Imagine Ifs

These are some imagine ifs that my friend and I write for each other. They usually involve futbol players. I will add them as I rediscover them or we write more! Let us know what you think!!


16. Believing In Magic Part 5

April 2021, London (ALSO I’M SOMEWHERE ELSE HA)

    “If they don’t win the game on Saturday, they’re out of the Champions League.” Ashley commented one night when her and Ashley were playing FIFA. Marcus jumped up onto the couch onto Eliza’s lap.

    “Don’t remind me…” Eliza said, petting his soft ears.

    “Err, also, I should tell you. You’re going to be alone this weekend…” Ashley said. “Shit!” Eliza just scored a goal.

    “HA! Why’s that?” Eliza said, continuing the conversation.

    “Ummm I’m sorta… Going… To Madrid…?” Ashley said, knowing what Eliza’s response was going to be.

    “WHAT!” Eliza paused the game. “You’re going to MADRID?”

    “Ehhh… Yeah… And I can’t bring anyone along this time…” Ashley tried to smile.

    “GOD DAMN YOU.” Eliza said, restarting the game. Ashley let out a sigh of relief.

    “Do you have everything?” Eliza asked. It was Friday morning, the next day the boys would play against Real Madrid for the Champions League.

    “Yes mom. I’m only going to be there two nights… I’m fine.” Ashley said, walking out the door. “BYE!”

    Eliza didn’t hear from Ashley until that night. It was a video. Eliza looked at the thumbnail. OH MY FUCKING GOD, NO SHE DIDN’T.

    “Hi Eliza! Ashley’s told me that you’re a fan and that you’re going to be watching the game tomorrow. I know you’ll be cheering for Arsenal, but I’ll try to score a goal for you!” Then the video ended.

    Gareth Bale. GARETH BALE. GARETH FUCKING BALE? She immediately dialed up Ashley.


    She could hear her friend laughing at the other end of the line. “Oh my God. I told you I was going to get you back for the video of Aaron!”

    “What! I thought you getting me back was when you texted Jack for the first time!” Eliza nearly shouted.

    “You thought that was me getting you back?? Yeah, right!” Ashley continued to laugh. “I can just see your face right now! Priceless!”

    “I hate you.” Eliza said, although she couldn’t keep back her smile.

    “Love you too! Okay, I gotta go! Have a lovely night!” Ashley said.

    “You too!” Eliza hung up the phone.

    Oh. My. God.

    Marcus tried to snuggle up to Jack. “Not now, Marcus.”

    “Jack… You can’t let this get you so down…” Eliza said.

    “It’s sorta hard not to. I haven’t exactly been top of my game, now have I.” Jack slumped down further into the couch.

    “You know you still have the Premier League, AND the FA Cup…” Eliza scratched Marcus.

    Jack shrugged, “I guess so… You know, you’re right. I can’t let this get me down.” Just at that moment Ashley and Aaron walked into the door with Indian take-away. “I’ve got amazing friends and a great team. We’ll get through this.”

    “Whatever he’s talking about, I second that.” Aaron chimed in with a smile.

May 2021, London

    The girls were sitting on their couch. Not exactly where they wanted to be sitting, but they didn’t come along with the boys to Norwich. It was the final game of the Premier League season, and the girls were really nervous.

    They knew that Arsenal wasn’t going to be first, which was sad as always, but they could at least try for third.

    The game started with a very uneventful first half. There wasn’t even a red card given. “This game is… bad.” Ashley shook her head.

    “Ugh, the standings don’t look very good.” Eliza said, she was checking the scores of the other games on her phone. “On the bright side, Chelsea got an own goal.”

    “Good. Pompous assholes.” Ashley shook her head.

    The second half began with Aaron scoring in the 53rd minute. “FINALLY!” Ashley shouted, “THAT’S MY BOY!”

    The game continued with Carl scoring at the 62nd minute. “CARL!” Eliza shouted.

    “Jenkinson’s first goal for Arsenal!” The commentator shouted.

    The girls were running around their living room. “CARL! YEAH!”

    The game ended with Arsenal winning, 2-0. The girls were happy, but they knew the boys would be disappointed getting fourth place, especially with the recent Champions League loss.

    The next day the boys were just how the girls predicted they would be, however, with a little pep talk, and other things (if you catch my drift) the boys were feeling like themselves again.

    “You have the FA Cup in a week. You are going to be great.” Eliza smiled at Jack.

    He shook his head with a half smile. “I really hope you’re right.” His smile faded. “I just feel bad for the boss. It’s been nine years. Nine! And you know, there’s been talk of replacing him… He really, really needs this.”

    Eliza could see the fiery passion in his eyes. She kissed him, “You’re going to be amazing.”

    (Ashley, Eliza)

    “This is it. Wembley stadium.” Ashley said. They entered the doors with the Arsenal team. Ashley got her interviews from the boys on how they were feeling and Eliza did all the physicals that needed to be done. They took their seats in the comfy chairs, and watched while the boys got ready. They game could not start soon enough.

    FINALLY, the game began. Within the first ten minutes Eliza and Ashley were on their feet, screaming indecently like the rest of the crowd.


    She and Ashley were frustrated beyond belief. However, eleven minutes later the girls were screaming for a different reason.


    “SANTI!!! YEAH!”

    The girls stayed on edge for the remainder of the first half. “We need to score and we need to score now.” Ashley shook her head.

    The first half passed without anything really happening. After halftime the game started back up again and at 60 minutes Hull got a yellow. Lukas Podolski was replaced with Sanogo and Hull put in some of their subs.

    Hull got another yellow at the 70th minute and one minute later it was,




    Giroud with a red card at 85, and then they were put into extra time. “They’re bringing Jack out!” Ashley said, shaking Eliza’s arm and pointing at the pitch.

    Jack turned around and spotted Eliza, he did his half smile with a nod and ran out onto the pitch.

    “Come on!” Eliza shouted.

    After another grueling 20 minutes something finally happened.

    “Giroud passes to Wilshere, and Wilshere right to RAMSEY!” The stadium exploded. Eliza thought she was going to go deaf with the amount of noise in her ears.

    “YEA!!!” Eliza couldn’t hear her own voice. She and Ashley were jumping up and down.

    After the extra time finished everyone stormed the pitch. Ashley raced up to Aaron who wrapped her up in the Welsh flag. Eliza was frantically looking for Jack when she bumped into the man she was looking for.

    “YOU DID IT!” Eliza smiled.

    He grabbed her, lifted her up, and spun her around. They were both laughing. He put her down and they embraced with a public display of affection. “I knew you could do it!”

    He laughed and nodded, “All I needed to do was believe in magic.”



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