Another World

An odd story about a house. It started as a school project and ended up with something else. Niall was drawn to the house and I was attracted to. None of us realized what we had started. We didn't know it was too late, not until Harry Styles stood before us.


14. Slowly becoming the person I was

Harry seemed oblivious to who I once had been. I wanted to tell him the truth, but I didn't dare. Instead, I was silent, and I tried to blend into the environment. This seemed to be my new life, because I slowly started to doubt that Niall would ever get me home. I went around the house and I passed the time with nothing. Perrie turned up sometimes and she did everything in her power to make me happy. I realized that perhaps she knew me better than anyone in the house.


"How was I as a person?" 
Perrie raised her head and she just stared at me. I realized that she was scared and maybe I had been mean to her? 
"I'm serious." I said and sat down on the bed. "I want to know. Everyone tells me nasty stories and I don't know if I should believe them. You, if anyone, should know more." 
She hesitated. I saw at her that she wasn't sure. 
"You were my responsibility, ma'am." she whispered. "I had nothing to do with your choice in life. I would just set it up and make sure you were happy."
I frowned. 
"I want to know the truth. Was Louis with me here? Was there a man named Zayn?" 
She seemed almost afraid of the truth. She nodded slightly and blushed. I realized that Liam and Louis really had told me the truth. Perrie hesitated and she avoided me. 
"You may not be suited for this life with Harry." she whispered. "You wanted to do so much more than sit in the house and you wanted to see the world." 
I realized that she really told me the truth. 
"And I was evil?" 
She smiled weakly. 
"Maybe not evil, but you didn't want to live such a life as they demanded of you."
All right. I was a rebel? 
"And that means?" 
She seemed to think. She sat down on one of the chairs, and she looked down at the floor.
"Maybe you weren't faithful and you might be trying to do more than what they're allowed, but I saw you as a role model, somehow. You dared to go against the tide and you dared to take control of your own life." 
I frowned. 
"By being unfaithful?" 
She nodded. 
"It was the only thing that Harry didn't have control over. He couldn't have control over what you did with your body and you exercised that power against him. You longed for the day when he would find out the truth, but that day didn't come. you died!"
The thoughts whirled around. 
"Why did I wanted him to know the truth?" 
Perrie gave me a quick glance. 
"You wanted to be separate from him and the only way to do it, was if he caught you by cheating. Law was such in those days." 
I began to see a pattern. 
"So I didn't love Harry?" 
She smiled. 
"Well maybe in your own way, but you didn't want to stay with him."
One last question. 
"And how did I died?" 
She hesitated. I saw at her that she almost didn't want to talk about that part. 
"A horse surged with a cart and you stood in the way. The trolley ran right over you and you died instantly. Harry was devastated, and he nearly died of longing for you." 
I remembered that Harry had been talking about how his wife died. So he had really told the truth to me?


That Zayn appeared. I came down to the hall and a dark guy came through the door. He was startled when he saw me and it was like he almost lost his breath. Harry showed up and he smiled direct large. 
"Ah, you've met my wife? She's back!" 
I saw that Zayn hesitated. He looked at me and then at Harry. 
"Is she back?" 
Harry nodded. 
"We found her, and now she's bringing it all to life." 
I hesitated. I was standing still. Zayn seemed to try to play like I didn't influence him. He nodded and looked at Harry. 
"It looks as if everything is soon restored. We'll fix the fences down the road and we ..." 
Harry laughed. 
"You don't need to fix it. It will be entirely this night. I have only one thing left to do, then everything is as it should be."
Zayn looked down at the floor and nodded. He then disappeared out the door again. I saw that Harry didn't know anything and he suspected nothing. 
"So what will happen tonight?" I got up. Harry laughed and came towards me. 
"What happened in the bedroom and in the library. Again and we've got everything to become clear." 
I backed off. 
"Are you serious?" 
Harry laughed, and he was happy. He came up to me and took my face between his hands. 
"Darling, I've missed your body, I have missed your presence and we will take back everything that we missed."
I was so close to telling the truth to him, but still I didn't dare. 
"You mean have sex?" 
He laughed. 
"Is that what you call it?" 
I swallowed. 
"But if I don't want to do that?" 
Harry let my face off and he looked amused. He came up with a wry smile and he looked at me from the bottom up. 
"You can't say no, you can't say no to me."


Nothing was as it should. I tried to collect myself and I began to hope on Niall again. Maybe he could open a door for me? A door so I could get back to my time? The question was whether he got some help or if someone believed in him? I wasn't sure that my mom would trust his words. That's when I realized something. I didn't remember how my mom looked like. I know she smelled freshly baked buns, but I didn't remember her face. It was as if she was just blurry. I really tried to bring out from my mind, but my mind refused to let me see her. What did that mean? I began to forget or was it something else?


