Imagine Ifs

These are some imagine ifs that my friend and I write for each other. They usually involve futbol players. I will add them as I rediscover them or we write more! Let us know what you think!!


14. Believing In Magic Part 3

(Ashley, Eliza)

“Eliza. I look ridiculous.” Ashley said, doing a final look in the mirror.

    Eliza put her hands on her hips. "No more than usual."

     "Excuse me?" Ashley said, but they both laughed. After their laughter died down they heard a loud creak. They looked at each other quickly. "Did you invite Jack over?"

     Eliza shook her head. "I was just going to meet him a Wojciech's..." Eliza whispered.

      "Then who..." They heard another creak. Ashley's eyes widened, "Eliza... If you're pulling a prank on me it's not funny."

     "I'm just as freaked out as you!" Eliza said. There was a pause before Eliza said, "Should we check it out?"

     Ashley nodded and they walked out into the dim living room. It was already dark outside and they only had the lights on over their sink. They walked with each other to the kitchen.

     "Hello?" Ashley called.

     "WHAT THE FUCK! SHUT UP!" Eliza whispered, eyes widening.

     They were almost to the kitchen when the door to their balcony popped open and Jack jumped into the living room.

Srry u have 2 pretend he’s wearing clothes

     The girls both screamed at the top of their lungs. "JACK! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!"

     He was doubled over with laughter, not being able to breathe. "You... You should've... Seen your faces." Jack said, trying to catch his breath.

     "You can't just scare us like that!" Ashley said.

     "It's Halloween!" He laughed, then turned to Eliza, "Hello by the way," he kissed her forehead, "I decided I would pick you up instead of meeting you there."

     "How considerate." Eliza rolled her eyes. Her and Ashley grabbed their purses and left their building. They hopped into Jacks car and made their way to Wojciech's.

     "Happy Halloween everyone!" Wojciech said in his booming voice when the three of them arrived. "My my ladies don't you look ravishing."

     "Oi, mate find your own girl." Jack said.

     "And not this one, she's spoken for." Eliza said, grabbing Ashley's arm.

     "Ahh yeah? By who?" Wojciech raised his eyebrows.

     "No one." Ashley blushed.

     "YET!" Eliza smiled, dragging Ashley off into the party. "Okay now where is he..."

     Ashley felt a tap on her shoulder. She spun around, quickly to find Aaron standing there. “Hi!” He smiled, “Happy Halloween girls!”

“Thanks Aaron! Oh, I think I see Jack calling me, bye!” Eliza ditched Ashley and Aaron, and ran off to Jack, who definitely didn’t call her. Instead of going by Jack she wandered off into the direction of a different friend of hers.

“Hey Carl…” She sat by him.

“What do you want…” Carl said, he could tell by her tone that she wasn’t sitting by him just to chat.

“Well, I guess I’ll just cut right to it. I need your help.”

My help? Why?” Carl looked at her suspiciously.

“Well I need your help scaring Jack.”

“Ha. Alright, I’m listening.”

“Oi, mate.” Carl walked up to Jack.

“Hey, have you seen Eliza? I saw you talking to her earlier, but then I lost her.” Jack asked him.

Carl smirked, “She told me to tell you that she’s waiting in the guest bedroom for you.”

Jack nearly spit out his drink after hearing Carl. “Right, thanks mate.” Jack set down his glass, straightened his shirt, ruffled his hair a bit, and made his way towards the guest bedroom. He cracked open the door. “Eliza?” The room was completely dark. He turned on the lights and then Eliza jumped out from behind the door.

“FUCK!” Jack jumped. “Eliza! What the hell!”

“It’s Halloween!” Eliza said, mocking Jack from earlier.

“Carl told me you were waiting for me in here!”

“I was wasn’t I?” There was a pause. “Jack, you didn’t think we were going to do anything at Wojciech’s, did you?”

“Well… I guess you’re right. You got me.” Jack couldn’t help but smile. “That was pretty clever of you.”

