My Future husband murdered?????!??

It's about 1D having realationships with people and Liam gets very insecure but really Harry got another chance to show his life is more than he intended it to be most of the realationships have a bumpy start but gets better as time goes on


10. you're pregnant??

That next week Kiara took a pregnancy test and screamed Liam woke up and sprung into action ''KIARA WHAT'S WRONG!?'' he yelled. she looked at him very happily and was so happy she started smiling. ''baby i'm pregnant'' she said. everyone as in Niall, Harry , Zayn and Louis etc. heard it when they all knew their faces were like ^^ the ones above. it was something all the girls as in Shayla,Jaelee, and Chloe didn't hear that because they were all sleep.

''kiara you're kidding?'' Liam asked with his face looking like the ^^ one above.

''no i'm serious we have a Child on the way soon baby i can't wait!'' she said excitedly.there's no way but it could be possible cause it has been a week.later that day i saw kiara outside looking at her in a different way and i also saw shayla but where was Liam and where was Niall??? so many unanswered questions but one thing was i didn't know where they were going honestly it's none of my concern so i'll keep to myself.( btw shayla's about type now).

we went to the coffee shop cause she had something to tell me i'm not sure what it was yet though.''shayla i have to tell you i'm pregnant and this thing we have going is no longer'' she said.''what are you talking about we never had anything i'm so confused and congrats'' i said.

''the kiss i know you like me but i don't think it's working out for me and you"kiara said. I was more confused than you think cause we had nothing anyway. "um kiara i don't like you in that way don't confuse me like that" i said. okay so this wasn't going any faster and she thinks i like her....well i'll just go with it. ''yeah you do i already know" kiara explained. ''oh you know what you're right i can't believe you're doing this to me" i said just going with the flow.

"yeah i'm sorry but i really need this.''

''yeah i see how it is you don't care for me but you have kids now gosh just forget we ever kissed'' i didn't really care for this conversation but that's my friend i gotta do what i gotta do cause i'm not rude i'm a friend. "yes but i'm sorry shayla but it's not gonna be you and I forever i love you" she said. why am i still... never mind my mind is gone this happens. "you hurt me i'm sorry but i have to leave'' i got up and was about to leave of course i was pretending. "shayla wait please don't leave'' she said while getting up to stop me ''shayla sit down we need to talk." 

things started to get real but i didn't think i could say it we already knew kiara was preggers but the others weren't oh well.''look kiara i was pretending before but when i got up to leave i was serious and really it means a lot to me that you actually took the time out to talk to me about this but yes i like you in that way yeah i'm kind of hurt no of course there was never anything between us and kiara them messages Jason sent you i meant every word but i'm with Niall and he's my everything and i bet Liam is your everything so yeah i'm done can we go now?'' I explained (btw it's jason's turn to write). 

when they went home they were both up late just thinking about each other. the only thing that went through their minds were each other they thought about the whole conversation and replayed it in their minds about 4 times before kiara called.

kiara:"shayla i can't sleep'

shayla:''I can't either''

kiara:"so what's up?''

shayla:"nothing really i just was waiting for your call"
kiara:"i know that's why i called but i have to go i'm tired i guess i just needed a little chat with you"

shayla:"well okay goodnight have good dreams and i like...talking to you bye"

when they hung up they went to sleep and we were wondering what special things would happen the next time they speak.

THE END (wait until part 2 coming soon).

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