My Future husband murdered?????!??

It's about 1D having realationships with people and Liam gets very insecure but really Harry got another chance to show his life is more than he intended it to be most of the realationships have a bumpy start but gets better as time goes on


6. Why are you hurt?

The next morning Harry and Niall woke up because they heard me crying "why are you crying love?"asked Niall and Harry.

"My life is horrible" I said while crying.

"Baby no it's not you've got me and your brothers Harry,Liam,Zayn and Louis" Niall explained to me.

"I know but..." Niall interrupted me

"Is this about" I interrupted him

"No! It's not Niall I'm sorry but I'm not thinking about her every second and hour I only love you!" I yelled. He just looked at me like he didn't know what to say there was just an awkward silence in the room and Harry,Niall,even Jason looked scared.

"Sister I love you but I think that you are under stress what's bothering you if you want let's just talk alone come with me on the porch" Harry said. So then we walked out and sat in the swing bench and again he asked what was bothering me.

"Harry I'm in love with Niall but" Harry interrupted me."This is about that kiss isn't it you can't choose who you actually enjoyed more?"

"Yes Harry that's exactly what it is" I said looking surprised.

"Shayla it's going to be fine you're both engaged and Niall loves you and the love between you two is making me think that you guys were meant to be" harry explained.

"Yes I understand that but I just" Harry cut me off once again.

"Look you're my sister and I know you're confused about what you should do."

"Can we just go back in the house?" I asked.

"No we have to talk" Harry said while putting his arm around me.

"Um.....okay" I said nervously while looking at him.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked while smiling.

"Uh yeah I'm fine but I think you should" He just Keeps cutting me off. "No don't you think that it's the right Time plus you're not my sis just yet I just treat you like my sister around Niall" Harry said in a voice I just couldn't figure out.

"Look Harry I don't really think this is right I'm engaged to Niall" I told him.

"Shhhh Shayla look what you really don't understand is that I love you" Harry said. After that I got up and he came after me when we went in the house we saw Niall with his arm around Kiara and said "I love you" and kiara just looked and said.

"Ha ha ha you're funny Niall I'm in love with Liam and you're lucky that Shayla isn't...." She couldn't finish her sentence because she saw Harry and me at the door.

"I think you need to leave Kiara because I don't think you wanna see this" I said.

"Okay I'll just be leaving now um..bye and Shayla just call me after you kill. Him alright I'm out of here" Kiara said while walking out the door.


"Coming dear" Niall said. When he got face to face with me I slapped him so hard he fell into the other room.

"Daaaaaamn Niall you just got slapped so hard you fell into the other room" Harry said.


"Shayla please don't I need you please don't leave me!" Niall begged.

"I'm sorry but you just cheated on me with my sister and she doesn't even like you and I honestly don't know where she came from" I said.

"Shayla if I told you I loved you would you say it back?" Asked harry.

"NOT NOW HARRY!!!" Me and Niall yelled.

"Ya know i don't know where she came from either stuff just happens huh?" Niall said.

"Niall she just isn't into you anymore" Harry said.

"Harry please leave me alone" Niall said while crying "I just lost my girl because I was stupid I was just stupid Lad I don't think she wants me anymore I can already tell you like her Harry" Niall just said while crying.

"Niall I think you're a great guy just promise me you won't do that again" I told him.

"I promise I love you babe" he said while running up to kiss me. After that we went to visit Zayn and said "Hey Zayn here's your boyfriend back he hasn't said anything while he was at my house which is weird.

"Oohhh yay!! My baby's home I missed you Jason" said Zayn.

"I missed you too babe" Jason said with a weak smile. Zayn was confused about Jason's smile because it's usually more happier than that.

"Jason what's wrong?" Asked Zayn.

"I feel like my cousin should be with Harry instead of Niall" Jason added. Niall just looked very sad and walked away "Niall wait!" I yelled.

"What?" Asked Niall

"Baby don't think I don't want you I do love you we are engaged I need you we need each other lets just go home and well I can't say" I answered him.

"Oohhh yeah let's go home love" Niall said excitedly. When we went home we just got in bed and went to "sleep" if that's what you want to call it.

"Woah baby you were amazing this was the best night ever" Niall said out of breath.

"Thanks you weren't to bad either Niall" I told him back. Mean while at the Payne house.

"Wow kiara I didn't think you could do that was this really your first time?" Liam asked.

"Yes it was and well you weren't too bad yourself" kiara said. Now going to the Tomlinson house.

"Jaelee you were the best I've ever had and you say this is your first time?" Louis asked.

"Yes Louis you did it the best though" Jaelee said. Going to the Malik house.

"Talk about getting right up there" said Zayn.

"So this was awesome" Jason said. Back to the Horan house.

"Okay and this was your first time?" Niall asked.

"Yeah but you wanna make my second time even better?" I asked.

"Oh hell yes love let's get it" Niall excitedly said.

"Liam how about another round?" Kiara asked.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Liam said excitedly.

"Hey Zayn do you want one more but it's my turn it get it up there okay?" Jason asked.

"Omg totally and okay it's only fair" Zayn said excitedly.

"Hey Louis just one more time?" Asked Jaelee.

"Hell yeah love one more round!" Louis very excitedly said. After everyone got theirs in we all went to bed the whole neighbourhood was kind of confused on all the noise but we didn't care some went to bed soar and the rest went to sleep happy and satisfied it was a good experience for every one. Let's see what a waits is tomorrow cause there's always a surprise.

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