Another World

An odd story about a house. It started as a school project and ended up with something else. Niall was drawn to the house and I was attracted to. None of us realized what we had started. We didn't know it was too late, not until Harry Styles stood before us.


12. Making love like two married people

A big dog appeared. It stood in front of us and it showed with the body that we were at the wrong place. We stood total still and I saw the teeth in the dog's mouth. It showed all his teeth and growled menacingly. 
"Damn!" Niall whispered to me. "What do we do now?" 
I swallowed. 
"Maybe we should run?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"No, we're just going to..." 
We felt that someone came up behind us. I didn't dare to turn around and I felt that the person stood near my back. I felt his breath, and I felt cold all over. 
"You can't run away!" 
It was Liam. I saw that the dog calmed down, but he was still ready to jump on us. 
"Is that your dog?" Niall asked. Silly question, but still a good question. 
"What do you think?" Liam said hoarsely. He grabbed our arms and he stood between us. He kept us hard and then he looked at the dog. 
The dog sat down and he whimpered.


Harry wasn't happy that we were trying to escape. He sat in the library and Liam came in with us. He looked coldly at Niall, but he didn't seem to think I wanted to come home. 
"Fix this." Harry said cold and looked at Liam. It was such a look that said a thousand words and I got scared. 
"You can't hurt Niall. He's not even from your time." 
Liam snorted and released me. Then he took with him Niall out of the room. Harry smiled slightly and came up to me. 
"Darling, he's an insignificant person." 
I didn't agree. I saw the door was shut. 
"Now what?"
Harry let his lips caress my cheek and he groaned. 
"You know it's me you should be together with and forget about your past life." 
I felt his lips slid against mine and when Harry kissed me, I couldn't resist. He took his arms around my body and he pressed himself against me. He moaned and he was totally inside each motion. I myself wasn't sure. I couldn't stop thinking about Niall. How could I save him?


Harry pulled up my dress and I felt his hands on my butt. I tried to get away from him, but he held me tight. Instead, he backed me up against one of the bookshelves and he groaned heavily. 
"Stop resisting." he whispered hoarsely. "You are my wife, and you must start to behave as a wife." 
I heard that he pulled down his pants and then he lifted me up against one of the shelves. I felt how he slipped in between my legs and he penetrated. I had to take my arms around his neck and he thumped straight into me. He moaned loudly and he leaned up against me. He began to move on the hip. He pounded me into the bookcase and I felt how hard he was. He unbuckled the whole body and he was determined to decide everything for me. I closed my eyes and I chose to follow the movements. His lips met mine and in the end I was totally with him in what we did. I groaned and I felt my body was out of control. Harry groaned louder and he let his tongue slip in between my lips. He moved faster and each time he pounded into me, was the bookshelf shaking by our movement. He didn't care that some books fell down, he was totally gone.


Harry released me and without a word he tore off my clothes. It was as if he was desperate and when I was naked, he kissed my breasts hard. He continued to push me up against the bookcase and I let him continue. I took my hands over his head and I felt his hand began to fondle me between the legs. I moaned loudly and I just wanted more. Harry continued, and he let two fingers penetrating. I almost screamed and it was as if he still knew all about what I wanted. He laid me down on the floor and he continued to move his fingers inside me. I couldn't lie still, and I loved what he did with me. Harry's lips were all over my breasts and they kissed my naked skin passionately. He kissed my shoulders, my neck and my face. His fingers moved faster and faster. He brought them with such force that I cried every time they landed inside me. I was shaking all over and I exploded. I pressed myself against him and I forced Harry to lie on top of me. The orgasm didn't more than flow out of me until he replaced his fingers with his hard cock. He quickly pushed it in, and he quickly began to push it in and out. Harry moaned loudly and he put all his weight on me. He flexed all the muscles and he kissed me. I felt his tongue and I could feel his breath. He was breathing heavily and he was moving faster. He slammed right into me and it was like he wanted to hurt me. He took his elbows and placed them on either side of my head. He looked straight into my eyes and all over he was totally inside the movements. He was red in the face and I saw at him how much he wanted me, own me. His moans became higher, he was breathing heavily and he showed with his face that he wanted to reach the end. He wanted to explode and he wanted to fill me with his sperm. I took my legs around his waist and I pulled up his shirt. I tore off his clothes and immediately he closed his eyes. When my hands began to explore his skin, he smiled big. 
"Honey, you want me?" he hissed hoarsely. I didn't know what to say. As much as I wanted to leave, I wanted to stay. I closed my eyes and I couldn't ponder anymore. The only thing I momentarily wanted was Harry.


Harry sat up. He took my legs quickly over his shoulders and he penetrate hard. He held my legs tightly and he continued to pound into me. I whimpered and I almost screamed. He let one hand be pressed against my one breast and the other hand slid down to my clit. Again, he got me to land in fog and again he got my body to explode. I was shaking all over and I threw back my head against the floor. I could feel my body again lost control and it was like I couldn't think normally. Harry came right after me and he pressed his cum in me. I felt his cock filled me and he screamed. He cried and he was shaking all over.


When I opened my eyes I saw that all the books were back on the bookshelves. The room looked new and the curtains hung from the window. There was a desk with a chair. In front was a soft sofa. In front of the window was a table with a large flower set, on it. I just stared around the room. Harry smiled and he was breathless. 
"Honey, you do so that it will return." 
I met his gaze. He put a hand on each side of my body and he leaned over me. 
"You will stay." he whispered hoarsely. "You need me as much as I need you." 
I blushed, because I realized that we were naked. I then saw at him that he was serious. 
"On one condition." I whispered. Harry gulped and he nodded. I plucked up my courage. "You'll let Niall go and let him go back to his time."

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