Another World

An odd story about a house. It started as a school project and ended up with something else. Niall was drawn to the house and I was attracted to. None of us realized what we had started. We didn't know it was too late, not until Harry Styles stood before us.


17. The Voice

Harry had gathered many of the men who worked under him. He stood at the front of the room, but I chose to sit far back and just listen. I wanted to be at all his meetings and I had a great interest in knowing how things went.


"My beloved wife is back!" Harry said first and everyone smiled at me. They knew what I was doing behind Harry's back, but they didn't dare argue with me. I had more power than what Harry knew. I saw how my husband smiled at me and then they started to talk about the animals, about the foals and everything else that wasn't fun. I knew it was important to produce good young stock and Harry did good job with that part. It was thanks to the animals he had managed to make us rich, and he had control over everything.


Right as it was, I heard a whisper. It didn't come from a single person in the room, but it sounded like it was around me. I was startled and I tried to listen to it. 
"Lilly are you there?" 
I frowned. Who was Lilly? I recognized the voice, but at the same time not, and who was it who cried for Lilly? I looked around, but I found no explanation for the voice. I saw Liam, but he was more interested in Harry. I saw Louis, but he sat with his back to me. Who was it?
"Lilly, you must go to the door!" 
Which door? I frowned. We hadn't a person with that name in the house? I was almost angry at that person. Why didn't he stop. I stood up and I looked around. Who was it that played tricks on me? I left the room and went out into the hall. Perrie came directly toward me. 
"Who's crying for Lilly?" I got out of me. She stiffened, and she looked at me with wide eyes. I snorted. "Come on! Is there a staff member here or who's Lilly?"
Perrie hesitated. 
"You don't remember?" 
I laughed out cold. 
"No, what is it that I'm going to remember?" 
She frowned. 
"Ma'am was reborn and ma'am came here from another time." 
I laughed and just shook my head. 
"Stop Perrie. I know I died, but I was never reborn." 
She hesitated even more. 
"Yes ma'am, you came here with Niall and your name was Lilly!"
Harry came out and he seemed immobile. 
"What happened sweetheart?" 
I smiled and spun around. I saw at him that he thought that something was wrong. 
"I just heard a voice in my head." I answered honestly. "And Perrie claim that the voice was calling for me." 
Harry frowned and I saw the panic in his face. It was as if he knew what I was talking about. Why was it a secret from me? Why didn't I know anything about that Lilly? 
"Don't listen." he said quickly. "It's not for you the voice shouts and you'll stay with me." 
I realized that he hadn't told me everything. 
"So who's Lilly?" 
Harry swallowed. 
"A girl who's dead. She no longer exists and she's gone."
I heard the voice echoing in my head again. It sounded as if it came from the hall, but there was no other than Perrie, Harry and me there. I looked around and I frowned even more. 
"But where's Lilly. Why not telling to the voice to be quiet and where does the voice come from?" 
Harry walked up to me and he took his arms around my body. 
"Don't worry darling. I'll take care of you and I promise that it will be quiet again." 
I didn't like the atmosphere of the room. 
"So who's crying?" 
Harry swallowed. 
"It's from the other side."
He was serious, I saw it on him. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. 
"The other side?" 
He nodded seriously. 
"Let the voice be." 
I smiled a little bit and just stared at him. 
"Harry, we don't believe in ghosts." 
He agreed. 
"But you can say that it's from the other side. From Another World."
"But we're ghosts." exclaimed Perrie. Harry froze and his eyes looked at her coldly. 
"Now you're quiet." 
I laughed a little bit and I just stared at them. 
"OK, I can be weird sometimes, but you're crazy." I laughed. "There are no ghosts, and there's a logical explanation for that voice." 
Harry nodded. 
"And it comes and goes." 
I sighed and I was tired of the topic. 
"Give up!" I mumbled cold and walked towards the stairs. "I go up to bed for a while. When I get back, you have an answer for the question, about who it is who fools himself."


I lay down on the mattress and I put my head against the pillow. I enjoyed the sound of the fire and I heard there was a big fire in the fireplace. It crackled and it warmed up the room. My thoughts drifted back to the day and I realized that I was happy with myself. I had really come back and this time wouldn't Liam destroy anything. I felt confident in myself and I was filled with future plans.


Harry came up to the room later in the evening. I saw him coming towards the bed and began to undress for the night. 
"Did you find out who it was, who was calling?" I asked. Harry sighed, and he didn't like the subject. 
"Let it be." said he tired. "I promise that you wont hear that voice again."
He crawled under the covers and I felt his arms around my body. I figured out that I had to be satisfied with that answer. Perhaps it was some of the staff and Harry had made sure that the person didn't come back?
"So what did you do today?" Harry asked. He always wanted to know what I had done. I smiled and I lied. 
"I was looking at the horses, I went for a walk and I did some reading in a book." 
Harry smiled and kissed my cheek. 
"You haven't thought about embroidering. All other women love the chore?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
"You know I hate those boring things. I don't understand the point of sitting with a fiber and create patterns." 
Harry laughed a little bit. 
"Yeah, I know!"
My hand slid down between his legs and he groaned lightly. 
"Darling, I'm tired!" 
I sighed. 
"You're always tired?" 
He smiled and shook his head. 
"Not always, but today has been a lot to think about." 
I took away my hand and turned him my back. I hated to get no for an answer, no matter what it was about.

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