My Future husband murdered?????!??

It's about 1D having realationships with people and Liam gets very insecure but really Harry got another chance to show his life is more than he intended it to be most of the realationships have a bumpy start but gets better as time goes on


4. what was she excited for?

The next day I came home Niall wondered where I went and I told him I went to go see Harry all he said was "okay I believe you because you're my soon to be wife." I just sat there watching Modern family which is a funny show me and Niall laugh all the time but one thing I keep thinking about is "should I kiss him or no?" Niall just kept looking at me I finally said something

"Do you want something?" I asked.

"No but yes it want to kiss you" Niall said then he grabbed me and kissed me of course I was surprised and had no idea that was going to happen so I just did the normal thing and started to freak out because I was super excited anyway mean while at the Payne house.

"Liam is there something you wanna tell me?"Kiara asked.

"Yes I would but first" Liam kisses Kiara and she seems so calm at first but then she went to the bathroom and screamed like she was crazy Liam just sat there and laughed.

"Ha ha Kiara ahhh that's my girl."

"Liam I can't believe you kissed me!!! Yay!!!"

"Yes,yes I love you the question is do you love me?" Liam asked.

"Yes I do love you babe there's no way I could love anyone else seriously" Kiara said.

"Not even" Kiara interupted and said "No not even her gosh you keep holding this over me do you wanna end up like Louis?"

"Oh please no don't call her I don't wanna get slapped please don't call her" begged Liam. Kiara looked at him with an evil smile and said "Ha ha ha I won't lucky for you I love you remember" Kiara said with an evil in her voice Liam didn't understand but things just wasn't right mean while at the hospital no one knew it yet but Harry had come back alive he got one last chance because he wasn't ready to die yet.

Me:"Hello is this Harry?"

Harry:"Yes this is Harry Shayla god has given me another chance put Chloe on"

Me:"Chloe! Your husband is on the phone!"


Harry:"Hey love it's harry god has given me another chance because I wasn't ready to die you can tell the others to come down to the hospital don't tell them why though okay love?"

Chloe:"okay talk to you later love bye" it was the most craziest thing that's ever happened we love harry and we never imagined this would happen because he's my brother and we're all family/friends so yes we love him dearly. When we got to the hospital everyone Else saw harry walking out to see them and they just all said "OMG HARRY IS ALIVE!!!!!" Me and Chloe looked at Harry and run up to hug him we were all amazed and nothing was different now that he was back we basically all knew that god had a lot to do with this. "Hey Liam you're a great guy"Kiara said.

"And you're a..." He looked over at me and said. "You're a unpredictable girl." There was no way in the world that his mind was thinking right the only thing he could think about is "What if Shayla slaps me like she slapped Louis I can't do anything wrong I've gotta stay perfect cause if I get hit I'll just look like a punk" "I'm sorry what did you just say Liam" I asked in a threatening voice.

"I said kiara is the prettiest girl" Liam nervously said.

"Yeah that's exactly what I thought" I said evilly. There was no way I was going to let her get hurt again I don't care if they get married or not he breaks her heart I break his bones. "Shayla why are you looking at Liam all evil?" Kiara asked.

"Because I heard exactly what he said before but I let it slide because it's his first time doing that Liam come here Kiara hold on" i said.Liam came walked over and said.

" shhhh...Shayla" Liam said sounding scared.

"Did she threaten you at home last night because you're a little jumpy?" I asked. He looked over at Kiara and then looked back at me and just stood there then pulled me to the side.

"She..she said she was gonna get you to slap me like you slapped Louis please don't do that" he whispered.

"Liam look what did you do wrong?" I asked in a whisper.

"I honestly did nothing wrong and I don't know Shayla I want to cry" Said Liam.

"Aww Liam don't cry" I said while he hugged me.

"I don't know what to do I thought I was the perfect boyfriend/Husband" Liam said while crying.

"You are look just Try I bet you two will work out fine but remember what I told you" I said.

"Yes I do if I break her Heart you'll break my bones" Liam repeated.

"Now go get her boy you've grown into a man I think you can handle it let's just go everyone" I yelled. So me and Niall drove Harry and Chloe to our house because we figured they might need some help.

"Look Niall I think we should go get something to eat for then" I said.

"Yeah you and Harry go get some thing to eat and I'll stay here with Chloe okay?" I explained.

"Yes Shayla okay I understand" Niall and Harry both said "wait what do you want to eat Love" Niall asked.

"I'll eat whatever you buy babe" I said. Meanwhile at the Malik house

"Zayn why are you so cute" Jason said.

"No why are you so cute" said Zayn sounding all cute. They got along soo well but what happened next is over rated soo what's up at the Payne house

"Kiara why are you such a cutie?" Liam asked.

"Aww Liam why are you so super perfect?" Asked kiara.

"Look babe I've gotta go to bed I've got a job interview in the morning goodnight" Kiara also said.

"Okay goodnight Love" Liam said with the sound of love in his voice.

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