Eliza shrugged and smiled, “Thanks.”

They walked out of the room and back into the living room. Ashley and Aaron walked up to them. “Hey, we’re going to Aaron’s. So… You’ll have the house to yourself tonight…”

“Ohhhkay…” Eliza said, winking. “Have fun, you two!” The couple left, both slightly red in the face from embarrassment.

“The house to ourselves!” Jack smiled.

Eliza grabbed his hand. “Let’s get out of here. Now.”


November 2020, London and SOMEWHERE ELSE!

    Eliza walked into the door from work. “Hey, I’m home!”

    “Hi!” Ashley was sitting on the couch playing FIFA. Eliza put her stuff down and went to change into comfortable clothes. She came back into the living room and sat on the couch next to Ashley.

    “BVB vs Arsenal? Getting excited for this weekend?” Eliza asked. That Saturday was a Champions League game.

    “Yeah, you could say that… Do you get to go with the team? To Germany?” Ashley asked.

    “Ha. I wish.” Eliza grabbed a controller.

    “Yeah… That would be amazing, wouldn’t it.” Ashley shrugged. She pulled an envelope from her back pocket and threw it onto the coffee table.

    “What’s that?” Eliza asked, curiously.

    “I don’t know…” Ashley shrugged, a slight smile playing at her lips. “Why don’t you open it to find out.”

    Eliza grabbed the envelope and opened it. “What… Oh my… OH MY GOD!” Eliza’s eyes widened. She found two plane tickets from London and Dortmund. There was also a receipt for a hotel room. “We’re going to Germany!”

    Ashley nodded, “It’s my first big assignment. We’re going to Germany.”

    They boarded the plane. The boys got to sit in first class while the two of them sat in economy. They didn’t mind though, it was fun just sitting for two hours together talking.

They got off the plane. Mertesacker and Gnarby had wide smiles on their faces finally being in their home country. Podolski and Ozil were giggling like little girls. They left the airport and Ashley and Eliza were ecstatic to be in a new country.

“You girls like it?” Lukas smiled. “You will be able to meet Louis.”

“Your son!?” Eliza smiled, he nodded. The two girls giggled.

They arrived at their hotel and the girls found their room. They put all their stuff in the rooms and they decided to go out for a team dinner before going to bed. They all had a big day that next day.

    (Ashley, Eliza)

“Eliza, get up.” Ashley said.

“...what time is it…” Eliza said, groggily.

“It’s not even that early. It’s 8 o’clock and I need to get to work.” Ashley said, shaking Eliza slightly.

“But you have to go to work… Not me…” Eliza rolled over.

“You don’t want to meet Reus?”

Eliza shot up, “I’m coming.”

“Where is he?” Eliza asked, looking around. They were at Westfalenstadion, Borussia Dortmund’s stadium.

“How should I know!” Ashley said, although she was looking just as hard as Eliza.

“You have to interview the team!” Eliza said.

Ashley nodded, “I know, I know. We’ll find them.” The two of them walked to the pitch and found the Dortmund boys warming up. They rushed over to them.

Marco Reus spotted them and walked over. “Hallo! Was kann ich für Sie tun?”

The girls looked at each other, slightly stunned. “Errr…”

At that moment they were saved by Lukas. “Das sind meine amerikanischen Freunde, Ashley und Eliza. Ashley ist hier, um Sie zu interviewen.”

“Ohhh! Hello! Ich muss mich entschuldigen, ich weiß nicht viel Englisch.” Marco smiled apologetically.


“He doesn’t know much English.” Lukas told them.

“Would you have time to translate?” Ashley asked him, hopefully.

Lukas looked at his watch. He shrugged, “Why not. The boss will understand.”

“Thank you Lukas!” Eliza smiled.

They began the interview. Ashley asked him about how he hoped the game would go today, his recent success at Dortmund, and how he was feeling about his best friend Mario Gotze moving over to Bayern.

my edit ^^

The interview came to a close sadly. However before the girls left, Marco looked like he was thinking very hard. “You girls… are… umm very… eh.. beautiful?” He said it almost as a question, hoping he got the last word correct. He smiled widely and ran a hand through his light blond hair.

