss on the cheek.

“So when do you leave?” She asked a bit quieter.

“Just me? I don’t think so I can’t go without my good luck charms” Your heart leapt at the plural version of charms.

“You mean?”

“yup! 4 tickets booked already”

“4?” You questioned

“Well I figured you’d want to bring a… friend” Jack winked

“I wonder who she’s going to pick” Chamberlain rolled his eyes

“Oh shut up! Half you boys are going to be there anyway” You said as you rushed out the door. If you rushed you could see Aaron before he went to practice.

You ran up to his apartment with plenty of time to spare. You knocked anxiously and Aaron opened the door with a big smile on his face. “Ashley! What are you doing here?”

“We’re going to the World Cup!!!” You jumped hugging him tightly. Aaron laughed swirling you around.

“Figures that Jack told you. The plan was to tell you today after practice but he had to ruin the surprise”

You kissed Aaron on the cheek as he put you down, “Don’t be so sour! That boy can’t handle surprises and you know that very well.”

“Sooo we get to spend a month together in Brazil.” Aaron whispered in your ear, “Just us two. No football unless we want it.”

“Oh Aaron! You shush you have to go to practice. Now go go go!” You pushed him out the door and huffed at his implications.


“Do you think this is a good idea?” Aaron asked holding your hand

“What do you mean?”

Aaron didn’t respond but simply tugged on your shirt (

“Oh it’s fine! We’re fine”

“Ashley you two are probably the most competitive people I have ever met!” You looked ahead of you to Eliza and Jack. Her jersey ruffled in the breeze ( and you began to wonder if it would matter

“We will be fine. It’s bound to be a slaughterhouse and she knows that...even if France isn’t that strong of a team.”  Aaron sighed but let you be as you continued to approach the stadium. There was cheering from every crook and cranny. Chanting for this and that country and it was like even the walls were alive and singing.

The stadium erupted and your heart nearly popped. The players entered the field and you went through one by one everyone. Smiling as Giroud, Koscielny, and Sagna entered the field you cheered as loudly as you could.  

The game began and it went as expected. Eliza didn’t seem upset, just like you knew she wouldn’t. With that said. the boys kept you separated none the less. It was fine except for the times when you wanted to gossip but couldn’t around the boys.

During half time 2 girls popped up on the jumbotron, smiling and dancing to hold its attention. “Isn’t it strange to think that not to long ago that was you?” Aaron mumbled into your ear.

“We did not dance.”

Aaron laughed, “Fair play. I’d have to say that I did fall for your rosy cheeks.”

You blushed pushing him a little as you walked away. Aaron grabbed your arm and pulled you back. You whipped towards him so your faces were hardly inches apart. He kissed you softly on the forehead. “How about you visit me tonight?” You eyes grew wide at the offer and you peaked around his shoulder. Jack and Eliza were looking at you with suspicious eyes and you nodded to Aaron before pulling him close.


You knocked on Aaron’s door that night after sneaking away from Eliza.

“It’s open!” He yelled and your heart jumped with anticipation. You opened the door and the lights were dim. As your eyes adjusted you heard quiet music playing and your heart raced as you turned the corner of the room. A gasp escaped your lips as you saw everything before you.

It was so simple and yet so beautiful you could almost cry.

“Do you like it?” You heard a deep voice and you turned your eyes to the bed again. Ramsey laid there staring at you with such affection. You look him up and down and your skin went hot. Electricity usually started by touch went up and down your body.  

“It’s beautiful Aaron. I can’t believe you did all this.” you approached him lying there.

He stood and pulled you in kissing you softly. “I would do anything for you. All of this and so much more.”\

Your eyes watered and you kissed him back. “Today couldn't be more perfect.”

Aaron looked down at you with big brown eyes as he picked you up and carefully laid you down. There was silence and you just looked at each other.



“I love you.”



The end



So this is me, Eliza. What you'll notice is that my stories are a lot shorter then Ashley's. I'm a slow writer and am way to detailed while ashley is off the cusp so ya :)

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