Imagine Ifs

These are some imagine ifs that my friend and I write for each other. They usually involve futbol players. I will add them as I rediscover them or we write more! Let us know what you think!!


13. Believing In Magic Part 2

September 2020, London


    Ashley came home from work very giddy. “How was it?” Eliza asked.

    “Well there are seven new workers and we all got assigned to a different football clubs in London that we are going to be working with… And I got Arsenal! So you’ll be seeing a lot more of me…” Ashley smiled.   

    “That’s awesome!”

    “ANYWAY… Have you texted Jack yet?” Ashley asked. Eliza shook her head guiltily. “It’s been a week! You’ve seen him at work! He probably thinks you hate him!”

    “It’s the opposite though! I’m just too nervous to actually text him!” Eliza said.

    “Fine.” Ashley snatched Eliza’s phone before Eliza knew it and ran to her room, locking the door behind her.

    Eliza had no clue what had just happened, but was soon banging on her door. “ASHLEY! HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”

    “Oh nothing!” Was Ashley’s reply.

    Eliza decided to stop banging on the door and she sat down with her back resting on it. A few minutes later, Ashley stuck Eliza’s phone through the bottom of the door. Eliza immediately snatched it up and looked at her messages.

Eliza: Hey, Jack! Sorry I never texted you.

Jack: No worry, I thought you didn’t like me haha x

Eliza: Never! I was wondering if you would want to do something tomorrow, maybe go out to lunch or something.

Jack: Yeah I’d love to! xx

Eliza: Great! Just tell me where and when *smiling emoji*

    “For some reason I’m actually not mad at you. Or maybe I am, but I’m just too excited for the fact that I’m going to be spending lunch with Jack Wilshere tomorrow.” Eliza said.

    Ashley opened the door. “Good.”


    “Are you sure I look okay?” Eliza said, looking in the mirror.

    “Eliza. I dressed you. How do you think you look.” Ashley said, standing behind her.

    Eliza smiled, “You’re right.”

    “It’s going to be amazing. Now, you’re going out with a footballer who doesn’t only play for your favorite club, but also the English national team. He’s really hot, and an amazing footballer.”

    “Is this supposed to be a pep talk? Because this is not helping me whatsoever.”

    Ashley shrugged, “Be yourself. He’ll absolutely love you.”

    “That’s better.” Eliza said. She grabbed her bag and headed towards the door.

    “Go get ‘em tiger!” Ashley called, sitting on the couch and bringing out a controller to play FIFA.

    Eliza went outside, it was partly cloudy and pretty cool. She was glad that Ashley had chosen the sweater instead of the short sleeve shirt Eliza had picked out. She went to the tram and made her way to downtown London where Jack said to meet her. She got off at her stop and walked to the little cafe which Jack was meeting her at.

    She walked up and immediately spotted him. There was a group of young guys a little younger than her surrounding him asking for autographs. He was signing them with a straight face; however, when he saw her his face lit up with a smile. She approached the group.

    “Oi, lads. Enough’s enough I’m trying to have lunch here.” Jack said. The guys looked her way, and smiled.

    “Sure sure, thanks man.” One said to Jack. They all dispersed and allowed for Eliza to sit down at the outdoor table opposite to Jack.

    “I’m glad you texted me… I was scared I’d made an ass of myself giving you my number.” Jack blushed.

    Eliza smiled, “You can thank my friend Ashley for that. She stole my phone and texted you… I had been to scared.”

    “Well let her know I say thanks then.” He laughed. “So, how do you like working at the Emirates?”

    The two of them talked about Eliza’s new job and the transition from living in America to England. They talked about Jack and his football career and his friends on the team.

    Soon, the sun was setting. “How long have we been sitting here?” Eliza asked, noticing that the light was dimming.

    Jack checked his phone, “Woah, it’s already 5:30.”

    Eliza’s eyes widened. “Wow, time really does fly when you’re having fun.”

