Clara Monroe died April 15, 2005. Afterwards she became a guardian and watched over the hunter, Dean Winchester, a man constantly haunted by dark memories and regretful past. When she falls for him, she must decide between staying in heaven, or sharing the same hellish fate as him.


3. The Right Hand Man of Hell

"What do you need to help us with then? I pretty sure we're doing absolutely fine on our own," Dean said to me. He was on the other side of the room again, pacing back and forth.

"You're not ready for this. Without my help you, you would be killed along with the rest of the human population. You're going up against something more powerful than you have ever seen before and you could never be ready for something this big."

My eyes moved with his body that paced back and forth between the walls of the motel. Sam seemed to have been listening closely.

"What kind of thing are we talking about?" The worry was evident all over his face. The way his eye brows came together and the wrinkles in his forehead appeared. He must be constantly nervous; constantly waiting for something horrible to happen.

"A demon."

"Oh come on!" Dean interjected from behind us, cutting his jittery route short, "We deal with demons everyday."

"Not just a demon. This one's different. It's Lucifer's right hand man: Buer. He has 50 legions of demons waiting for you hunters to make the wrong move and then he's going to lead them to fight." My eyes traveled to Sam Winchester: the chosen one. "You were supposed to be the leader, Sam. You can't just get out of something that big as easily as you did."

Sam looked back at me and winced. Dean looked over at Sam, his green eyes watching Sam intently. There was something between them; an unbreakable bound that only brothers can have. They had each other's back whenever they needed it and they would definitely do anything for each other

That's the thing that scared me.

"I'm not going to lead a demon army that's going to end the world," he said sternly.

"Good," I said quickly.

"You see...." I said standing up, quickly gaining confidence. These were the people that I could trust. "This man is dangerous. He can posses several people at once. Not even several, more like thousands." I threw my hands in the air to demonstrate the size of the people. "football stadiums, cities full of possessed people all under the control of one demon. Do you have any idea how bad that could be?" I turned to them, my face grim. So much could be lost.

"I think I get the picture," Dean said gravely.

"So how are we supposed to kill this thing?" Sam asked. His mouth was slightly opened and his head tilted to the side.

"Well... We haven't exactly figured that out. You can't use Holy Water on it and exorcisms would take days to perform on ever single person." she bit her lip. "That's kind of why I came to you. " I looked back and forth between the two brothers.

Dean stood and walked over to me, holding out her hand for me to shake. "sounds like a challenge but I'm up for it." I took his hand hesitantly and shook it.

"Me too," Sam said from behind me on the bed.

And that's how it began. That's how we began hunting the right hand man of Hell.

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