My Future husband murdered?????!??

It's about 1D having realationships with people and Liam gets very insecure but really Harry got another chance to show his life is more than he intended it to be most of the realationships have a bumpy start but gets better as time goes on


9. what about us?

the next day Liam asked kiara what happened last night but she didn't know what to say so she just looked at him ''i cried because i'm confused i want you but...'' ''kiara baby it's your choice if you want you know who then go for it but if you wanna stay with me then go ahead'' Liam said while interrupting her.

''no no Liam i want you i'm just so confused i don't know anymore'' Kiara said while crying. i heard her crying and rushed right over. ''what's the problem?'' i asked. she looked happy to see me but Liam saw the look in her eyes but said nothing. ''hey Liam can you meet me outside we need to talk?'' i asked.

''yes let's go now'' he said while walking outside. ''look Liam i think there's something going on'' i said. ''yeah i know something is going on because she is acting all weird around you what happened yesterday?'' he asked. i looked at him trying to remember because i'm bad at that and said ''well she put her head on my shoulder and i put my arm around her cause she was crying i was as confused as you she didn't tell me why she was crying i never knew why at all'' I explained to him.


liam asked. i felt bad for him because i'm not sure exactly what to do i came between them ''Liam i'm sorry i came between you two i think i'll leave'' i said. he looked at me with the look of confusion ''sister you didn't come between us you don't have to leave there's something about you we all are attracted to but we don't say anything but kiara is acting weird'' he said. kiara came out looked at both of us. ''Liam baby i love you and i want you and shayla we all are attracted to you what's up with that?'' she said. i looked super confused.

''huh? what do you mean by that?'' i asked. Harry yelled out the door. ''it's your personality your jokes the way you make everyone laugh you never bring us down you comfort us when we are sad and you protect us in the most craziest ways we love you'' Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam,Louis,jason,Jaeleeand Kiara said.

''I love you all too but all of you are attracted to me?'' i asked. ''yes we are because you're awesome'' they all said at once.the only thing i could think was ''wow this just got weird and i have no idea what to do'' so i just said out loud ''Who used a condom when having it?'' i asked.

Liam:''Kiara i'm so so so so sorry but i didn't at all i'm sorry''

Louis:''Jaelee I didn't but hopefully you're fine''

Zayn:''Jason we didn't really need it'

Harry:''chloe nope we didn't sorry''

Niall:''baby you know I used it because i know we aren't ready for kids''

Kiara:''well i hope i'm not pregnant''

Jaelee:''omg kids!! well i'm not sure yet''

Jason:''yeah that's true''

Chloe:''wow okay it's fine'

me:''Niall you totally get me baby i love you'' 

nobody knew what was next cause they didn't know hahaha i can't believe that Niall out of everybody was the smartest because he knows i don't want kids let's see what happens next week hahahahaha

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