Another World

An odd story about a house. It started as a school project and ended up with something else. Niall was drawn to the house and I was attracted to. None of us realized what we had started. We didn't know it was too late, not until Harry Styles stood before us.


8. Another world

Harry stood and talked about the library. I stood close to Niall and I caught his attention. 
"He has weird clothes." I whispered quietly. Niall agreed. 
"And he seems to know stuff that you can't know about." 
Harry talked about events and it was as if there were his own memories. I tried to listen, but I saw him as a weird person. Right as it was stopped Harry. He smiled at us and he seemed to ponder. It was as if he already knew that we doubted him. 
"My wife died young." he said, looking at me, he looked straight at me. "She reminds me of you."
I just wanted to go back and go from there, but Niall was holding my hand and I didn't want to be as cowardly as before. 
Harry smiled slightly and he seemed to dream himself away. 
"It's many years since the accident happened." 
I didn't want to know, but Harry seemed determined to tell us everything. 
"A horse surged with a wagon and drove straight over her." he said. I frowned. So they were farmers who had horses? Maybe there could be an explanation for Harry's odd clothing. I tried to figure out where he lived, but there were no stables with horses nearby.
"Tragedy!" I heard Niall say. Harry smiled weakly and looked at him, then slid his gaze back on me again. 
"You shouldn't wear pants." he mumbled. "Women should not have men's clothes and you should care more about your hair." 
I frowned. 
"Excuse me if I have my style. You can't order me around and who says women can't wear pants. You live in the Middle Ages?"
Harry smiled rather sheepishly and looked at me long and hard. 
"You would be beautiful in a more suitable dress." 
This time Niall responded as well. 
"She's my girlfriend," he said, even though it was a lie. But this time, I had nothing against lies. "You can't tell her what she should wear or not." 
Harry laughed and it echoed throughout the room. 
"And you, young man, you should know how to lie. I know she's not your girlfriend and I know you barely know how to be against a lady."
We backed off. I was surprised that the doors to the library was closed. We fell right into it and I was immediately uncertain. Harry's laughter sounded so spooky and I felt shivers through my entire body. 
"Your going to stay." he continued. "I wont let you walk away, because it was you who came here." 
I got scared. 
"My mom will be looking for us!" 
Niall agreed. 
"Our parents know that we are here and it's against the law to keep us here."
Harry went up against us and he stopped in front of us. I noted that he had green eyes and they saw right through me. 
"The law?" 
Niall nodded. 
"Yes, the law that everyone follows?" 
Harry smiled rather sheepishly and he looked at us. It was icy around me and it pierced through my body. 
"You have no idea what you have done, right?" 
We shook our head. Harry giggled and he stretched his arms out from his sides. 
"You have brought the house to life. You has triggered forces that I've been looking for. You can't leave the house. You must stay!"


I jumped when I heard a knock on the library door. It was one of those knock that just felt by the entire body. Harry was quick and made ​​sure we walked away from the door. He opened it and in stepped an older man. He had about the same clothes as Harry, but he looked older. 
"Ah! Sir Louis?" exclaimed Harry and they hugged each other, as if they hadn't met in a long time. I was shaking all over and I kept Nialls hand tightly. This felt so unreal and it was like we were in a different era. I almost had to pinch my arm to realize that I wasn't sleeping. Louis released Harry and then he looked curiously at me and Niall. 
"And there are the guests?" 
Harry nodded and looked at us. 
"Yes, there are those who show up." 
I felt panic. They talked in riddles and I had no idea what they meant. 
"We can go now!" I said quickly. "We have received information and we..." 
I stopped when Louis walked over to me. His eyes slid over my body and then he smiled at Harry again. 
"She's reminiscent of...." 
Harry agreed. 
"Yes, it's as if she's a copy?"
Louis looked at me again and he smiled rather sheepishly. I was surprised when he took my hand, lifted it up and kissed it. 
"It's an honor to meet you." 
I tore hand away from him. 
"Excuse me, but we actually want to go home now. We have our bags up on the second floor and.." 
I got a hand over his mouth. Louis hand felt cold and landed hard over my lips. 
"Excuse me if I do like this." he whispered cold. "But you can't leave the house or the land, as Harry owns." 
Niall ripped off Louis's hand and looked at him coldly. 
"Who are you and what are you looking for?" 
Louis laughed a little bit and he was amused. 
"You ought to know. You've been here several times before and I almost thought you were going to move in."
I saw that Niall froze. 
"How do you know?" 
Harry laughed and he seemed even more amused by the course of events. 
"We have followed you, we've been checking you out and we knew it was you who had to start everything." 
I wanted to tear myself away from Niall. 
"I have nothing to do with this and if he has been here, you get to talk to Niall about it. Let me go home now." 
Harry shook his head and walked over to me. 
"I also knew that he would take you with him. I knew you would come back." 
I swallowed and I backed away from him. 
"Excuse me if I don't understand what you're talking about." 
Harry smiled awry. 
"I believe in reincarnation and I'm sure that you're my wife." 
I laughed. I laughed of widespread fear, but also because of what he said. 
"Then you're crazy. I don't know what you are doing, but I'm not going to stay here one more second. I intend to call the police and tell them how two maniacs are here and they will imprison you."
I was brave. I dropped Nialls hand and I started to walk towards the front door. I walked with a firm step and I was sure I did the right thing. I arrived at the front door, but I couldn't open the door. It was as if the handle was stuck and I couldn't push it down. I tried several times and I panicked.


"I said you weren't allowed to leave the house!" 
I spun around and noticed that Harry was standing there. He stood close to me and he almost breathed against my face. He was way too close, but I couldn't get out of there. 
"Stop it!" I mumbled and I collected myself. "Open the door, otherwise I scream." 
He smiled rather sheepishly and he stood closer to me. I almost felt the way he touched me, and he was breathing heavily. 
"I'm not going to open." 
"Then I'll break a window." 
Harry smiled and he let his lips brush against my cheek. I felt them slide down over my neck and he pushed me up against the door. 
"Honey, I've waited so long for you." 
I looked over at Niall and I gave my friend a pleading look. Why didn't he help me? 
"I'm not your ..."
Harry's lips met mine. I felt a faint scent of rain, as if he had such a Perfume on his skin, and I felt cool against my skin. It was as if he was cold, but his kiss was perfect. I couldn't resist and I felt how he pressed himself against me. He took his hands around my waist and he made me moan lightly. I couldn't stop and I realized I was hooked. 
"This isn't right." I mumbled as he had finished the kiss. Harry smiled, he smiled warm towards me and I noted that he was pleased. 
"Well, this is fate. Can't you see that it's exactly as it should be?"
I took myself out of his arms and I was shaking all over. 
"Seriously, who are you?" 
Harry laughed. 
"You know who I am?" 
I looked down at his clothes. 
"No, and I haven't met you before. There's nobody here in town called Styles." 
He smiled awry. He looked at me with love and it felt more uncomfortable than wonderful. 
"Well, if you're peeking in the books I'll be there. At one time it was I who ruled here, but it's long overdue." 
I froze. 
"So you're dead?" 
Harry laughed, spun around and smiled amused against Louis. 
"Are we dead?" 
Louis was amused and he laughed too. 
"No, we're not dead. We are just in another world."

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