Another World

An odd story about a house. It started as a school project and ended up with something else. Niall was drawn to the house and I was attracted to. None of us realized what we had started. We didn't know it was too late, not until Harry Styles stood before us.


21. To be me again

A bright light and it felt like I went through a translucent wall. It felt like I was sucked out of the house and when I landed on the lawn, I landed on my stomach with my face down to the ground. It hurt all over and I was tired. I could barely stand up. I felt a blanket around my body, I knew that someone who lifted me up and I noted that I heard voices. I could barely listen.


"Lilly just take it easy!" 
Who was it? I felt dizzy and I couldn't collect my thoughts. I heard mysterious noises and it was like I was in a horse carriage, but no horses pulled the wagon. I felt like it was shaking and I tried to open my eyes. 
"Where ...?" my throat hurt. I saw that there were people there. 
"Darling ..." it was a woman's voice and she pulled her hand through my hair. It sounded like she was crying and I wondered why.


"She doesn't have any external injuries, but we have to x-ray her." 
I was in a white room. A man with a white coat talking to a woman. I frowned and stared at them. I regretted that I had left the house. I regretted that I had left Harry. The woman saw that I was awake and she quickly came up to me. 
"How are you?" 
I frowned. 
"Who are you?" 
She paused. She just stared at me. It was like the air went out of her and she didn't seem to understand. 
"Darling, it's me, your mom."
I just wanted to disappear. 
"No you're not my mother. Who are you and what am I doing here?" 
The man with the white coat came up to the bed and he smiled at me. 
"We don't know what you have suffered, but it seems like you have amnesia." 
I laughed a little bit. 
"No, I know who I am. I'm Elisabeth Styles and I want to get back to my husband. I just wanted to see why it was so bright outside our house, but I never asked to come here." 
The woman just gaped. 
"But what are you talking about?"
A guy came into the room. He had blond hair and blue eyes. I recognized him. But who was he?
"How are you?" he asked. The woman began to cry. 
"She doesn't know who she is." 
He came up to me. 
"Come on Lilly." 
I recognized his voice. It was he who had called for Lilly in the house. I frowned. 
"I'm Elisabeth and who are you?" 
He paused, and he seemed to ponder. 
"So they succeeded?" 
I sighed. 
"What are you talking about." I looked at them all. "You guys are weird. I want to go back home and I'll make sure my husband to get you locked up."


I got into a weird state. The blond guy was Niall and he saw that another woman came into my room. She had light with her and incense.
"She isn't obsessed." she said. I frowned.
"Are you a witch?"
She smiled reassuring to me.
"No, I'm dealing with the supernatural."
I backed off.
"Then are you a witch., We kill people like you and..."
Niall sighed.
"We don't care." he mumbled. I pulled more toward the pillow and I almost pushed me up against the wall. She started mumbling chants and it sounded like she summoned the devil.
"No, stop." I shouted. "I don't want to be part of this."
Niall took hold of me and he held me tight in his arms. I was dizzy, I felt everything was spinning around and I could feel my stomach nearly turned upside down. I wanted to throw up, but I couldn't.
"Take it easy!" he whispered. I shook, I screamed and I cried.


I lay for days with fever and I froze. I felt as an old bag and I couldn't open my eyes. Slowly, I began to remember. I remember that the woman was my mother. She loved me and once I had lived with her. I wondered how she could be my mom, but found out that everything was just messy. Niall sat next to me the whole time and he held my hand tightly. I felt that he cared. 
Niall didn't care. 

"Stop thinking about him., He's dead." 
I knew that Niall was telling the truth. I knew that my memories didn't go together. It was as if one side of me was me and the other side of me was a different person. Who was I?


Eventually I remembered everything. I remembered how we got to the house, I remembered how we were lured into another world and I remembered that Harry was there. Niall made his back to this time and I had asked him to do everything in his power to get me home again. I almost regretted everything and I realized that I had become Elisabeth. It wasn't me, it was as if I had been replaced with another person and she steered me.


The newspapers and the news showed pictures of the house. "The girl who went back in time!" everyone talked about it and it was me they mentioned. They didn't know who I was, they just told the world that I was a normal girl. It started to be many discussions about how to travel in time and if it was really possible that I had been on the other side. 
"There's no proof." everyone said. Niall-mentioned then about the police, who had been looking through the house and not find me. He told them that he had tried to contact me in the same way to contact a ghost, and he had heard my voice. He had heard that I said I was Elizabeth, and that there was no Lilly in the house. Niall had recorded it all on film and several people had witnessed the whole thing. It ended with Niall managed to convince some people, but other people thought I just had a wild imagination.

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