The two girls blushed furiously. “Thank you!” Eliza replied. They both went in for a hug.

“Thank you.” Marco smiled.

The three went back to Arsenal. “Where have you been?” Mesut asked Lukas.

“I was helping them translate. They were getting an interview from Reus.” Lukas told him.

    “Alright, but you need to start training…” Mesut warned, looking at Wenger.

    “I’m going, I’m going…”

    After the interview, the girls left to explore Dortmund. They didn’t come back until it was time for the game. They went to their seats near the pitch (in the comfortable seats) and watched the game.

    In the 22nd minute, Reus scored. Ashley and Eliza both screamed for him. “GO MARCO!”

    Everyone around them looked at them angrily. “Maybe we shouldn’t show that much love for Dortmund.” Ashley said, sinking back into her seat.

    “I think you’re probably right.” Eliza said, mimicking Ashley’s actions.

    The game ended with a score of 2-1, Wilshere and Giroud scoring in the second half. They all went back to the hotel, ecstatic.

    Ashley was sitting in her room at about 10:30, wondering where Eliza had gone. She heard a knock on her door and went to answer it, finding Aaron standing there.

    “Oh, hey.” Ashley smiled, relaxing.

    “Can I stay in here tonight…? Eliza sorta kicked me out of my room, to be with Jack.” Aaron blushed.

    Ashley grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside.


December 2020, London and SOMEWHERE ELSE!


    It was December 20th. The past month had been great. Arsenal won 3 of the 4 games that they played and Ashley and Eliza’s relationships with the boys had only grown stronger.

    Ashley, Eliza, Jack, and Aaron were out at dinner, and had just finished, when Aaron pulled an envelope out of his back pocket. He handed it to Ashley, “Happy birthday.”

    “My birthday’s not for a few days, and besides, I told you not to get me anything.” Ashley looked at him, somewhat sternly.

    “Come on, it’s just a card.” He pushed the envelope towards her.

    Ashley and Eliza looked at each other, both remembering a situation with an envelope that they had about a month earlier. They looked back at the boys to see slightly mischievous looks on their faces.

    “What…” Eliza said, suspiciously.

    “Just open the envelope!”

    Ashley ripped open the envelope. Inside was four plane tickets. Ashley looked at them closely. “London Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle? WE’RE GOING TO PARIS!? ALL FOUR OF US!?” Ashley exclaimed.

    “What!?” Eliza snatched the tickets from Ashley’s grasp to read them for herself. “Oh my God you guys!”

    “We wanted to spend your birthday, my birthday, and Christmas somewhere nice.” Aaron said.

    “Nice? You thought Paris would just be nice?” Eliza said, then she turned to Jack, “You knew about this?”

    He nodded, “It was really hard keeping it from you.”

    “When do we leave?” Ashley asked.

    “We leave on the 22nd and come back the 27th.”

    “Oh my God, I just want to leave now.”

(Ashley, Eliza) ur outfit is so fecking cute here ugh  


    They stood at the end of the Champs-Elysées. They saw the Arc du Triomphe at the end of the tree lined street.

    “Let’s go shopping.” Jack said, beginning to walk.

    “Shopping?” Eliza looked at him. “I don’t really have that kind of money with me…” Ashley nodded in agreement.

    Aaron started after Jack. “You forget we’re professional footballers.”

    The girls looked at each other, but couldn’t form words. They smiled and jumped around like children and followed after the two boys.

    “Anything you want, please don’t hesitate.” Jack whispered to Eliza. She smiled and nodded, although she knew that she wasn’t going to even consider anything at the really expensive stores.

    They walked down the main stretch of the Champs-Elysées, stopping in stores, and having a good time- even the boys were having fun after each buying themselves a new watch. They got to the end of the road with arms full of bags.     