    At Eliza’s words Jack smiled shyly, showing his dimples. Eliza blushed. “Although I’m having a wonderful time, I think I’d better go home.”

    “I had a wonderful time. I really hope we do it again.” Eliza said.

    “Absolutely. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jack said, getting up and the two of them hugged briefly.

    They both went opposite ways. Eliza’s whole body was tingling. I just went on a date with Jack Wilshere.



    Eliza was walking through the Emirates that Monday morning, when she heard someone behind her.

    “ELIZA!” She turned around and saw Ashley running towards her.

    “Hey!” Eliza smiled. “How’s your first day at the Emirates?”

    “Good, except I haven’t gotten to see the guys yet…” Ashley said. “But I’m supposed to get an interview with Giroud and Ramsey after they’re done training.”

    “Ooooo… Ramsey…” Eliza waggled her eyebrows.

    “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Ashley joked.

    “Yeah well you’re going to have to be there too if you’re going to get an interview…” Eliza said. They headed towards the pitch, where the boys were practicing.

    “How long does this usually take?” Ashley asked.

    Eliza looked at her watch. “It should only be another 10 minutes.” Jack saw her and Ashley talking and waved. After they were done he came over.

    “Hi! Who’s this?” He asked.

    “This is my friend Ashley, she’s here to interview Ramsey and Giroud.” Eliza explained.

    “Ahhh, you’re the one who texted me! Thanks for that!” He said with a smile.

    “Yep, that’s me!” Ashley smiled, “But I have to go!” She took off in the direction of the boys coming off the pitch. She reached Giroud and asked him a few questions about the first match and how it felt to score the first goal of the season. They talked a bit, and Ashley felt like she was sweating the whole time because she was so nervous. “Thank you for your time!”

“Of course.” He smiled with a wink.

She went and found Ramsey. “Hi!” She said, slightly breathless.

“Hello there!” He smiled.

Oh my God. Ughhh. “I errr… Have a few questions for you.” Ashley stuttered. Just then, Ashley felt to hands on her shoulders.

“I see you’ve met Aaron.” She heard Eliza’s voice. “Aaron, this is my friend, Ashley.”

“Ahhhh… You’re the one I made that video for…” Aaron smiled slyly.

Ashley’s face burned. “Yep… That’s me.” Ashley turned around to see Eliza, Jack, Wojciech, and Carl. “Thanks.” Ashley gave Eliza a look.

She shrugged. “No problem.” They little group began to walk away.

“Eliza didn’t tell me I had such a pretty fan.” Aaron said. Ashley glanced towards Eliza who was definitely still in earshot.

“Err… Thanks.” Ashley said awkwardly.

“So, what do you have to ask me?” He smiled.

The two of them began talking about the first game of the season. A little while later the interview was coming to an end even though Ashley didn’t want it to. They both were about to separate when Ashley suddenly stopped.

“Aaron? Umm… Would you want to have dinner? At my house? Tomorrow?” Ashley asked. OH MY GOD WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE WANT TO COME TO YOUR HOUSE?

He smiled, “That would be nice…”

“Great!” Ashley said. “Good! Okay! Can I have your number so I can text you the address?”

He reddened. “Sure.” He took the phone from her and typed in his number. “Just let me know when!”

“Sure!” Ashley said weakly.

Ashley found Eliza and they made their way out together. They began walking home. “So… Guess what!” Ashley smiled. “I invited Aaron to our house for dinner tomorrow!”

“What? I invited Jack over for dinner tomorrow!” Eliza looked to her.

“What! But… I mean…” Ashley thought, “I mean we could have both of them over… That should be fine.”


(Ashley, Eliza)

“They should be here!” Ashley said, looking at her watch for the millionth time.

“Settle down! They’ll come!” Eliza said, although she was slightly worried herself. They were 15 minutes late. Finally, they heard the doorbell. They both ran to the door and opened it up. The two young men stood there.

“Sorry we’re late! We went to the wrong house and they didn’t know which one was yours.” Jack said.

