Another World

An odd story about a house. It started as a school project and ended up with something else. Niall was drawn to the house and I was attracted to. None of us realized what we had started. We didn't know it was too late, not until Harry Styles stood before us.


18. Get what you want

Liam smirked morning. 
"So you don't follow your boyfriend's voice?" 
I frowned. 
"Excuse me but what are you talking about?" 
Liam laughed a little bit and I saw that he was satisfied. 
"The voice that shouts at you?" 
I realized he was talking about that voice, which I had heard the day before. 
"I'm not Lilly and her voice didn't call for me." 
He stood before me and he smiled big. He stared straight into my eyes. 
"Well, it's you who's Lilly, but you are too slow to understand that."
I wasn't sure. Liam looked so confident and I saw at him that he felt that he was right. 
"You're crazy!" I hissed. He laughed cold. 
"No, it's you who's insane. It's you who should listen to the voice and Niall trying to get you home. He tried all night and you don't understand it." 
I backed off. 
"Put down that thought. I'm home." 
Liam snorted. 
"So you don't remember your family? Fact that you were born in another time?"
I shook my head, and I frowned. 
"I was born here, a few mil from this house and my family did so that I would be Harrys wife." 
Liam agreed. 
"In a previous life, but in your present life you live in the same city but with another family and you aren't married to Harry." 
I didn't like his words. 
"Well I am his wife." 
Liam shook his head, and he seemed pleased that I looked frightened. 
"No, you're not married to him. He lured you here, because he has a silly idea that you two belong together forever. Yet you aren't dead, not as dead as we are."
I didn't want to hear more. There was something about his words that I didn't like, or did I like it? I almost had a panic and I chose to leave him. I heard Liam amused laughed and I realized he had won this time. I ran all the way to Louis room and knocked hard on his door.


Louis let me in and he quickly closed the door behind me. 
"What is it?" 
I was shaking all over. I didn't know if I should tell Louis or not. 
"Liam says that I..." 
Louis just stared at me, and he frowned. 
"Yes, he says many things?" 
I swallowed and sat down at the Louis bed. 
"So what he says is true?" 
Louis smiled a little bit and came up to me. He sat next to me and smiled big. 
"What's he saying?" 
I frowned. 
"That I'm not married to Harry and I'm not dead, you're dead."
Louis laughed.
"Do I look dead to you?"
I shook my head quickly. Louis smiled and leaned toward me. He kissed my neck and I understood what he wanted.
"No, I. .."
He pushed me down against the mattress and quickly he laid on top of me.
"You promised."
I frowned.
"but you haven't found out anything."
Louis grinning. 
"I tell you one thing for every garment that you take off." 
I realized he was serious. I tested him and quickly pulled off my petticoat. Louis smiled. 
"According to Liam, you back to a different world, he has gotten the idea that you are not at home here." 
I frowned. 
"What does he mean another world?" 
Louis smiled big. 
"Take off something and I will answer." 
I quickly pulled off the clothes and in the end I lay naked beneath him. Louis laughed a little bit and he caressed my breasts hard. 
"He believes that a certain Niall looking for an exit for you. Fact that he can get you to go back from where you came." 
I didn't like what I heard. Louis kissed my breasts and I groaned. 
"Is that all?"
He smiled and looked up at me. He did so that his face was above mine and he kissed me softly. 
"You're not dead, but it's not we either. That's what I don't understand." he murmured, and I felt that he pulled down his pants and he took out his boner. He parted my legs and immediately he penetrate.
"So we live?" I moaned and I felt how he came in all the way. Louis kissed my neck and he took his arms tightly around my body. 
"Yes we live." 
I spread my legs more and I took my arms around his body. Louis slowly started to move on the hip and I closed my eyes. 
"But I wont back. This is my home and I don't want to leave this house" I whispered hoarsely. He whimpered and filled me with emotion. 
"Neither do I." he got up. "I'll make sure you don't leave us." 
He began to move faster on the hip and I felt how he bounced towards me. He moaned and he groaned aloud. I took my legs around his waist and I let him continue. 
"So who's Niall?" 
Louis continued to move inside me, but he looked straight into my eyes. 
"One guy, just a guy that's not worth anything."
I pulled down Louis over me and our lips met. I was intense and I pressed myself against him. Louis filled me again and again with his meat and I loved it. I followed his movements and I whimpered.