"The food is served!" 
I balked. I hadn't eaten since Niall invited me to the salad. I realized that the time had passed quickly. I saw that Harry walked toward the dining room and I quickly followed him. Inside stood a long table with chairs on the sides. Harry made ​​sure I sat down beside him. On my other side sat Louis. Liam came and Zayn came to eat, and other people that I hadn't met yet. The staff came in with the food and it was meat, vegetables and more. I smelled the scent and I smiled big. I was hungry.


In the midst of the dinner, I felt a hand on my leg. I concluded that it was Harry, but when I looked at him, he had both hands on the table. I turned my head and looked at Louis. He just stared at me and his eyes were filled with lust. He let his hand slide up my leg and I was unsure if I would let him do that. 
"Soon!" he whispered hoarsely. His smile said more than a thousand words. His hand almost landed between my legs and I felt his fingers teased me. I moaned and without knowing why I parted legs. Louis was satisfied. He laughed a little bit and before he removed his hand, he let his fingers brush against my most sensitive part. Even though I had clothes on, it felt like he really touched me. Liam saw  everywhere and I saw his cold gaze on us. Louis just laughed and he seemed to like that everyone knew, but Harry had no idea about anything. I tried to eat and I tried to avoid both Liam and Louis. I didn't want to fall for Louis charm and I wanted to start over. If I would be stuck in the house, I wanted to be faithful to Harry. I decided that I really wouldn't be the old me. I had the chance to change everything as I once did. I had the chance to change myself and I intend to do so.


Still didn't Louis give up. When he was alone with me, later in the afternoon, he pressed himself against my back and he took his arms around my waist.
"I know you desire me." he moaned against my ear. I tried to get away from him, but he was stronger. His hands slid down over my dress and one hand landed between my legs.
"STOP!" I almost cried, but Louis knew what he would do. I felt his hand slowly made ​​me forget my own promise. I groaned and he laughed lightly.
"You are mine as much as you belong to, Harry."
He got up my dress and before I had time to do more resistance, his hand was down between my legs. I felt  how he took his second arm around my throat and he held me tight. I groaned when he got me to give up. Louis let his fingers glide faster over my clit and I felt how I ended up in his power. 
"I wont!" 
He kissed my cheek and he was almost going to strangle me with his arm.
"Well, you're gonna fucking be mine again."
Two fingers penetrated. I moaned and I groaned. I closed my eyes and I realized I was hooked. Louis kissed my neck and I felt his tongue slid over my skin. His hand got me to spread my legs and I couldn't do more than stand still. I tried to bite my lip and I tried not to show that I liked it. The plan was that I wouldn't be the same old whore again. Louis pushed me up against the wall and I took up my palms against the cold surface. He released a little at his arm around my throat and I felt him pressed himself against my butt. I moved lightly on my hips against his hand and I realized that there was no turning back. Louis managed to pull up my dress perfectly and I felt how he pressed his dick against me. He pulled down his pants and he brought his member to the wrong hole. I was surprised when he penetrated my rear hole and it didn't hurt. Instead, I was just more excited and I couldn't stop loving what he did to me. Louis moved to the arm and he took his hand over my mouth. I knew I had to be quiet. The hand continued to make me shake over my clit and I felt  how he began to moved on his hip. He pushed his cock in and out of me and I lifted lightly on the butt, so it would be easier for him. His lips practices all over my neck and he was breathing heavily. He was panting and he was quiet. He didn't groan, but he just breathed. Louis moved faster on the body and I heard how he pounded straight to my butt. He was smooth and I understood that this wasn't the first time we did it. He worked with the whole body and he flexed every muscle he had. His breathing became deeper, stronger and harder. He panted against my cheek and he let his hand working faster between my legs. Eventually I came. I whimpered and I nearly bit his hand. I pressed myself against the wall and I was about to almost fall together. I was shaking and I whimpered. Louis continued to move on his hip and I felt how he filled my asshole. He pushed himself faster in and he bounced harder against me. He came. I felt him shaking and I heard how he took it out all over his entire body. He pounded hard in one last time and he filled me with cum.


"I said you're mine!" he whispered hoarsely and muddy in my ear. He pulled down my dress, pulled up his pants and then he left me alone, quickly. I stood there with my palms against the wall and I realized what I had done. I had taken the first step to becoming a cheating wife. Yet it felt wonderful all over and I had loved that Louis almost raped me. I was breathing heavily and I tried to collect myself. Before me I saw Harry's face and I began to wonder why I hadn't been faithful to him. Perrie had said I loved Harry, but he wasn't enough. I wanted to know why.


When I came out into the hall, I saw that the door was wide open out. I dared to actually go up to the door and I looked out over the courtyard. I saw horses, I saw flowers, bushes and I saw people who were working. I step out and I looked around at the surroundings. Gone were the woods that had encompassed everything. Instead, I saw fields and I saw barns. I realized I had gotten everything to return to the old. Something inside me said that it was wrong, but now when I stood there and saw it all, I was filled with hope. Everything was so beautiful. It was as if I had come home, but I knew that this wasn't my real home.

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