“But we’re here now!” Aaron smiled.

“Right! Come in!” Eliza beckoned them inside.

“Aww this place is so cute.” Jack said taking in the little flat.

“Oh, yeah we brought this.” Aaron held out a fancy bottle of wine. “A housewarming gift.”

“That’s so sweet!” Ashley said, taking it from him. He blushed. “Thank you guys!”

“Yeah that was all Aaron, I’m not a very good guest.” Jack said.

“You’re a wonderful guest.” Eliza smiled, getting four wine glasses. They all decided to go out on the balcony to enjoy the last warm weather that they would have for a few months.

They each had a glass of wine, talking, until they were ready for dinner. They all sat at the little kitchen table while the girls served up the pasta that they made.

A few bites into the meal and the boys seemed really satisfied. “Oh my God this is so good.” Jack smiled.

“Yeah, you guys can really cook.”

“Thanks!” They replied.

They continued eating until the food was gone. They went into the living room, they had been drinking wine through dinner and were now a little tipsy. “FIFA!” Aaron said, a childish smile on his face. “I wanna play!”

The group sat on the floor playing FIFA. About twenty minutes into the game Aaron and Ashley noticed that they were winning and their opponents weren’t doing anything.

“Ja-”Aaron looked over to Jack, but starting laughing. “GUYS!” He let out a boyish giggle.

Ashley looked around Aaron to see Jack and Eliza making out. “HEY!” The two were surprised and separated. “Go to your room! You’re drunk!”

You’re drunk!” Eliza laughed.

“That is true…” Ashley nodded.

“Come on Jack, I can tell when we’re not wanted.” Eliza and Jack got up and made their way to Eliza’s room. “Bye you guys!”

They shut the door. Ashley and Aaron looked at each other. “Oh my gosh.” Ashley giggled. “Eliza’s getting D.”

They both sat there laughing like little children, completely drunk. “Shh shhh ahaha shhh, quiet, come here.” Aaron got up and walked over to Eliza’s room, Ashley following behind.

He put his ear up to the door. “That’s weird.” He said.

“Wha?” Ashley looked at him. Aaron didn’t answer as he opened the door. They saw the two of them, still completely dressed sleeping on Eliza’s bed.

Aaron and Ashley fell into another fit of giggles.


October 2020, London

    Jack: What are you doing today?

    Eliza: Ashley and I are going to the pet store.

    Jack: Pet store? Why?

    Eliza: You’ll see.

    Ashley and Eliza had decided that it was time in their relationship that they got a dog. They went to a local pet store and looked around. They didn’t see any dog that was right for them. They went to another one and again, the same story. They went to two others, still, nothing.

    “Maybe we should give up.”

    “Just one last one.” Eliza said.

    They walked into the last pet store and finally, finally found the perfect pup for them.

    “He’s perfect!” Ashley squealed.

    “Oh my God. I love him.”

    “Welcome the the family, Marcus Aurelius.” Ashley kissed him on the head.

“OH MY GOD!” Jack smiled when he came over. He and Eliza had gotten closer and were now ‘official’ according to the tabloids. “I’ve always wanted a puppy!”

“He’s not yours…” Ashley stole him back from Jack.

“I wanna play with him.” Jack took him back. He started playing tug-of-war with Marcus.

“That should keep him preoccupied for a while.” Eliza said.

“Which one?” Ashley teased. Eliza rolled her eyes. Ashley felt her phone buzz.

Aaron: Going out with the boys tonight, u and Eliza wanna come? xx

Ashley: Sure

“Jack, we’re going to get ready.” Eliza said.

“Where are you going?” Jack asked.

“Aaron wants to go out.”

“Okay!” Jack said excitedly.

(Ashley, Eliza)   

    “Come on Jack!” Eliza called, standing by the front door. “Leave Marcus alone!”

    “Fine fine…” Jack said, going to the door with them. They walked out and saw Aaron’s car waiting for them at the curb. They got in and saw Carl sitting up front.

