Love and War

Bonnie can't help but think life would be so much easier if she didn't have to make choices. If she didn't have to choose between family or a future. If she didn't have to choose between Eli or Alfie. If she didn't have to choose between success or loyalty. If she didn't have to choose between one kind of love of the other.


9. Nine

Eli and I sit in the park by the lake, just talking. He's so interesting. He tells me all of these stories about fights he's been in and places he's traveled to and people he's met. I feel like I have nothing to tell him. My life is just a mixture of my parents forcing me to do things and it's all just very boring, really, but he seems interested in how I live. He makes me talk about it for ages.

"Can we talk about something else?" I ask.

He nods. "Of course."

We're silent for a moment and then we both laugh a little. 

"Well talk then!" he grins.

"You decide what we talk about!" I push him playfully. 

"Tell me about you and Alfie." he says, taking my hand. 

I frown but smile a little. "What about Alfie and I?" 

"Well, you said you were sweethearts." 

"We were. Briefly. I don't want to talk about this either."

"Well that's too bad." he chuckles, moving to sit in front of me and taking both of my hands. "I want to know."

I sigh, laughing a little. "It was nothing. We just held hands and kissed sometimes and it is rather awkward to look back on. They weren't real feelings."

"I think he had real feelings for you, Bonnie." Eli tells me. "And I think he still might."

"I'm sorry but I don't think you understand what you're talking about." I say, a small smile on my face to let him know that I'm not really angry. 

He laughs his amused laugh. I love it when he laughs like that. It makes me feel like I'm really interesting rather than I'm just somebody to marry. 

"You really have an attitude behind that sweetness, don't you?" he chuckles. "I like that."

He leans forward more and I think he's trying to kiss me but that makes me a little too nervous so I scoot back, managing to keep the smile on my face. 

"I have to go home." I tell him. 

"Nobody's forcing you." he says, seeming disappointed.

I start to walk away and he follows me. 

"I have to meet a man tonight." I tell him, the playful atmosphere gone. "My parents want us to marry."

"And you're really going?" Eli asks.

"I don't really have a choice." I sigh.

"Just don't go!" he exclaims. "Bonnie, going to meet this man is going to lead to you marrying him. I just don't think you should go."

"Are you jealous, Eli?" I smile playfully but he just sighs. 

"Yes, I am. I just met you, I'm just starting to fall for you. It isn't fair that you have to go and meet other men to marry. It isn't meant to be like that."

"Well it is like that." I tell him. My heart beats at the fact that he is starting to fall for me. "I don't know what you want me to do, invite you to meet my parents?" 

He pauses. "Yes."

I laugh. "No. No way. That will never work."

"It could." he takes my hand. "Sometimes you just have to be reckless."

"Well," I stop walking to face him. "A very smart man told me that he is going to bring out the reckless side of me so I guess we're just going to have to give it time."

He chuckles, resting his hand on my cheek. "He sounds like a very smart man."

"Now I have to go." I kiss his cheek. 

"No." he groans. "I'm going to be bored."

"Hey, one day you're going to have to go home and I'm going to let you." I nudge him. "Where do you live anyway?"

"Goodbye Bonnie." he tactfully changes the subject, kissing my cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow."

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