Another World

An odd story about a house. It started as a school project and ended up with something else. Niall was drawn to the house and I was attracted to. None of us realized what we had started. We didn't know it was too late, not until Harry Styles stood before us.


10. Stay or not

I blushed when I came down to the lower floor. I saw that Niall guessed what had happened, but he didn't dare to ask. I noticed that the walls were changing and that the wallpaper seemed to come to life. It didn't look worn out anymore. A girl in my age showed up and she came straight up to me and curtsied to me. 
"I'm back, ma'am." 
I frowned. I felt Harry behind me and he laughed a little bit. 
"It's Perrie, as I talked about before. She has always made ​​sure that you are happy and her job is to do so you always will be happy." 
I didn't know what to say. Perrie looked nervous and she seemed to understand that I didn't remember her. Louis just laughed and he just seemed amused. 
"The memory will come back." he said. "And everything will be like before again."
Niall snorted and he looked coldly at me. 
"Don't you see what they're doing? They feed on us?" 
I swallowed. 
Harry was quick. He pulled me til the front door and when I opened it I was surprised. Everything outside the house had changed. There was a large lawn and I saw people walking around and worked. Some were hazy, almost as if they lacked the color, but they were there. 
Harry smiled and kissed me on the cheek. 
"Now when you are back things will be like when you were alive. You have brought us to life and we'll be happy forever." 
I swallowed and I realized that Niall was right. Maybe that Harry wasn't feeding on me, but he needed me so that everything would be the way he wanted it.
"But how do I get back to my time?" 
I heard that Niall laughed cold. 
"Lilly, thank you for realizing." 
Harry became angry and gave Niall a cold stare. 
"You just be quiet. When you showed up last time, it was only a problem around you." 
Niall fell silent. 
Louis agreed with Harry. 
"I remembered that he failed you, Harry. Maybe we should get rid of Niall?" 
I spun around and shook my head quickly. 
"No, he's my friend and he's right. We can't stay." 
Without own surprise Harry pulled me into the house and he slammed the door. 
"YOU know you can't leave me again. I can't cope with the loss."
What would I say and how could I explain? 
"Harry, I have a family." 
He sneezed. 
"I'm your family. Did you forget that part?" 
I swallowed and noted that he wouldn't listen to me. 
"I go into a school, along with Niall. I live with my parents in a house and I have friends. I have a life." 
"You don't need that any more." Harry snorted. He was angry and he went to the library. "Perrie, it's your job to keep an eye on her."


Perrie stood at the stairs with sunken head. Niall came up to me and he looked worried. He made sure no one heard us. 
"We have to leave the house immediately." he whispered seriously. "They try to keep us in their time, and time is short for us. When you disappeared up with him, everything changed. This house begins to remodel itself and everything starts to look as like when he lived here." 
I blushed. 
"I guess I should have realized that?" 
Niall agreed. 
"So what were you doing up there?" 
"You don't want to know." 
Niall looked straight into my eyes. 
"Well, it was something that was crucial. Something happened."
When my face turned red and I didn't say anything more, realized Niall what had happened. 
"Damn, you're crazy. You had sex with him?" 
I didn't know how I could defend myself. 
"He seduced me." 
Niall snorted. 
"Damn, that means you may be stuck here forever." 
I just looked down at the floor. 
"But it wasn't supposed to happen and he convinced me. Much like when you rubbed up against me." 
"It's not the same!" 
I looked at Niall again. 
"Well, it's the same thing."
He didn't look happy. He looked over at Perrie. She was watching us and I knew that the door out was locked. Niall sighed lightly. 
"I've been in the house before, I wonder if there's another way out." 
I looked hopefully at him. 
"Maybe we can get back to our time?" 
Niall frowned. 
"I don't know, but we can't stay here. We're not dead yet and there ought to be a way out for us."


I saw how things began to pop up. There was everything from a chair here and there, to bigger things. It was as if it all came back to the house, but from where?

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