    They hailed a cab and stuffed everything into the trunk. They gave them the address of the hotel and they were off.

    “That had to be the best birthday ever.” Ashley smiled at Aaron.

    “It wasn’t even my birthday!” Eliza laughed. “Thanks again. So much.”

    It was Christmas and the four of them were sitting in Eliza and Jack’s room in their Hotel, presents in hand. The boys handed their presents to the girls. They opened them and found jerseys with the names Ramsey and Wilshere on them (ik tht was what we got in the last one, shut up.) The girls laughed, but were actually very happy about the presents since neither of them had a jersey with their names on it.

    The girls handed the boys their presents. Ashley got Aaron the new FIFA 2021 game and Eliza got Jack a new pair of Beats with the Arsenal cannon on the earpiece.

    “These are amazing!” Jack hugged Eliza tight. “Thank you!”

    That night they went out to dinner and admired the twinkling Christmas lights that made the City of Lights even brighter.

    (Ashley, Eliza)

On Aaron’s birthday the group decided that they would go out clubbing and have a really fun time. They were let in quickly for looking hella cute.

They all went to find a couch to sit on. Eliza and Ashley volunteered to go and get the group drinks.

“Surprise me!” Jack smiled.

They walked up to the bar.

“Que puis-je faire pour vous, mesdames?” The bartender asked, leaning on the bar with a smile.

“Ehhh, qu'est-ce que le meilleur chose que vous avez?” Ashley asked.

“I could help recommend something…” They heard a voice with a heavy accent behind them.

The girls turned around, “Olivier! What are you doing here?” Eliza asked.

“I am in Paris with Jennifer.” Olivier smiled. “And we happened to come to this club.”

Quelle coïncidence!” Ashley laughed, “So, what can you recommend for us? We have Aaron and Jack waiting.”

Olivier thought for a moment, “It’s Aaron’s birthday, no? Why not shots?”

“Shots…?” Eliza looked to Ashley.

“I mean, it’s alright with me! Get whatever you think is best!” Ashley nodded. Olivier told them to go back to the couch. Soon, Olivier joined them with Jennifer and a little tray of shot glasses.

They all looked at each other while grabbing the little glasses. “Ready?” Olivier asked. They all nodded and drank.

“Woooooh!” Ashley said, putting her glass down.

“That burns.” Jack coughed slightly.

A moment later a cocktail waitress approached with a tray of the same drinks. “Another?” Aaron looked at Olivier.

“For the birthday boy!” Olivier smiled.

“I guess…” Aaron smiled.

After their fourth shot everyone was very tipsy. “Let’s go DANCE!” Aaron nearly shouted. “Come on!” He stood up and grabbed Ashley’s hand. Ashley grabbed Eliza who grabbed Jack and they all made their way onto the dance floor.

After dancing for what seemed like forever they went back to the table and had another shot. Now everyone was drunk and dancing.

“This is so fun!” Jack started to get riled. He ripped his shirt off.

Portez-vous votre chemise!” They heard a shout from somewhere.

“Jack, I think they’re mad at you!” Eliza said.

“WHAT! NO!” Jack continued to dance, making a huge ruckus on the dance floor.

Il est ivre!”

“Jeter-les dehors!”

“Partez-vous! Maintenant!” A man came up and grabbed Jack, forcing him to leave.

“Hey!” Eliza shouted. She, Ashley, and Aaron all followed, going all the way out the door.

Jack stumbled out onto the sidewalk. “Fuck off!” He shouted at the building. “I’m sorry for ruining your birthday, mate.”

Aaron looked at him. Eliza thought that Aaron might puch Jack right in the face. “Are you kidding, mate? That was hilarious!” He clapped Jack on the shoulder and began to laugh. Jack looked relieved and began to laugh too. Ashley and Eliza looked at each other like they were crazy.

“Alright, let’s go back to the hotel.” Jack pulled his shirt back on, zipped up his jacket, and grabbed Eliza’s hand. Ashley and Aaron followed suit.
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