I was aware that the door opened. I saw Liam's face and he looked coldly at us. I saw that he was staring at my body and actually it was arousing. I smiled slyly at him and I groaned higher just to annoy him. Liam was totally white in the face and he hesitated.
"Harder!" I hissed. Louis obeyed me and he had no idea that Liam stood there. I smiled and I enjoyed. I finally got to give him something that he wouldn't forget. I was surprised when he stepped into the room. Louis was startled and immediately he froze when he saw Liam. 
"But what ...?" 
I held her legs tightly around Louis's waist. 
"Let him watch. He's still looking to get rid of me." 
Louis broke away from me and quickly put on his clothes. He seemed afraid of Liam and I wondered why. I myself wasn't embarrassed by what we had done. I lay naked in bed and just to give Liam more to remember, I spread her legs. 
"So you snooping?" 
He grunted and he was angry. 
"You should be ashamed." 
Louis disappeared and I was almost disappointed. 
"You scared him away."
Liam kicked the door, so it was closed. His gaze slid down over my body but I couldn't tell what he was thinking. He grunted and he came over to the bed.
"Damn, you shouldn't show you body naked." 
I smiled and I let him continue to stare at me. I was still used to being stared at and I didn't mind. I spread more on the legs and realized that he was attracted. I hadn't previously managed to get Liam over to my side, but this time he seemed unsure. 
"You can touch." I whispered seductively. "You can touch me if you want." 
He seemed to almost lose his mind and he was red in the face. 
"You're not mine." 
I grinning. 
"But I can be?"
I was surprised. Liam quickly snapped up his pants and he fell down over me. He pulled out a big dick and I felt him quickly penetrated. I almost screamed and I took my arms around his body. Liam took his arms around my neck and he hid his face against my cheek. I felt how he desperately began to moved on the hip and I felt how he filled me to the brim. He moaned loudly and he almost hurt me. I whimpered and I let him continue. I took my legs around his waist and I followed in his movements. Liam glanced at me and he flexed every muscle in his body. His pushed me down and I had to fight to get air.
"Damn I've wanted you for so long." he groaned cold. "You never saw me and you didn't care." 
I didn't know what to say. 
"You hate me." 
He kissed my cheek hard. 
"Yes, because I never had you."


I ended up in a fog. I ended up far away and I hadn't experienced anything like this before. Liam had a big dick and it made ​​me almost go into two pieces. It was as if he filled me in total. I whimpered and I didn't know if I would love or hate him.


Liam let the kiss go over my body. I loved it and I groaned higher. He brought his hand down and I felt him caressing me. He made everything more perfect than anyone else and I couldn't stop. I threw back my head and took grabbed the headboard. He moved so fast that the whole bed squeaked and he pounded it into the wall. I shook, I cried and I received him with the whole body. Liam made ​​sure I got over him and I rode him right quick. He took his hands around my waist and forced me to move me faster against him. I obeyed him directly and I continued to moan. He just stared at my body and I saw  at him he loved it. His face was red and his mouth wide open. I tore open his shirt and leaned down over him. I kissed his chest and I stroked his skin. Liam moaned louder and he forced me to move faster and faster. He took his hand and stroked me. It needed no more. I came. I shouted. I was shaking and I landed on top of him. Quickly we spun around and he ended up on top of me again. He grabbed the headboard and he was almost right over me. He moved only on the hip and I felt how hard he pounded right into me. The whole bed shook and I felt him slowly but surely reached the end. He moved hard on her hip against me and it smacked loudly. Finally he came. He filled me and he landed on top of me. I felt him shaking and I felt his cock throbbing.


"What the hell?" 
We were cold all over. In the doorway stood Harry.

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