    “Oi, mate, you stink.” Carl said.

    “There’s cologne in the glovebox.” Aaron said. Carl gave it to Jack and he spritzed himself.

    “So, where are we going?”

    “Its called Miabella.” Aaron answered.

    “Oooo Miabella…” Eliza waggled her eyebrows, “Sounds fancy.”

    The boys laughed. “Yeah well they only let the best looking people in, so we’re lucky we have you guys along with us.” Carl said.

    “Aww Carl.” Ashley put her heart to her chest.

    “Oi mate, cut it out.” Aaron reached over and hit Carl. Carl just laughed and shrugged. They pulled up to a chic looking building and the valet took Aaron’s car. They stood by the front and were quickly granted access, probably because the bouncer saw Aaron's car.

     The lights were low and everyone looked very posh. The boys were dressed in crisp button ups and dark pants. They looked around for a little bit, until they found the boys there were meeting up with. Wojciech, Kieran, and Alex. They were sitting at a round couch. The rest of the group joined them on the plush couch.

     "This looks weird." Eliza said, noticing that there were 6 guys and 2 girls.

     "Well we actually need your help." Alex smiled sheepishly.

    The two girls looked at each other. "...with what?" Ashley asked, skeptically.

     "Well, you could help us pick up girls." Kieran said.

     "WHAT!?" The girls exclaimed at the same time.

     "You didn't say you were here to pick up girls!" Ashley said, looking to Aaron.

    He put his hands up, guiltily. "I'm not here to pick up girls! They are!" He gestured to the rest of the boys, except Jack.

     "Don't you think you could pick up girls yourselves? You're footballers for one of the biggest clubs in London for heavens sakes!" Eliza said.

     "You should hear the chat up lines they use. It's ridiculous." Jack laughed.

     "Oi, mate. You've used the same ones as us." Carl said.

     "Not on me." Eliza shrugged.

     "Yeah still not sure how you managed that one." Wojciech winked at Eliza.

     "Piss off." Jack shook his head, smiling.

     "Back to the problem at hand..." Kieran said.

     "How the hell do you expect us to help you pick up girls for you!" Ashley asked.

     "Just figure it out! Okay take that bird at the bar." Alex gestured to a young woman sitting with her friends.

     "Yeah she's fit." Carl nodded.

     "Just go and I don't know! Talk to her!" Kieran egged them on.

    "Fine! Just shut up we're going!" Eliza said, standing up with Ashley right behind her. They walked up to the bar to get drinks.

     It wasn't long before the girls looked to them. "Not to be creepy... But are you Jack Wilshere's girlfriend?" One asked.

    Ashley and Eliza looked at each other. "Yeah I am." Eliza smiled. "Actually, he's here right now with some other footballers from Arsenal."

     The girls looked at each other. "Really?!" One said, excitedly. "Who?"

     "Jenkinson, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Gibbs, and Szczesny." Ashley answered. "Would you want to meet them?"

     "Would we!?" A third one exclaimed.

    "Yes!" The last one said.

    “Well good!” Ashley and Eliza got their drinks and they showed the group of four girls to the boys on the couch.

    “Hi!” One of them squealed.

    Eliza: You soooo owe us.

    Alex: Alright alright xx


    Wojciech: Party tonight! BE THERE. x

    Ashley and Eliza both got the same text message on their phones on the morning of October 31st.

    “Finally. I feel like we really need to go to a good ol’ fashioned party.” Eliza said, reading the text excitedly.

    “No, you know what this means? We get to go shopping.”

    “Fine. Only if I get to dress you.” Eliza smiled.

    “Why!” Ashley slightly pouted.

    Eliza shrugged with a giggle. “Because! I wanna dress you up for Aaron…”

    Ashley very dramatically rolled her eyes, “Right. Thanks. Another reminder that we aren’t together yet.”

    “This is the night! And it will only be that way because of me!” Eliza said, chin up.

    “Yeah well, we’ll see about that.” Ashley laughed.



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